Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation Review

Hello, all you lovely, beautiful ladies who are reading this.  This is my first post/review on IMBB and I am excited!  I cannot do without my daily dose of IMBB, you can certainly call me addicted!  I am also excited that a few days back, my hubby gave me my own computer and now I can be completely at ease without rushing through articles in case someone else wanted to use the other computer.  Now, let’s get down to some work…… Before I start the review, I just wanted to say a few things that are running through my mind regarding LAKME, as a brand.  Lakme has been around for as long as I can remember, and during my teen years, I can clearly remember using a Lakme talcum powder which came in a pink and purple long tin container, though I can’t remember the name of this talc.  Then, for my wedding, the lipstick I chose to wear was Lakme’s Exotic Rose (no longer available, of course).  It was a bright magenta pink.  I also remember a reddish lipstick from Lakme called Primrose, and everyone used to compliment me whenever I wore it.  My point is, ladies, we have to admit that Lakme has come a long way since then, and now with all the numerous malls around and international brands available, let’s give Lakme their due – they are really innovating their products, and they can exist in malls amongst the other top brands, and they can hold their stead, and, of course, they have many, many loyal customers.  I guess even though we crank and crib about Lakme, our love/hate affair will continue with them!!! This post is a review of:

Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation SPF 11.

The shade I have bought is 01, which is the lightest shade.  (Please see Rati’s article with swatches on this, I think they are available in 7 shades).

PRICE – Rs. 450, QUANTITY – 25 ml.
It comes in quite a pretty pink and white packaging box, and the foundation is in a  tall slim container, with a plastic cap.  It is a pump type dispenser.  I have seen some of us here on IMBB talk about that small square thing at the bottom of the container.  It is not part of the container, and it’s merely a small plastic ‘holder’, so that the container fits into the box comfortably.  Here is what it looks like :

Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

This is what  Lakme has to say about it :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

List of ingredients :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

I must say that since I am such a lover of cosmetics, I am always on the lookout for anything that’s new in the market, and  I went in for this foundation even though I have oily skin, as the SA told me that it was oil-free, (which is NOT the case),  and the thing about the “transluscently radiant” attracted me.   You know how us ladies are always wanting some miracle thing to apply, which hopefully will make our skin glow, etc.  Anyway, the consistency of this foundation is quite light and it spreads and blends into the skin well.  I can’t exactly pinpoint the smell (one might find a bit of an ‘aloe’ smell) but I must say that the smell is pleasant, though a bit strong at first.   However, I found that 01, the lightest shade is on the orangish side, not pink at all, or not even skin toned, of course, it depends from person to person, but I feel that Lakme doesn’t make foundations/powders for people like me who have pink undertones.  I had to do a lot of blending and then I finished off with a sheer cover pressed powder – Maybelline Dream Matte powder in 02 Rose Ivory (this shade is not available in India).  After an hour or two, as is usually the case with my skin, I did find my skin oily, but in the not-so-oily areas like the high cheekbones, there was a slight glow or radiance, but the rest of my face looked extra shiny.  So, I would say this foundation is well-suited for ladies with normal skin or normal-to-dry skin, as it does really give a dewy look and a kind of glow and makes the skin look flawless and radiant.  But it’s not for ladies with oily skin.  You may even, however, stretch it to be used with combination skin, but very little, and followed up with a sheer pressed powder.  I have used it thrice so far, and I am thinking of either keeping it for the winter months, or giving it to my Aunt.

Here is the swatch of the foundation :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

Here is my bare arm :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

Here is what it looks like on my arm after rubbing a bit :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

And here it is on my arm after being blended :
Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation

PROS of Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation

  • It seems to be quite an innovative product from Lakme, and I saw an article on IMBB that Lakme have taken out a full range of Perfect Radiance products, so I guess all can be used to achieve proper results, as promised.
  • It is good for people with normal to dry skins, as it does give a dewy, glowing finish, due to the pearl particles it contains.
  • It would be particularly good for use during the winter months, on people with dry or combination skin in particular.  It’s even good to use nowadays on people with this type of skin.

CONS of Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation

  • I think till date this is the costliest foundation from Lakme.
  • Quantity is less for the price they are charging, only 25 ml.  Minimum amount of foundations in other leading brands is either 30 ml. or sometimes 50 ml.  (1 teaspoon = 5 ml).
  • It is not for those ladies with oily skin, and it is definitely NOT oil-free.
  • For those of us who like a matte finish, this is not for us.
  • Lakme has not updated their website with the details of this Perfect Radiance range.  I find that the products usually flood the market first, and their website gets updated much later.  This is the case with other products of theirs as well.

Rating : I would give it a 2.5, but this is my personal opinion.  It may work wonders on someone else with less oily skin.

Would I re-purchase it: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


123 thoughts on “Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation Review

  1. NOT FOR OILY SKIN….I am not even giving this a passing glance……. :no: :no: :no: :no: , Thanks Sabrina for reviewing this one….I was thinking about going for it….but now nay :smug: … saved my 450 rupees :victory: :jump: :dance: :dance:

  2. It seems “old wine in pretty new pink bottle”…stratergy is good, but it won’t work like this for loooooonnnnnnnnnnng….we are getting wise…Lakme….. :snicker: :snicker:

  3. Its only us oily-skinnies who will have least this is suitable for normal-dry skin category. I think Lakme should just write which skin type the product is suitable for instead of collecting negative opinions from us like this!
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Chizu Saeki Lotion Mask =-.

    1. You’re right, Radhika, they should introduce their foundations according to skin type. One size fits all doesn’t work, when there are so many other choices in other brands out there, esp. as far as oil-free stuff goes.

  4. Hey Sabrina.. Nice review…
    Would just like to say that Lakme has been innovating itself over the years… And it is true that they come up with better products everytime and hold their own in the flurry of so many MNCs… This is exactly why all of us want them to improve so tht they can compete with these outside brands and come out as real winners… I am sure you would agree that we all just want a kickass indian brand so that we can shun the others!!!!

    Fantastic review.. Detailed and useful…. :-* :-*
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

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  5. I dnt have oily skin but still will give this a miss….it is not able to to build up enough confidence in my to try this :no:

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  11. I wonder why Lakme never mentioned that this foundation is designed especially for dry skin. i mean the texture and feel all say it loud.

    I don’t pick up foundations from Lakme any more but glad you did the review. Atleast those who were looking forward to it are warned now.

    I was at the shopper’s stop counter yesterday and I asked if they have received the Lakme Radiance range, the SA out rightly lie on my face that the whole range has been sold out because they are such good sales men. I mean I am aware that the full range has not even been launched in market yet.

    I was kind of pissed at the reaction but said nothing and left.

      1. I know….I wonder if someone else also experiences the same things. It’s so funny.

        And he was showing me the new catalogue.” Mam ye nayi range aayi thi. Sab sold out. Hamaare jaise sales men ho to sab kuch bech daalnege.” And i was like yeah, good for you. 😀

    1. Yes, Rati, they should mention what skin type their foundations are suitable for. And they should manufacture some oil-free, matte-looking kind of foundations, considering they are an Indian company, and our weather here is hot & humid most of the year.

  12. Yeah, he said that. He was flaunting. 😛

    And there was this sweet colleague of his who looked almost in shock while he was saying that. 😛

  13. The SA at Lakme counter will always come back and say, “It’s a good product madame, I have been using this XYZ product for a long time…its been selling like hot cakes…blah! Blah!”. And, all I can do is giver her “the look” which says yeah sure! kis ko ullu bana rahe ho! 😛

    1. I don’t know why they are so desperate. I mean make good stuff and it sells. The maybelline sas would barely need to push their products. color sensational range is speaking for itself.

  14. Yeah! totally agree with you on this on Rati. I had just stopped by the maybelline counter and she said she is out of stock on most of the colours already… :yes:

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  22. Look at me..I was replying to all those leg pulling comments and even forgot to thank Sabrina for the detailed review.

    Thank you for the detailed write up dear Sabrina.

    I just tried this product today and found it too shimmery and creamy for my complexion. I think I may give this product a pass. MF Liquid Illusion looks more attractive to me. Any opinion gals?

  23. I agree, Poornima. I think this product would work best if you add a drop or two of it in your regular foundation and then use it. That would give a dewy look. Applying directly would be too much.

    1. Thanks Rati n Rads..

      I will be trying MF once again and also this trick by Rati..and then maybe decide. Its high time I got a dewy foundation for ma

      1. My age renew is almost getting over. It’s rare that I get to complete a full foundation. 🙂 Might pick up liquid illusions next. I am a little confused about the shade. Let me know which one suits you. I’ll pick that one only. 😉

  24. RATI…do you know what this mahaan Jomol’s walking-exercise fresh mind money-making idea is..the latest one? She has already found the mansion to buy with her poor daughter-in-law’s dowry it seems!!!!!!!! 😯 😯

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      And you are feeding him complan so that he grows up fast?? :rotfl: :rotfl:

      hey bhagwaaaan..abhi kya kya dekhna padega… 😯

  27. Hi, dear thanx to all 4 savin ma 450 bucks :). Even i’m the oily skinny 1 and cannot use this range.Thanx 4 ur review once again. can any1 suggest any daily care lotion or cream that can be used on oily skin? …………. eagerly awaitin reply………

  28. i finally got a foundation that works for my skin color…i just now got this foundation in shade number 8. the price is so affordable…it gives me a matte finish and not cakey!!!!…. i searched for so many companies colorbar, maybelline other foundations of lakme, loreal… atleast 10 foundations i tried then finally i got my the happiest person on earth……….

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