Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream Review

Hello ladies,

Today I want to share a very nice and a beautiful product by Lakme . It is the LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE DAY CREAM. All of you must have heard about this product long back. I am not at all a person who will try and go for hunting new creams in market. Firstlym I find all creams giving me a mask like heavy feeling upon application so I never try to bring on any creams. And secondly I hate those advertisements, showing that fair people can only succeed, giving a complex to all those dark and beautiful ladies and make them lose their confidence. Last month I visited my cousin’s place and my Bhabhi told me to use it. She was concerned about my dry and dull face as I am getting married this month. I am certainly happy after using this and thanks to my Bhabhi.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream claims
Designed to give you truly fair radiant skin. The Perfect Radiance Day Cream with White Lily and Sacred Lotus acts on all six signs of skin darkening.

1. Fades away spots and blemishes
2. Lightens complexion
3. Helps even out skintone
4. Reduces oiliness
5. Fades away dullness
6. Controls tanning

How to use: Smooth on every morning and evening on cleansed skin to discover skin that’s not only truly fair but glows from within.

Precautions: for external use only, if rash or irritation develops, stop use and consult with a doctor. Avoid direct contact with eyes or on irritated areas. Wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.

I tried to google out about Sacred Lotus.
Nelumbo nucifera belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family and originates from Persia, Asia and Oceania, but nowadays is widely cultivated in Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, and even Africa. The lotus plant is a fully edible food and is widely used in Oriental medicine. Flowers come in pink, yellow or white, with many folds – some are said to have over a hundred petals!

Uses: Because of its purifying and protective virtues, the lotus oil has a lot to offer to the ‘ever-giving’ therapist.Lotus can be added to an aromatic bath or a massage blend, or diffused in the air as a way to recharge energies and clear away unwanted thoughts. As lotus oil is very intense, it is at its best when diluted or blended with lighter essential oils.

The cream is whipped form and very lite and smooth in texture. I love its colour it is a white colored cream with a tint of peach to it. It has a sweet scented fragrance to it.

The cream comes in a round pretty purple tub with a silver lid. The tub is really light in weight and before opening the tub I wondered about the quantity which is present in it. But it was a fully cream filled. This gives the hint about its light weight.

The jar contains 50gm of the product and is priced at Rs.175/-. Also it is available in a small tub which is around 15gm in quantity for Rs.99/-.

What I liked about the cream?

1. Just after applying this cream it gives a clear glowing look to your face. It looks very natural. I just apply this cream and touch it up with compact every 2 hours
2. I have been using his cream for exactly for 15 days two times a day after washing my face.
3. It is a nice cream which fulfills the moisturizing needs of my face.
4. It is not at all greasy and leaves a total matte finish.
5. It does not give a mask like feeling which I usually hate.
6. My skin is completely dry no matter what season. The dryness is visible in winter but in summer although it is not so visible but I feel like my skin becomes dull and lifeless. After using any face wash my skin feels stretched. This feeling is gone completely after using this cream.
7. It has not given me any breakouts.
8. I feel my skin is glowing (it could also be because my marriage date is approaching.. 😛 I am not sure.)
9. Yes it evened out my skintone. My forehead which is tanned more as compared to my whole face is improved. (Also these days I am not going out much).
10. Also I had some hypo pigmented patches which are not seen now as may be they were due to dryness and scaling.
11. My acne scars are reduced comparatively.
12. I don’t know about the fairness claim. I only bought this cream to obtain some glow and clear tone of my face.

What I did not liked about Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream

1. The matte look which it gives remains intact only for about 2 hours. It does not look like you have applied anything. I do touch ups with my compact after that.
2. Soon after applying this cream I cannot use compact as it looks OTT, as if I have applied a heavy layer of foundation.

Will I buy again: Yes certainly. I think this is the only cream which I will be using daily.

Ratings: 4½ (minus ½ because I wanted it to show its effects for a longer period of time after application.)

Have you used Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream ? please rate in the box below

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30 thoughts on “Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream Review

  1. I am really surprised after reading the review. It’s quite nice that Lakme has such a nice product in their range. Although the sacred lotus that they have been using to market this cream is listed way down in the ingredient list. So I wonder how much of it would be really in the cream. I also have dry skin so I might give this a try. :))

    1. ya Ratiji… i never heard abt this one… but i myself saw the effects on my bhabi’s face… i cud not resist buying it…

  2. Congrats on your wedding…. yes as the date approaches…. the glow increases 🙂 🙂 My skin type is exactly like you have described….. but lakme doesn’t suit me 🙁

  3. I fell for the Ponds white beauty cream and it broke me out horribly 🙁 Since then I have stuck to the Olay natural white day cream -which I love- but reading this review I may try the small pack of this lakme cream to see if it suits me 🙂 Great Review 🙂

  4. Due to Rati’s reco to start using a compact atleast, i bought the compact of the perfect radiance range suggested by fellow IMBBians and what to say m liking it. Thanks Rati and IMBB. btw nice review Dr. and congos for upcoming marriage!

  5. Wow!!! You have such pretty hands!!! This sounds nice.. i should try this too!! When’s ur big day???

  6. Priyanka……I had seen this cream at the supermarket, but I didn’t pick it up….I was waiting for a review…..I saw the bigger tub….I think I should get the 99- wala first…good review :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  7. Result came out so well & your hands are beautiful.. :woot: :woot: Give that nail Paint to me.. :smug: I love Pinks.. :woot: :woot:

  8. Congrats on your marriage… I’m almost tempted to pick this up, but the texture makes me believe it wont work for me! I have oily breakout prone skin.

  9. First of all loadsss of congratulations 🙂 🙂
    Seems a good product n its good it worked fr u … its quite tempting too bt somehow products which suits so many ppl, turn out to be a complete failure for me .(lacto calamine,lotus,olay :(( )..
    I have started experimenting with cream just a few months back n yet m to get one I wud love…. 🙁
    :starving: :starving:
    I think I have to go back to my Vicco turmeric … May be my skin has decided not to accept any other cream n face wash …. :dazed:

  10. Yeah this is very good actually.. :)) I have a very oily T-zone.. But this really gives a good finish so that even after some 4 or 5 hrs of application, it doesnt make my nose look oily at all… 😀 I have tried olay n it made my face look as if i have applied oil to it even aftr applying compact.. 🙁 Though ponds white beauty n lakme perfect radiance creams look alike (even smell alike..:P ), yet ponds gives a look as if i have applied a thick coat of foundation but this doesnt give such a scary look.. :blush: So im totally in love with this!!!!!!!!!! :inlove: :yahoo: :woot: :victory2:

  11. i am using this rght now.. for me, its just ok as yet.. wud luk for the results in another 10 days or so :haanji: .. n well written review priyanka :victory: :victory: .. congrats for ur wedding too.. :happydance:

  12. yeah dis cream is really superb….it gves u white glowing complexion.m uing this product from d last mnoth nd i have seen gud affects on mah face….. :thanks: :yes:

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