Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Night Cream

Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Night Cream Review

Envelope your skin with the luscious blend of strawberry, kiwi and passion fruit extracts that are rich in fruit vitamins and antioxidants, which condition and clear away signs of tired dull skin. Kiwis help reduce skin blemishes, antioxidant rich strawberries protect skin from damage and ageing while passion fruit fades wrinkles and tones skin. This wonderfully textured and great smelling night crème nourishes and renews your skin while you’re asleep so that you wake up to skin infused with life each morning.

Price : Rs 125

Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream

I have never used night creams before so this was my first stint with the night cream. I am so loving it.

Following are the ingredients, one of the first items listed is mineral oil. I did a a little research on mineral oil but came up with mixed results. Read some of the articles on mineral oil here, here and here.

I just decided to give this night cream a try.

Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream

My experience with Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Cream:

  • I lovveeeee this cream. I apply it after washing my face at night and by morning my skin looks amazing. It looks like a new , clean texture.
  • When I wake up in the morning my skin feels soft and looks nourished.
  • It smells deliciously fruity- like fresh kiwis and strawberries
  • The texture of this night cream is not heavy but I would say that it takes a little time to get absorbed.
  • The cream comes in a glass jar and is baby pink in colour.
  • It doesn’t leave my skin greasy or oily.
  • This night cream has never broken me out. In fact I feel this has made my skin clearer only.
  • I don’t think it would be a great cream for people with oily skin. People with combination to dry skin may use it. I have dry skin.
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream

The not so good things about Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Night Cream:

  • This has mineral oils, which is quite a controversial ingredient.
  • The packaging is not travel friendly.
  • I would have preferred this in a tube. 🙂
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream

Here is how the Lakme night cream looks like.

Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream
Lakme Fruit Moisture Night Cream

I think I will always use night creams from now on. This night cream has really made a difference.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*

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88 thoughts on “Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Night Cream

    1. very similar. But the strawberry was smelled like true strawberry. This is somewhat strawberry..loll!! If that makes any sense.. :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

  1. somewhat strawberry.. 😛 its ok…anything in a cute pink jar + strawberry(even if little) is irressistable for me :rotfl: :rotfl: … cant wait to buy it….i used to be so fond of the strawberry day cream i was even applying it on my hands (cant smell my own face…so kept smelling my hands once in a while, :rotfl: :rotfl:

    1. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: That was fav cream for summers for many years. I don’t know why I stopped using it. But this def reminds me of that.

      I find that it doesn’t get absorbed easily when I apply this cream on hands. So I kind of avoid it.

  2. Hi, hv allready inquired abt this in my regular shop. they r getting stock on sunday, so hope to get this by sunday. wil get d day creme too. no moisturisers though. Recently bought the Oriflame Milk n Honey Gold, Nourishing hand n Body lotion.

  3. i have combination skin and i am also using this cream … just take care not to apply this cream in large amount…. i take teeny weeny bit and apply it on my face ..and the results r d same …….CLEAN MOISTURIZED CLEAR SKIN D THE MORNIN……….

  4. so u find it better than the day cream,Rati ?:-) ?:-)
    i too nvr used a night cream.. so can give it a shot.. i am already liking their day cream too :-))…
    tht is nt doing much diff to the skin bt yeah no dryness at all the whole day bt this making ur skin clearer.. than got to b gudddd… :yes: :yes:
    n no testers fr these creams.. i asked at the hypercity bt nothing… 😐

    1. I do Nids. But I think the day cream is meant be to like that.As in providing all day moisturization. And Night cream does renew your skin. Both Rids and I have a same experience. Do give it a try. 🙂

  5. hi rati, can u plz suggest me a good matte (or less shimmery, good fr daytime use) black eyeshadow? price should not cross rs.250 and easily available in shops.?:-)

    1. I was about to suggest NYX. you can check out colorbar single eye shadow. They have a black but that’s a little shimmery.

      If not you can purchase the black maybelline quad. You’ll get all 4 colours for your smokey eye makeup look. 🙂

  6. is there any good night cream for oily skin people??? and i am too much afraid to use anything with mineral oil on my face. i dont wanna look wrinkled. :pain:

  7. Rati, i was luking for a pink one 🙄 , since u said strawberry, :eat: :eat: 🙂

    i use oil in the night 😛 he he kum kumathi tailam , :alien: :alien:

  8. Hey Good…… Lakme seems to be doing a good job na these days…. I got the Ponds Gold Radiance Range (day cream, serum and the night cream) recently . My first impressions are not that great 🙁 though I really really want it to work :waiting: … I don see any radiance . Infact I get a feeling that it is making me look dull instead of giving me the radiance. Not as good as their Age Miracle Range….

    1. errr…they are advertising so much about it no..:( But since you have sensitive skin I suggest that you do a little research on ingredients before purchasing. 🙂

  9. They have the same ingredients minus one or two plus Gold in them …. Though they claim it to be 99% pure I am not sure how authentic they are and there is the question of the balance 1% 😕 Their dermatologists are claiming that gold is good for the skin however they are not talking abt the purity (though they claim it to be 99%) of the gold that is there in the product. I feel it is a very generalised comment . 😐 I feel that their claim of Gold shud be backed by enuff proofs for users to get convinced

    Also the gold specks in the creams stay on the skin (though it is not chunky or glittery) instead of sinking in…. If it is real gold then shudn’t it get absorbed….. Lots of doubts on this one.
    The serum which they claim has 50 times more gold gets absorbed fast and there is no trace of the gold particles…. So only this seems to be Ok . Only Ok not promising though ….

    These are only my early impressions . Lets wait and watch if there are any other opinions….

    1. Ahhh!!! I would wait for you comments on this. This is supposed to be their next best things after age miracle. But yeah the gold should sink in to do watever…if it stays on the skin what is the point?

  10. good review Rati.
    the jar is so tempting and the strawberry smell … love it..
    by the way I ve never used night creams in my life.
    I usually apply my nuetrogena oil free moisturizer or lotus alpha moist .
    but my skin is combination to oily.
    but do they have night cream for oily skin people?

    1. No Sumi,

      There is just one night cream in this range and I wonder if this would suit people with oily skin. It’s definitely not oil free or light.

      I am also using a night cream for the first time and i am loving the results. I see the difference every morning. 🙂

    1. Hi SUmi,

      As mentioned in the post, this is for the first time I am using a night cream. Plus I have a dry skin so I don’t have a first hand experience with others. However, the HImalaya night cream and the pond’s age miracle range have good reviews. 🙂

  11. Lavanya & Rati, (fun intended) dont expect the gold to sink in 😉 imagine when we wear gold jewelery…if it starts sinking in 😛 :giggle: :giggle: :shutmouth:

  12. 😯 😯 ….looks nice Rati..I’ve been using Oriflame beauty night cream….and it has been really amazing..just that it is quite pricey…..this one sounds quite great and pretty affordable too…. Surely next on my list!! :yes: :yes: :yes: 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. any age sree priya…. my mom n I are using this creme n the results r amazing…….clear, soft n supple skin. better 4 dry to normal skin type.

      1. Which night cream is better lotus nutranite or lakme skin renewal night cream ?Which gives more hydration? Will the lakme cream get totally absorbed or will it leave white patches?

  13. Thank you Rati for recommending this cream. I have combination skin, but this cream works fine for me. I have started using it one day back, still waiting to see the long term results. I have also used the winter perfect day lotion (honey n avocado) and it gave excellent 12hr moisturisation.
    For those who are curious about lotus alphamoist, i use it during summer for a great matte effect. But my skin goes dry in winter so i switch to more hydrating ones. :waytogo:

  14. After reading this review, i bought myself this Night Creme, and i’m sooooo loving it! :yahoo:
    As i apply this creame during my night CTM routing, my all day tiredness just vanishes from my face instantly! I’m loving this product!! :love:

  15. hi rati,
    can u plz help me out 2 choose a night cream between olay and lakme or oriflame……for combination skin,…im 21 yrs of age…..with acne prone skin….thnkx in advance!!!

  16. hii rati,
    well plz sugest me whather its good if m goona use lakme skin renewal night cream…..????
    coz m 20yrs old……

  17. Rati u have reviewed abt nutranite as well as lakme night cream, which do u recommend for very dry skin? Rams do u have dry skin? Does it absorb easily? Will it keep my skin hydrated the whole day?

  18. is this night cream suitable for 18-20 year old??
    i am currently using lakme peach milk moisturiser, but i wake up to a greasy and oily skin…..
    please help, i have normal skin type….

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