Khadi Fruit Face Pack Review

Khadi Fruit Face Pack

Khadi fruit face pack

Hi Girls, 🙂
Today I am going to review another facepack that I tried in recent times. Please read on. 🙂

Price: Rs.90 for 50 gm

Shelf Life: 2 years

My experience with Khadi Fruit Face Pack

The Khadi Fruit facepack comes in a steel container. The product is placed in a zip lock plastic bag and placed in the container. Once the product gets over, you can use the container to store something else. The texture of the facepack powder is like multani mitti and looks also the same. It has mild fruity smell to it. Once the powder is mixed with rose water it looks bit yellowish. First time I mixed the face pack powder with rose water and applied on my face. Soon after that I got terrible burning sensation on the skin. I immediately washed it off. Thankfully I did not have any break out, irritation or rashes on my skin. But it did kind of give glow on my face and I was surprised. After a week or so, I tried the pack again but I mixed it with milk this time. I kept it for full 15 minutes this time. Though the burning sensation was less, I could still feel the tingling on my face after applying the pack. The after effects were good like earlier. I could see the freshness on my face. But for that, I can’t undergo the torture of feeling such harsh tingling sensation. So, I will skip this one. I have sensitive skin, so not all products suit me well. For normal skin, I would advise to check it out only if it suits you.

Pros of Khadi Fruit Face Pack

1. Makes the skin soft and supple
2. Imparts glow on the skin
3. Good packaging



Cons of Khadi Fruit Face Pack

1. Gives burning sensation after applying

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

Will I recommend Khadi Fruit Face Pack?
I would not recommend this fruit face pack for sensitive skin ladies. You will have unbearable burning sensation soon after you apply it. Though it gives good results later on, I cannot bear the burning sensation. We have better options to choose from like the Nature’s Essence Apple and Papaya packs. So I will be staying away from this pack.

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14 thoughts on “Khadi Fruit Face Pack Review

  1. i have sensitive skin too, so i think i should not use it……..i even disliked the steel packaging….nice review sushma 🙂

    1. Thanks swati.. 🙂 its better to skip if u have sensitive skin… and i feel it gives very desi and khadi feel with the steel packaging 😛

  2. I like these steel containers, I haven’t stored anything in them yet. I would skip it Sushma, I have sensitive skin 🙁

  3. the moment i hear something negative i think it will happen to me..haha. will avoid this one. i did buy the Khadi green apple face pack after reading Fahveen’s review and I must say that its pretty neat. nothing major, but like she said it serves the purpose of an instant freshness.

    1. we dont want anything harsh on our skin na aru.. u can skip it 🙂 I havent tried the green apple one.. will try next..

  4. i too had burning sensation aftre applyin it..and immediately i searched the net..and read this..sushma’s review gives me relief..i hope nothin bad happens…*fingers crossed*…

  5. Most of the herbal products will leave behind a tingling sensation..which means the pack is working on your skin..So you need not worry.

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