Maybelline Ultra Liner Dark Brown 302 Review

Maybelline Ultra Liner Dark Brown 302


IMBB Sweeties! :pompom:

These days I like everything in brown like brown liners, brown eye shadow and stuff for the natural neutral look they impart. I have Inglot brown gel liner but I still wanted to have brown liquid eyeliner too. I was searching for one at the shop and the Maybelline SA showed me this one. I quite liked the swatch and bought it immediately. :inlove: So here is my take on it:

maybelline ultra liner dark brown


Price: Rs 225 for 7.3 ml, I got this for Rs 215 after discount





My Experience:
After returning back home, I opened the package and swatched it. I saw it was dark chocolate brown shade and completely matte :woot: I read all the instructions and ingredients list. They have mentioned not to use this liner in a moving vehicle :lol2: I don’t know what on earth they were thinking while mentioning it. Apart from jokes one thing I would love to say is its really waterproof and totally smudgeproof. I rubbed the swatch so many times, splashed water on it but it was still there. It stays on eye for 5-6 hours easily. After that it sort of starts flaking and comes out like stickers. I prefer this than the raccoon eyes that other liquid liner gives. I am simply in love with with it! :inlove:

Pros of Maybelline Ultra Liner Dark Brown 302:

-Beautiful true dark brown shade. :woot:
-Completely matte and can be used daily.
-It is reasonable for Rs 225 for 7.3 ml of liner.
-Its totally waterproof.
-It is smudgeproof .Doesn’t come out even after vigorously rubbing. :haanji:
-Staying power is more than 5-6 hours. :thumbsup:
-It doesn’t give raccoon eyes after splashing water.
-Its contact lens safe.
-Can be used by people with sensitive eyes.
-Its hypoallergenic.
-It is quite pigmented and you wont need more than 1 swipe. :jalwa:
-It glides really well.
-It has a tapered end for easy application of the liner.
-It gives a natural look. :preen:
-It feels cool when applied on upper lashline.

Cons of Maybelline Ultra Liner Dark Brown 302:

-It contains Parabens. :pan:
-It starts flaking so not suitable when you are attending day long functions or ceremonies. :spank:
-It might seem costly for some people for a liquid eyeliner.
-It has got just two shades- Black and Brown.
-The brush is not really designed the way shown in packaging cover.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase? Yes, I will buy the black one for sure and brown one after this gets finished. 😀

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61 thoughts on “Maybelline Ultra Liner Dark Brown 302 Review

    1. I had taken pic of my eyes but thn it wasnt coming up well, so i gave up, its not black, its same as dark chocolate color dear! Black is more intense! Did you send the recipe ?

  1. Nice review Taps :)..The way you are liking brown these days, I am liking white. The pencil does not go good on my eyes :( there a white liner also ?:) ..

    1. :thanks: white liquid liner?? No if you read in cons section, there are only two colors available !Black and Dark brown

      1. White eyeliners i think pencil ones open up eyes when used on lower lashline, but i dont know any liquid white liner as such

  2. i dont like the brown one at all
    it comes out like a plastic film on my eyes
    i threw it off
    glad it worked for u 😀

      1. chromagrpahic pencils are skin tone colours. 🙂 maybelline vivid has a white eye liner bt am nt sure how it would work on waterline.

  3. tapas you have a pretty purple laptop :green:

    I barely use liquid liner these days . Infact I am highly shifting towards pencil liners now.. guess lack of time :struggle: bt i like this shade of brown. It is quite a pretty one. 🙂

    1. :thanks: Ya its my purple beauty !!I too have left using liquid liners , this I bought after so many months I think just for the shade, I am using gel liners and pencil liners a lot these days !

  4. Heeheee -“dont wear this on a moving vehicle”-ohh I was wondering if I could wear it on a spaceship aaa hahahaha :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: nice review Taps :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: -I often use brown liners-I have a lakme perfect definition and maybelline expert eyes pencil in brown :teddy: :teddy:

    1. Yesss Just see, so funny they have mentioned it !!! Dont use on scratchy eye or you will go blind :stars: :stars: Seriously hadh kerte hein !! I want to buy loreal dark chocolate kohl pencil, lets see!

  5. It is horrible! 🙁 I have the black one and it chips in 1 hour for me…Just cant afford to wear it anywhere!

  6. good review taps… but have to agree with ritika, even i was looking at the lapy and its print on the cover, i kind of go mad after seeing floral prints , i luv them soooooo soooo sooo much

    1. Thanks Shivani !!! I am also fida on floral prints and this lappy looks so awesome !! Me got totally fida on it for this !! :inlove:

  7. @Taps- i have this in black but somehow I dont like it 🙁

    It actually comes with 2 brush types: felt tip and brush tip- you got the brush tip.

    here females do full makeup while driving and while stopping at red light maybe the instruction was for them 😉

    good that you liked the liner 🙂

    1. Yess I liked it a lot!! You must be using much better than these thats why!! Ohhhh now understood, why instructions were given !!! 😉

      1. naa re- actually I had heard so much about this liner … and it flakes on me.. thode hi der mein :(( I wanted to like it so much…
        meko ab naya lena hain – checking IMBB for that 😉
        I have lakme wala and this only… …

        1. oh wow Taps! I am quite surprised you liked it. I was clicking on it thinking it was going to be totally trashed! I had the same experience as Bee..It flakes within 2 hrs! I had a bad experience with the flakes falling inside my eyes and irritating my contact lens. But my experience was with the black one as well, just like maybe the brown colour has a better formula? I am so glad it worked for you:)
          Just goes to show how different product react for different people 🙂

  8. lol, moving vehicle was really funny :lol2: nice review Taps!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

    you review new products everyday, shopping so much 😯 :nonono:

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