Konad Nail Art Designs by Yasmina :)

Our gorgeous Yasmina sent some pictures of her Konad nail art designs to share with you guys. 🙂 Here they go:


Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art DesignsNail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art Designs


33 thoughts on “Konad Nail Art Designs by Yasmina :)

  1. :hypnotized: :shout: where can i buy all this Yasmina….plzzzzzzz :announce: :drool: :drool: :drool: :beauty:
    some one please help….
    yasmina that was fantastic…gawddd you guys are so talented

  2. WOW …its awesome… love it… yes let us no where & how to get this kit.. 😛
    Neha i liked ur using :announce: smiley. as like it wil reach straight to yasminas ear.. ha ha… 😀
    pls dnt take it otherwise m kidding :snicker:

    1. ha ha thanks sush
      i really want her to know and buy that too
      i was never interested inn nail art but seems like its fun

        1. Oh i thought may b u would feel upset abt my commenting on ur smiley.
          bt c u didnt, i was just verifying ur broad mindedness & u passed.ha ha 😀 u r a sweetheart. muuuuuuuuuuuah :-*

    1. wowowoowowo….this is sooooo amazinggggggg …i want it i want it… will ordr soon :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      Rati i tried the leopard design…but i did free hand…its in my bloggy…
      i used Elle 18 ..antique gold finish shade…

  3. I have seen so many bloggers using Konad but dint know we get it here as well.. Yasmina pls let us know where you got it from..!!

    The leopard print ones look fab..!!

  4. so pretty, I never was into nail art (thats coz I have ugly nails) but these designs are so cute…I liked the nude and toenails..the leopard spots lovely too 🙂

  5. yaay!!!!!!!!! tell us yasmina where we can get these!!!!! i really loved the firssssst one..and u have really pretty hand!!

  6. :hypnotized: great yaar.. all the designs are great.. I am also tempted to buy dis nail art kit ya… yas tell us from where we can get this kit..!!

  7. Neat! I have yet to come across these in Mumbai. Have you tried those 3D Nail Art Stickers? Simply peel and stick, and dirt cheap too!

  8. heyyy girlsss woooooooow i didnt know so many ppl will comment :$:$:$ well thanks all for the complements… its veryyyyy easy as rati said and also i found the prices really good ..i live in green park in delhi so this place is very far away to go so i ordered online and the best thing is they deliver first and then take money like u don’t need to pay through credit card or anything like that and that was really good for me as i don’t have one …anyways to cut the story short here is the website i ordered from … http://www.nirusystems.biz/ u just have to register for free and order ur stuff and trust me neha it needs no talent at all also one thing i want to add u dont have to buy much of the special stamping nail polishes obviously it gives a better effect but also any regular littel thick nail polish will do like the nude look i did with mayblline nail polish u can buy basic colors like i did…

    as for the base if the leopard print its littel goldish not silver and its (nail juice 35 Sandal) this is the same brand that beautiful cynthia showed us 🙂

    thank u soooooo much rati for posting this ur the best and sweetest :inlove:

    1. thank you so much Yasmina.. i am going to order this tonight for sure.. im a nail art freak im changing my nail art like every week and this is going to make the job so much easier.!!

      I so wanted this was thinking of ordering online but the huge shipping charges was always a problem.. thanks to you i will get my own Konad kit..!! cant thank you enough babes..!!

      Love you.. mwahh..!!

    2. this is **BEAUTIFUL** can you pls tell me if the company takes more than 2 weeks for the stuff to be delivered….not able to decide on the set….so will take the stamper / scraper and few plates….I’m so crazy about M45….which plates do you have

  9. hey priyanka am so sorrr y for not replying i actually dont get to know when some one comments really sorry hope u got ur stuff from there 🙂

    lydiaaaa am extremely sorrrrry ..see i ordered 2 times from them once they got it in the same day because by chance they where crossing my area and dropped my order this is what they said..second time it took 3 weeks cuz they didn’t have my stuff but they called me and apologized and the 2 girls i think they are the owners delivered it themselves… first time i ordered the beginner set and it contained 2 small special polishes , 1 top coat , 1 stamper and scraper and 1 plate but i forgot the number

    second time i ordered the double side stamper because the small side is more helpful for small designs and the plats i have are m65, m55, m36, m57 and m3 if i can i would order alllll the plates they are all amazingggg.. am soo sorry again about the late reply

  10. :-* hey yashma love yaa
    Actually i am from aurangabad maharashtra
    And i find internet shopping a bit time consuming
    Can you plz tell me that
    Do u know any retail shops selling konad products inn delhi ?????

    Thanx and lovely designs yashima

  11. hi Yasmina
    i tried the website but shows its hacked by some turkish
    do you you have any other contact for this nail art please
    you are great i was looking for staff for long time but couldnt find it

  12. hi Yasmina!
    Thx to you :worship: Today I hav ordered a nail art kit and i am very happy, waiting for the product :yahoo:

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