Khadi Lavender Lip Balm Review

Lip type: dry

Hello everyone,
I am totally a lip balm addict. I spotted a few latest launches from Khadi and thought of giving them a try. Today, I am reviewing the “Lavender” lip balm. Read on to know it fared.
Khadi Natural Lavender Lip Balm Review

Product Description:
The moisture rich formula soothes and conditions lips, keeping them soft and supple.

Price and Quantity:
INR 70 for 6g

Bees wax, castor oil, soybean oil, jojoba oil, vitamin-e oil, lavender oil.

My Experience with Khadi Lavender Lip Balm:


The lip balm comes in a regular Khadi packaging, i.e. a tiny clear plastic tub, which closes with a clear screw-on type cap. The tub has a sticker wrapped all around its body which has the some product details on it. The packaging is very similar to all Khadi lip balms. But, there is just one difference that this lip balm has a white safety cover also may be to prevent spillage of the product. Yes, it sounds crazy, no lip balms spills. Read further and you will come to know why they have added this safety cover.

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The lip balm looks light pink in the tub. It is a non-tinted lip balm and does not impart any colour to the lips. So, it does not look good on very pigmented lips. The lip-balm has a strong lavender fragrance, which might be bothering for people with sensitive noses. But, I personally enjoy its fragrance.

lavender lip balm

We have seen that normally the lip balms that come in such tubs have thick consistency. Even all other Khadi lip balms are also thick in consistency. But, I was a kind of shocked to see this lip balm. Its consistency is not at all thick and looks almost like a cream with slightly runny consistency. Isn’t it crazy? Due to its runny consistency, the product spills out of the tub. I have to be very careful while applying the lip balm otherwise the product sticks to the tub & the whole tub gets dirty. So, I have to clean it every time.


I was quite disappointed with its texture. It almost looks like an oil; you may refer the hand swatch for this. I thought refrigerating the product might work but it was still the same. The lip balm feels like I have applied some oil on my lips. But, it does not feel heavy or uncomfortable on the lips. The formula is totally non-sticky. It is easy to apply and it spreads easily on the lips. It gets absorbed into the skin slightly. It moisturizes the lips well. It keeps my lips healthy and nourished. My lips stay hydrated for long. I do not know if it works in healing chapped lips or not because my lips are just normally dry and I am not facing major dryness issues.


The lip balm usually lasts for approx. 2 hours with a little drinking. It does not survive even a little snacking and vanishes completely. So, frequent reapplications are required with this product. Overall, I am disappointed with the consistency of the lip balm. It works fine as a normal lip balm but it feels almost creamy.

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Pros of Khadi Lavender Lip Balm:

• Good packaging
• Strong fragrance
• Spreads easily
• Moisturizes the lips
• Keeps lips healthy & nourished
• Feels light and non sticky

Cons of Khadi Lavender Lip Balm:

• Fragrance might be bothersome
• Horrible consistency
• Does not survive meals
• Low staying power
• Frequent reapplications are required

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Khadi Lavender Lip Balm?
No, please do not go for this ‘Lavender’ variant of Khadi lip balms.

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