Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil – Review

Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil

Hello beautiful ladies

Today after reading this post……you would come to know that your eternal search has came to a beautiful satisfying end. Didn’t get me?? Yes I am a little crazy. Ok read on to find the clues.
Yes it’s my HG kajal and eyeliner.
Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil

Yes it comes in 12 shades which include most of the colors you would look for in an eyeliner and kajal.
No it’s not expensive.Yes its waterproof and smudge proof.No it does not vanish after 3 hours. Stays for 6 hours on waterline and forever as eyeliner.Yes comes out easily with a makeup remover.No it does not sting your eyes.No its not available everywhere 🙁

Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil -3

Still did not get me?? Ok…Let me spill the beans out. So…since the day I was born…like every other girl…i took it as my responsibility and purpose of life to find a kajal and eyeliner which fulfills everything and does not burn a hole in my pocket. So after trying everything under this sun, I have stumbled upon…….wait for it…kryolan ikonic salon solutions gel liner pencil!!!!!!!! So…like each of you would do when you read this…I got all the shades I liked. I am reviewing the most basic black today!
This review is not for weak hearted people. Keep a glass of water with you because you will need one after so many gulps.

Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil 2

First things first, the price: – Meagre 200 bucks for the shade black and Rs. 180 for all other shades.(drink water please).


1.2 Gms

Let me come straight to my experience:-

And you thought Revlon one stroke defining eye liner in the shade ‘blackest black’ was THE blackest black? You are wrong my dear. This baby is the most shining soft matte deepest black you will ever see. Basically I have written all the praises in the first Para itself. But trust me …I was after this pencil for the last 2 months since I heard about them. You know we don’t get kryolan products everywhere. So I had to wait till my friend came from Mumbai and she got me 5 shades. Don’t worry, I will review them all . you cannot find one wrong thing with this kajal. One sweep and it gives the darkest black color on your waterline! (Please drink water: P). I wear lenses and I have not experienced any irritation at all. They are sharpen-able pencils which literally have the gel liner finish. Now that you have read and saw the pictures…please run to the nearest kryolan store and I literally mean run if you don’t get any taxi or train. ‘Maska maaro’ your friends if you live in some other city like me. Get all shades and you will be proud of yourself for life.
Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil - swatch
There are no cons with this product and all the pros have been shouted from the rooftop. The swatch I have shown is just one swipe.

Do I recommend Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil?

All the shades should be in your makeup box by next month or I will personally come and drag you to the store!

IMBB rating:

50/5 😀

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53 thoughts on “Kryolan Ikonic Salon Solutions Gel Liner Pencil – Review

  1. oh come i have not seen it in their stores inspite of being there for an hour??
    will call d store and ask them if they have it!! *happy dance*
    *thankyou* mily:) nice review!

  2. I am drooled.*clap* .. Mily, can you please ask your frn about this shop. where is it?
    even my friend is in Mumbai and would be coming back this weekend 🙂
    i want this.!!!!!!!!!! *headbang*

  3. Yippee I love chennai cos it has a nice kryolan store *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*
    Nice review mily….btw can it be worn under waterline?? One stroke smudges badly on me *shock*


        A-7, Lajpat Nagar II
        New Delhi 110024

        Phone: +91 11/41091474

        Shop No. 2
        Silver Pearl Building
        Water Field Road
        Bandra (W)
        India *drool* 😀

  4. ALSO do any of you girls know if this product is available outside of India? Like…in the United States. Cuz otherwise I’m about to call up my Thaiji in Delhi and have her to go the Kryolan store in Lajpat Nagar for me because this review has me obsessed

  5. thank god i live in mumbai *happydance* *happydance* after seeing ur review i think this is what i shud do *jogging* to the store… nice review and waiting fr the other swatches too 🙂

  6. wow.. am impressed by this kajal mily.. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* i want it i want it. *drool* *drool* *drool*

  7. moderation 🙁

    and yes, looking at the swatch, this is THE blackest black i have ever seen.. thanx a tonne for sharing this..this little gem is finding a permanent place in my drawer…
    do they have a navy blue color in this? i am getting tht also. i loooove navy blue kajals. they look sooo pretty. gives a nice contrast to the whites of eyes and maked them look whiter and brighter, looks less harsh and gives a polished look.. 🙂

  8. hey mili i just wanted to thankyou for introducing this wonderfull product… got it yesterday and in love with it already *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  9. hey mili thankyou so much for introducing this product…. i cudnt see where my comment went 🙁 any ways….i got it yesterday… and in love with it ever since…. thankyouuuuu *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  10. Hey I have this pencil in black and 2-3 other colours also..its a must buy.. would like to share that there is a Kryolan outlet in Lokhandwala also..its a part of Beauty palace outlet..They also have free home delivery in mumbai.. here are the contact details for those interested:

    Kryolan Mumbai and Beauty Palace
    Shop no 23/24 Meera Co-Op Housing Society,, New Link Road. Andheri W
    022 6522 0101

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