Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm

Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm

Hi all the beautiful ladies!!!

How are you all? Have you watched 2 states yet?? Do watch the movie and read the novel in your spare time. A special word of advice to those who are actually planning to drop a “pyar ka bomb” (like the movie) on their parents in future : Make your parents watch it, or better, if they like to read, make them read the book, like I did, it will help you in the future. 😛 Wicked, I know I am *hihi*. Coming to today’s products, you all must have read in my previous reviews about a new launch from Lakme, the crease-less lip balms. You also know how disappointed I was 🙁


After reviewing two shades from the range, Ginger Suit and Rose Affair, today I am here to discuss about the third shade, Coral Charm, and thankfully, this one is better than the ones above, although a teeny meeny bit, but still better. Read on to know why.


Like I have already told you guys in the previous reviews, the packaging is exactly like the 9 to 5 range lipsticks, so much so, that you will not know the difference if you keep them together. Yes, the same peachy orange carton, in the same size. Identical, almost no difference, at least nothing that I could spot. The inner packaging of the actual product is very cute and innovative. It is a transparent squeeze tube, so that you can easily see the quantity of the product. Also, the cap is screw-secure, so there is no risk of spilling in your purse. It is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.


It is available at a price of 400/- for a quantity of 7 ml.

Description :
Get soft and supple lips with this lip balm from Lakme. A handbag essential for hot summer days, protects your lips all day long.
Lakme 9 to 5 crease-less lip balm’s ultra creamy texture glides smoothly on your lips, covering the creases. SPF 15, vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil keep them nourished and healthy.


My experience with Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less lip balm Coral Charm

The shade that I am going to review today, is called Coral Charm. This is a coral shade, a mix of peach and orange, when you see it in the tube. However, when you apply it on lips, it is again like the other shades, white washing. In fact, now I think Lakme should have mentioned in the description that this range is actually different tints of white cast and not just different balms. On a better note, I don’t know why, but this shade does not feel as heavy as others did. It is comfortable to wear because of the creamy texture and soothes the cracks and creases on lips. It will treat even severely dry lips. It can also be used as a lip gloss. In fact, I have formulated a new trick to wear it (Did I have any choice? Even my sister refused to give it another look *sob* I can’t blame her, can I?) You can take any of your favorite nude shade, which is not pale and has a subtle hint of peach. Apply it as a tint using your finger tips so that it gives a uniform glow. After that, take this shade in small quantity, in fact, just a drop, and dab it over your lip color and keep dabbing till it gives a healthy moisture and is completely absorbed with your lip color. It will moisturize your lips all day long and make your lip color also stay longer. You can wear it on it’s own, if you are very fair and have light pink toned complexions, which leaves out a great percentage of Indian females. (Why Lakme Why !!!! *waa* )



Pros of Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm

Excellent Lip Balm
Contains SPF 15.
Secure packaging, no fear of leakage inside bag.
Keeps lips soft and moisturized for a long time.
Works well as a lip gloss over peach and nude lip colours.
Instantly soothes lips, settles down in a minute to treat those dry creases.


Cons of Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm

Not at all upto the standards set by Lakme products.
Very pricey, and the quality not at par with the price.
Leaves a horrible white cast if you apply more. Can apply only tuny quantity which is not sufficient to soothe dry and cracked lips.
The shades selection is very poor and will leave out majority of Indian damsels.
Not at all good on its own, if applied on pigmented lips.

IMBB rating:
My rating for Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm is 2.7/5. A very average lip balm with a huge price tag to match to, on which it fails miserably. I do not recommend this to anyone. There are many better products available in the market at better price tag and quality, go for them, skip this.

Till the next time, see you all. Stay healthy and stay beautiful. :* :* :*

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40 thoughts on “Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-less Lip Balm – Coral Charm

  1. i saw them last saturday and I did not even feel like trying the tester out. *headbang*
    just use them up by patting it on the centre of the lips on all your lipsticks
    for this price any one would buy the 9 to 5 lipsticks,they have so many shades *happy dance*

    1. Exactly my point…they hav such wonder products in the 9 to 5 range..n now this..its pathetic *headbang* *headbang*

  2. Nice review Kadambari n tnx fr the advice reg 2 states 😛 seriously Indian parents needs to be a lil broad minded 🙁 Anyway coming to these lip balms.. i actually dint like ne of thm… dint like the formula, any of the color variants , pigmentation….. see the price *headbang* seems lyk thy r dud by lakme :((((

    1. My parents r broad minded..but the point is that v Indian children always tend to get one step ahead of the liberty they give us 😛 😀 n these really r a dud…a big dhabba on the otherwise awesum 9 to 5 range *spank* *spank*

  3. For the first time in my life I am thankful that I have not rushed to buy these lip balms *specs* .
    THese balms are really expensive for the quality. *headbang*

  4. I was so very excited when I first spotted these at the lakme counter, but soon my excitement vanished when the SA swatched them as only two shades were without shimmer and they too were so pale for me, not at all worth the price *hunterwali* *spank* *spank* finally I ended up getting their lipsticks *hihi*

    1. umm…4 actually *scared* *scared* now that uv mentioned it..let me explain this insane act of mine…i wanted a few lip glosses..spotted these on myntra n thought that if i buy these it will serve my purpose too n i can review it fr u guys on IMBB..ek teer do shikaar type thingi came into my mind..see? dimag ulta chal raha tha *headbang* *headbang* i never thought in my dreams that something from Lakme wud b such a dud for me *cry* *cry*

  5. oho…pata he I also haul mostly just for review purpose as I am not a much makeup woman but imbb gives ne peace of mind and happiness wheb I interact with you guys. but even then I try to read out reviews before making an online purchase. which is mostly my way of hauling because it is difficult to review a dud. anyways me waiting for the fourth one :*

  6. try essence glossy lipbalms or from elf. inr 400 means pak k 600
    I would have literally fainted spending 1600 for an unknown product. kher bacha dil bara karo :*

    1. Sigh! Its been a very few times that I have reviewed a dud…and those also were not such a setback coz atleast I cud use those for this..kya bataun main.. *cry* *cry*

      1. koi baat nahi kadambari…see IMBB even accommodates duds and look at the aspect that you have saved atleast a hundreds from purchasing these…..and still you have got 32 comments that means you write well….. *clap* *clap*

        1. Thaaanks Sumera…psssstttt…I talk a lot too…itne saare mere relies bhi to hain na *hihi* *hihi*

            1. Hahahahah rofl rofl ….well..dheere dheere realise hua k I am a gal aft all 😛 ..combine Jab we Met and Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa..N ther u have it..our love story *shy* *shy*

  7. I believe now parents are also changing the way they think abt samaaj kya kahega, 4 log dekhenge kya kahenge.. *nababana* we r also trying to convince our parents to atleast let my sis in law make her dream lover his hubby, parampara thodi chalani h aage tak.. 😛 *woot* however unko chahe 2 states dikhao ya jab we met unka natura kabi nahi sudhrega.. 😛 *hihi*
    waise b today’s young generation is still better who believe in institution of marriage, who knws kal ki generation shadi pe believe b karegi.. *scared* I can notice many eligible bachelors in my family who r nt willing to take responsbility.. *headbang* *headbang*
    Anyways these shades r nt my cup of tea either.. *nababana*

    1. My parents are the coolest Neetu di…but errr actually they were always like kisi se b shaadi karna beta but in ur religion…n i was least bothered about love marriage..then all of a sudden the tom boy in me vanished and the lady inside me fell in love with my best friend 😀 ..both of us..imagine two people who had planned to do arrange marriage falling in love.. *shock* *secret* n v belong to different religions *scared* *scared* v Indian bacchas also hav a tendency to always go one step ahead of the liberty our parents giv us..unintentionally 😛 waise to abhi jaanne walo me..schoolmates n all..some people hav done this n they mananged to convince their convincing our’s will b quite a task *scared* *scared* anyway I hope two successful careers *touchwood* will b a helping factor..and the fact that our families our progressive 🙂

      Yup..these shades r duds ka b superlative degree *headbang*

      1. yeah they r coolest unless their kids take advantage of their liberal thoughts and move 2-3 steps ahead.. *hihi* 😛
        our parents were liberal for any hindu religion not necessarily same caste, but I always noticed gals/guys in our family choose to switch their enthnic race.. *hihi* *woot* which boils their (inlaws )head probably.. *woot* recently we accepted a firang bahu in our family she belongs to norway. am excited to see their babies.. *happydance* n excluding me all bahus r punjabi, thakurs frm bhopal, delhi, rajasthan plains none of them r kumaouni.. *nababana* which often boils our head, ki humari kya galti thi jo arrange wedding kara di humari.. *woot* *hihi*

        1. good luck gal.. am sure u will achieve wt u want from ur parents.. *puchhi* its all abt their kid’s happiness after all.. *haan ji* stay blessd!!

          1. Now i think arrange marriages are also cool if you get good partner(ofcourse) 🙂
            love marriage that too with 6-7 years togeterness is little boring(not in all cases); as we dont have anything new to explore about the other gender because we are aware of everything pre marriage. The charm of new marriage is sometimes missing. bdw my marriage is on rocks but we still think ‘kash aap mujhe arrange marriage main mile hote’ obvoiusly these lines are from my side because i am never satisfied *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

        2. Achhi baat hai na so many bhinn bhinn prakar ka people r ther in ur family…actually our parents also think na dat how will v adjust in a totally different culture..but still atleast aajkal ye dar to nahi lagta k talwaare nikal ayngi…LOL 😛 N marriage arrange-cum-love ho ya love-cum-arrange…love hona chahiye sooner or later *shy* *shy*

  8. What a dud! 2 states I didn’t watch but read the book. India is progressing yar but parents r not.Well, atleast some. *hihi*

    1. Hahah…naa re…parents love us..they r just concerned how will v adjust in a different culture..n yep they can b very stubborn about it too 😛 😛

  9. Kadambri, i was so excited to see this gloss but on application it is looking so dud.
    all the best for future!!! *puchhi*
    i also had love marriage this year and my parents were very cool; i thought they were more excited to me.. My father didnt said anything when i disclosed it to him.(i think he already knew)
    bdw it was within brahmin only but region change. i UP brahmin and he is Methli brahmin.. very difficult as they are more into tradition *ghost*

    1. This is a complete ganda wala dud *spank* *spank* n thaaaanks a lot sweety…waise u know i have also dropped so many hints at my place that sumtims i feel that my parents will automatically blurt out his name wen i tell them i have a guy in mind.. *hihi* *hihi*

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