Kryolan Professional Lipstick-Classic 213

Kryolan Professional Lipstick-Classic 213

Lipstick Classic:

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matte impression and is known for its good durability. This Lip Rouge is available in a wide range of more than 48 shades.

These come in three ranges, classic, pearl and fashion named with initials depicting the same. This one is in classic, LC.



Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick

I am reviewing a lipstick today that deserves a 100/10 Yes, I mean it. I think I am fortunate to have a store from Kryolan in Chennai and so are all lipstick lovers. I think they have some stores in Delhi and check their website for more details.I had picked up two long back and now dream of going back to pick as many when I can…thanks to the hubby, I am unable to! :/

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (12)

It happened so that the day Ramee mall where Kryolan has a store, was inaugurated, me and an family ran into the superstar R.Madhavan (of 3 idiots fame) and his body guards just as we were walking up from the basement parking! By the way he is not only cute, he is very broad-built as well! Sigh! He just smirked to see us all hypnotized and by the time I realized who this cuteness was, he has left in his car 🙁

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (9)

So I had to make up for it and the news of the Kryolan store had already reached my ears, so nothing could stop me.I just did not want to see anything else in the mall but the store and headed straight to the store. Since this is a professional makeup brand, they have an array of colors starting from light to dark, and for all possible skin tones. I picked up two lippies, a liner brush and an eye lash(bad pick).I had been adoring these but now its time to review them 😛

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (11)

The lipstick comes in a bright silver packing (not to my liking) and has a hologram on it. The click lock is right to my ears’ satisfaction and the packaging though bright , is not to my liking. The color is a Mauve-y hot pink and I was so confused what to pick, all of them were numbered and the colors were all arranged from light to dark, so I picked this one up.

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 Ingredients 2

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 Ingredients

The ingredient list, though long and scary, is mentioned clearly.I do have some sensitivities with some lippies but this one is gentle enough for sensitive lips.

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (10)

The texture is very similar to Chambor powder mattes, just that those are thicker, these one are thick to medium in texture. The texture is thick and creamy, I would not say matte but the finish and the texture is creamy, it is not powder matte.

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (5)

My lips don’t feel dry but if you layer it on like me, you might find it heavy and a little dry, This is so pigmented that you need one swipe only, it is even and covers pigmentation.It is simply awesome, just what I like.I love the color as well as it brightens my face up. This stays on enough for me to say this has a good staying power, it fades evenly, and does not stain!

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (13)

The hologram:

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 (4)

With so many shades available, I recommend asking your friends to buy these for you or visit the store if you are fortunate enough to have one in your city!

Kryolan Professional LC 213 Lipstick  08 Application

Pink lips

Last word:

Pure lust!

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36 thoughts on “Kryolan Professional Lipstick-Classic 213

  1. gorgeous lipswatch neha di 🙂 this color will make the face look bright 🙂 i have heard so much about kryolan but there’s no store nearby n its not available online 🙁

  2. Omg.. one more killing lotd from u lippy queen.. 🙂 totally loved the shade on ur gorgeous lips.. !! U know I have secret admiration for madhavan since rhtdm .. :p

  3. Pretty Pretty Pretty…
    OMG u saw maddy??I haven’t met a star yet, in chennai.. 🙁
    and the nail paint,is tat aftr Neetu’s green paint??? 🙂 🙂

  4. haha u read that?
    yeah i went but found mostly mints in my collection so i painted them mint! actually aqua!
    yeah we ran into him literally and he had lotta body guard covering him in a circle he looked at us and smiled!

  5. I have visited the store too Neha Ji. It’s jus awesome. I’m an ardent fan of their stick concealer 303 and I have their stick foundation too. It’s jus awesome, I haven’t tried their lippiee. After reading your review I’m dying to explore them:) I must say they are real prof and whenever I use their foundation, I get at least one compliment for sure.

  6. Oooooohhhhhhh !!!!!100 on 5 … love the shade, the swatch, ur lips … will have to try this… i hope there is a nice nude shade in this range too …

  7. Wow, this is a really good colour for brightening up the face, loved the shade, swatch, and of course, the lip swatch. Have to chk out their website now.

  8. OMG 10/5 neha. Loooved the shade. and you know I also want that satisfactory click lock in my lipsticks. 😛 Loved your nail paint. :-* what can I say- excellent impeccable lip swatch just like every time. 🙂

      1. Oh I just saw, thank you, Rati, lovely pics, have a great trip and enjoy yourself. Looking forward to more pics of your trip there. 🙂

  9. omg Neha .. i want this lipppie 🙂 … me loove love love fuschia 🙂 … and what a lip swatch :-)… amahzing.. 🙂 i neeed to try krylon asap 🙂 .. it deservez 10 outta 5 …hehehh 🙂

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