FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum Review

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum

Hello Beauties,

Hope everyone is in the pink of health. Girls like us love to straighten , colour, blow-dry our hair, which in return makes our hair super frizzy and also makes the ends dry. So I was running out of my serum, and went to the shop to pick up a new one. Although I had never tries any product from FX special effects and this was the first one,so wanted to give it a try I saw this bottle and it claimed itself to be an anti-frizz serum so I picked it up as my hair had become really frizzy.

FX StraightandShiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum
My hair type:

My hair are super thin. They were not this thin but I need to accept that I have done a lot of damage to it by blow-drying it, rebonding every one and a half year and colour ofcourse. They are rebonded so I prefer I serum to make it look more straight. Also my hair does not have much of volume. So thi was my hair type. So let’s start with the product.

Price: Rs. 350) (118 ml)

What it claims:

Frizzy fly-a-ways got you lookin’ like a poodle? Trade that static frizz in for a smooth, sleek and shiny look! Straight and shiny anti-frizz hair serum smoothes and strengthens as it repairs. Cut down on the frizz and fly-a-ways ,while leaving your hair smoother, healthier, more manageable and shiny.

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum (6)

How to use:

Apply to damp hair .Place a small amount in palm .Work and comb through hair thoroughly. Pull hair straight with hand or brush while blow-drying . Finish with FX stay straight spray for all day style.

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum (3)


My experience with FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum:

So to start with the packaging , the serum comes in a transparent bottle almost the size of the palm. This makes it very handy to carry while travelling. The cap is very conveniently designed where you don’t have to twist it or turn it, you just have to pull it up and it opens just like those sporty water bottles. The cap is a bit lose so you will have to take care by properly keeping it or else it will spill and ruin the other stuff as well. So to start with the serum, it is also transparent and very think. Actually I had not expected it to be this thick. I personally did not like it being this thick after using the matrix serum because it is a serum not a shampoo. Plus it is very sticky as well. I once took a little more quantity than needed and much of serum was applied to one part of my hair, the part became very very greasy and looked like I had applied oil to my hair. So beware that you don’t apply this too much if you own this one. The company also claimed to smooth out frizziness and split ends. It did control the frizz for 3 hours or so and then my hair came back to the usual position. So overall if I say I would prefer some other serum and definitely not this one because it did not work out as I expected. But it might work for people having thick hair. As my hair are really very thin it made my hair look more thinner.

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum (2)

Pros of FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum:

-Decently priced.
-Quantity was very satisfying as per the price.
-Handy and bottle very conveniently designed.
-Would work for thick hair .

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum (2)

Cons of FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum:

-Thick and sticky (a con for me).
-Did not do what it claimed.

FX Straight and Shiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum swatch

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase/recommend FX StraightandShiny Anti-frizz Hair Serum?

No would neither recommend nor repurchase because there are way better serums out there in the market and we girls are best at the work of hunting for products 😉

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  1. I avoid using total artificial serums *nababana* *nababana* The best is pure Argan oil… or products having Argan oil as pure is difficult to get *happydance*

    1. Vidhi i am going to get that moroccan argan oil ka shampoo and conditioner next week *jalwa* *happy dance* ..lets see how it works *hifive*

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