Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Pink Pearl

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Pink Pearl

Heylo Everyone!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Konad Iloje Flobu (chotu sa tongue twister and chotu sa product) eyeshadow in the shade Pink Pearl. Read on to know what I like and dislike about it.

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Pink Pearl

Product Being Reviewed:

Konad Iloje Flobu eyeshadow – 154 Pearl Pink.


INR 130 (I got it for Rs. 117).

Konad eyeshadow


Not mentioned anywhere on the product.

Shelf Life:

No mention about this either.

Available in 10 shades, namely, White, White Pearl, Soft gray, Dark Grey, Black, Romantic Pink, Pink Pearl, Ultra Violet, Evergreen and Chocolate.

pink pearl

Product Description (I got this from an e-commerce site):

This eyeshadow’s silicon powder gives fine particles and a soft feel that enables moisturized and silky smooth application. Enhanced skin adhesiveness prevents the makeup from becoming pasty on the face.  Non-clumping, long-lasting color makes bright and beautiful eyes possible.  Furthermore, outstanding color and subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light to give fine, 3D eye make up.   With iloje Flobu Eye Shadow, you can select the color of your choice and create a unique color palette.


1)Apply an adequate amount to an eyebrow brush or the bottom of a finger and spread naturally over the skin.

2)Apply point color to the tip of a sponge and rub it on the back of the hand or tissue to control the color intensity.

3)Spread on the skin around the eyes to finish the makeup.



It comes in a transparent square packaging, the eyeshadow palette is triangular in shape and easy to remove from the outer package. Packaging makes it travel friendly and convenient for usage.  I found the butterfly on
the shadow very pretty.

Staying Power:

Stays for about 6-7 hours on my oily lids, after which it fades a little.

Color and Texture:

Its a coral pink shade with very fine shimmer. It is smooth in texture.

Swatch taken in daylight:

daylight swatch

Swatch taken under artificial light:

artificial light swatch

My Experience with Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Pink Pearl:

While going through an e-commerce website, I chanced upon this wonderful product. I admit I liked most of the shades on offer, but I chose this one since I do not possess an eyeshadow in this color and wanted to try and see how it would look on me. I was tempted to buy the chocolate and violet ones as well, but I did not, as I was not sure how it would turn out to be. Now, I regret not buying them. I have shopped a LOT (actually more than a lot) all this month, both offline and online and so my mother has warned (rathered ordered) me to stay off shopping for the next entire month (I am so glad

February has only 29 days :dance: ). I don’t know how far I will be able to control myself but that’s another story.

Anyway, coming back to the eyeshadow, its a wonder product. This is by far the ONLY eyeshadow I have come across which has zero fallout.  It is very easy to apply. The color is lovely, has minimal glitter and the best part is that it is buildable. It does change hues under artificial lights. It is very long lasting.  I had worn it from 9 am till 4 pm and I was really surprised to see it on my lids post 4 pm. The color had faded, but only a bit. It doesn’t crease nor does it flake. The shimmer or glitter is very subtle and the pink color is not as bright as it looks in the pan and that means it
can be worn during daytime as well as during evening.

It is easily removed using facewash + water. My sensitive skin has not reacted in any form to it. I have no complaints with regard to this product, but yeah, one funny thing which I noticed was that on the product it is mentioned that it is best to be used before Feb 2014, but the date of manufacture is not mentioned anywhere!

Let me sum up the pros and cons of the product for you:

Pros of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Pink Pearl:

  • The packaging is attractive as well as travel friendly.
  • The color is buildable.
  • The texture is smooth.
  • The eyeshadow changes colors according to the light, true to its claim.
  • It has fine shimmer.
  • There are 10 shades to choose from.
  • It is really long-lasting.
  • There is no fallout.
  • The color fades minimally even after 6-7 hours post application.
  • It does not crease.
  • It is suitable for both day and night wear.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Its easy to remove.

Cons of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Pink Pearl:

  • It is only available online.
  • The quantity and date of manufacture are not mentioned.
  • It might be a con for some that an applicator is not provided with it. I personally find most of the sponge applicators provided with eyeshadows pretty useless, so I don’t mind that.

That apart, I could not find anything wrong with the product.

Will I Purchase Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Pink Pearl Again?

Yes, I will. Like I mentioned, I will get the violet shade next.

Do I Recommend Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Pink Pearl?

Absolutely! Its like “chhota packet, bada dhamaka”! I’m sure those who try it won’t be disappointed.



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