Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub Review

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I have been loving trying out different skin care products lately. My schedule has got a lot busier than what it used to be and either I don’t get sufficient time to do DIYs or I feel too lazy. So these skin care products come in very handy. I’ve bought some products from here and there which I’ll review soon. But today’s review will be on this scrub from Jovees. Let’s get started with the review!

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub Review

Price: Rs 185 for 60 gm

Product Description:

My Experience with Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub:

This scrub comes in a cardboard box that has all the details like description, ingredients etc. It is a white and pink coloured box with nice details on it. The actual tube of the scrub also looks the same and has same information as mentioned on the box. It also has a silver flip cap which opens and shuts with an audible click. The packaging sans the box is handy and fuss free. It is travel friendly.


The scrub is a white coloured product with little white exfoliating beads. The scrub is creamy to touch. It spreads easily on damp face. It is a cream-based scrub and feels heavy when you massage it on your skin. This scrub doesn’t have that many exfoliating beads as I’d like. I’m a girl who loves harsh scrubs. This one doesn’t meet the mark. It doesn’t do a good job at exfoliating either. You feel like you are applying some sort of a heavy duty lotion instead of a scrub. It makes my skin feel fresh but doesn’t make my skin softer or supple. It doesn’t provide a glow either. It does wash away easily though. It leaves my skin dry despite being a cream-based scrub. Just minutes after scrubbing, I need a lotion as my skin feels dry and not that soft.


As for the whitening claims, first of all, I don’t believe in whitening products and I don’t support them. Secondly, it doesn’t live up to those claims. The scrub does smell awesome. It smells like floral lotion and is mild yet too awesome. It lingers for a while after washing.


Pros of Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub:

• Travel-friendly packaging.
• Good for sensitive skin.
• Very smooth texture.
• Smells great.
• Contains ingredients such as lemon peel, bearberry etc.

Cons of Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub:

• Doesn’t do a great job at scrubbing.
• Makes my skin feel dry.
• Doesn’t make my skin softer.
• Feels heavy.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

Would I Repurchase Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Scrub?
I wouldn’t repurchase this for sure. If you like mild scrubs, then you might like this one.

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