Kalki Koechlin: Another Style Icon In Disguise!

Kalki Koechlin

Hi Everyone!
Today, I am going to showcase what probably has been understated to our eyes. We might not consider her as one of our style Icons here in the Industry, but in the case of decoding it, she really is!

I am talking about the unconventional Kalki Koechlin. She always has been unconventional and she always will be. Be it her choice of film roles or her marriage to Anurag Kashyap, her choice of trousseau or her appearances. I am sure, you all would have noticed it in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! I became her fan when I got this opportunity to read her writing columns in HT City. She is sweet, docile and witty as well!
So, let me decode her sense of fashion style in her recent shows.
Kalki Koechlin in Sabyasachi at Cannes
1. Cannes Film Festival 2012: When we think about it, We probably be thinking Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor or more recently, Frieda Pinto. (Should I really want to mention about Mallika Sherawat? Anybody, up here for her?) But, true to my surprise, Kalki managed to draw good eye balls in her appearance. In one of the events, she was seen in a lehenga, beautifully adorned by Sabyasachi. And when we say Sabyasachi, we are surely not going to miss out the elegant golden work he always does with a nude appearance style. The net lehenga style saree is well complemented by the clutch she is carrying with her hair left loose. Although, I am not much in favour of the headband she is wearing!
Kalki Koechlin in Christian Dior at Cannes
In the other event, she was seen wearing a very statement piece by Christian Dior. Her hair are awesomely done, with a few strands graciously multiplying the elegance of her face. Her smile adds to her persona. The color of the gown is equally good. She keeps the funda of one statement piece at a time handy, and that is eveident by her oversized clutch. However, again, I am not very fond of the neck accessory she is wearing.
Victoria Beckham IIFA 2012 kalki koechlin
2. IIFA 2012: Whoa, she is back! She is seen with a Victoria Beckham Casual Gown in Fuschia. I like this color a lot personally! Kalki’s hairdresser clearly understands, owing to her sleeky face, her hair are supposed to be volume, and let loose over her face in layers. Full marks to the makeup done as well. Her lips are matte and intelligently painted. I do not really like super pouty or ultra glossy or “bleeding” looking ones.
Gavin Miguel  Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011
3. Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour 2011: Kalki walked the ramp in Gavin Miguel attire. She really dared to try this. Considering her “size 0” figure, carrying this off literally meat some guts. I love her makeup her. Satiny finish with a radiant look. Her gown, of course without those extensions, is one beautiful piece. The blend of off white, beige and blue are creatively done.
India International Jewellery Week
4. India International Jewellery Week 2011: She was seen her with a lot of other celebrities. Now, I am very sure, Kalki does not really know how to do a catwalk, but ofcourse, I would not want to miss to highlight the radiance she carries off. The attire is off white, complete with lace work, and her look adorned with pearl jewellery. Her sweet presence adds to the whole look. This creates an interesting look. But, there must be good ways to get this draped.
So, this was it my buddies! I am on to notice her carefully in her future show-ups. But, one thing is for sure, with a 5 7’’ height, she really needs to either gain wait or get a good bosom!!

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29 thoughts on “Kalki Koechlin: Another Style Icon In Disguise!

  1. i think kalki has come a long way. Oflate i am so loving her style. totally loved her cannes appearance. btw what was so unconventional about marrying anurag kashyap ? 😛

      1. sorry kria but that’s kinda mean. I think they make an adorable couple. she chose to marry an intelligent loving man. I dont know what’s weird about it. But whatever.

        1. Rati I agree… I have always liked Anurag Kashyap movies but my respect for him doubled after reading his recent interview in DNA dated 14th June…

  2. loved the first look in the lehenga. she is very unconventiional in her looks and roles. not very typical Bollywood but she went on to marry one of the very bollywood masala films director guy s the latest being gangs of wasseypur. interestingly she married so early on in her career that too. so its her whole persona actually.

  3. She is very unconventional in her looks n looks more of an international model than a bollywood actress i envy her figure

  4. I always liked her… especially after the coke add with imran khan…
    her aura is different than the others and that is what I like…

  5. She’s definitely not good looking, but looks promising in terms of fashion sense. I personally never saw what was so pretty abt her :/ pouty lips are overrated…

  6. She’s definitely not good looking, but looks promising in terms of fashion sense. I personally never saw what was so pretty abt her :/ pouty lips are overrated…

  7. Hi Kria nice write up.. I do like Kalki .. totally loved her Canne’s appearance she dazzles in that gown… also liked the fuschia gown..She is looking fab..

  8. kalki is definitely not one of the beautiful ladies of the hindi film industry but she has oomph factor and she smartly carries on what she wears.. i like her a lot. she has dressed up pretty well at the cannes unlike mallika sherawat who is always a disaster to watch at international festivals.

  9. she is 5’7″ so she has to gain weight or have heavy bossom? then she would just be another bollywood number .i think she is gr8 the way she is.loved the cannes outfit!

      1. Yeah, and that’s what sets her apart. She doesn’t need a big bust to land good roles. Look at Shanghai. And personally, I think it’s pretty fresh to see a Bollywood actress not hankering after certain “assets” and simply being happy with her body.

  10. Interesting article, Kria. I never saw her much of a style icon until she appeared on the Cannes Red Carpet. I do, however, love the way she carries off Indian dresses with her boyish figure and “un-Indian” looks. Not everyone can pull it off.

  11. I like Kalki’s style, Im not such a fan of her acting style. Thanks Kria, never really looked at her as a a style icon, but I can see your point, she looks fab in each of the looks.

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