Kryolan Lip Gloss – True Red

Kryolan Lip Gloss – True Red

This is one of the things I got before leaving Chennai, and it is a very unique product in my opinion, it is a lip cream, stain, tint and gloss, apart from everything else,it is a super pigmented thick lip cream kind of color,you need a little to spread it evenly and get maximum color on the lips.


INR 275

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I have never been fond of their packaging but these days with the kinds of price hikes we are witnessing in makeup, Kryolan offers top quality stuff in really appropriate costs, it is amazing to visit their stores which are hardly there but never mind, hence with these points in mind I am okay with the packaging. The cost of this one is right for the product is very well made.
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I have 3 of these but color choices are less, after it fades it might still settle in lip lines but it feels light and moisturizing, pigmented lips can try it too.

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The color is a true red, not orange not blue based it is just red, I bought this one due to its creamy consistency, I knew this will work in a lot of ways. So it did, it is a lip cream if applied thick, lip tint if applied lightly with finger and after it fades the stain stays on for 6 hours if you don’t eat. And if you like to change your matte lip colors then this is perfect to top up your lipsticks.
Now coming to the color and finish this red comes in an oily sheen finish as in looks like a moisturizing product but feels normal, it is fun to use the wand and the lip shape can be enhanced with this easily, the color needs to be spread evenly or else it will look patchy. So this is one of the cons.Now though in reality it does not bleed but you might feel it bleeds the oil part of it but it looks fine on the lips, it stays for two hours and then stays on and on as a tint, i love how creamy thick it is, it does not set, it stays on like that cream feel but apply it evenly that’s it.

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red lips

IMBB rating:

4.5/5 They should call it lip cream.

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9 thoughts on “Kryolan Lip Gloss – True Red

  1. Just wow… *drool*, i don’t know whr are Kryolan products are available in my city, but if i find them.. I am surely gonna grab this one.. *hifive*, they are making your pouts look super pretty.. *woot*

  2. I crave for kryolan products but they arent available anywhere nearby *cry*
    It definitely is a lip cream rather than a lip gloss.. love ur lip swatch meha di *clap* *clap*

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