L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown Review

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Hope you all are doing very well. Today I’ll be reviewing a brown liquid liner. Let’s get on with the review!

L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown Review

Price: $3.5, with shipping and customs

Product Description:

Water resistant Liquid Eyeliner is specially formulated for long lasting wear. Ultra-fine brush applicator ensures precision lining. Dries fast and stays on with a bold finish.

My Experience with L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown:

Packaging: This comes in a brown plastic tube that is long. I find that the long wand works well for me compared to shorter ones. The details are printed on the body in silver. The packaging is fuss free and very safe to travel with.

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Colour: Although it is brown in colour, after it dries up, it looks like a black liner on lids. On close inspection, you’ll notice the dark brown, almost chocolate shade of it. But otherwise it looks black. It isn’t that pigmented because you do need 2-3 coats of the liner to make it opaque. It gives an ombre effect if you just do one coat and the ombre doesn’t look good.

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Texture: It is smooth enough to glide but is slightly thicker as compared to other liquid liners. It does dry quickly and settles into a nice matte finish. It is smudge proof to some extent. But if you rub your eyes excessively, it’ll fade away. It does wash off pretty easily without spreading all over the eye area.


Staying power: It stays put all day long if you wear 2 coats of it. It looked fresh the entire time I wore it. It did not fade or smudge at all.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown:

• Affordable.
• Cruelty free.
• Looks like a softer shade of black.
• Smooth texture.
• Dries off quickly.
• Matte texture.
• Staying power.
• Smudge proof to a good extent.

Cons of L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown:

• Not that pigmented as you need a minimum of 2 coats
• Not available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend L.A. Colors Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner – Brown?
I really like this product and I don’t mind applying 2 coats. I’ll definitely repurchase this one and yes I’ll recommend it to you guys as well!

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