Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle Review

Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle Review

Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle Review

Out of the numerous foundations and foundation-wannabes that I have tried, only two have matched my shade perfectly.  Every other foundation was either too light, ashy, or just too dark for my skin tone.  Lakme Face Magic Souffle is just perfect for my skin and I will tell you why 🙂

Product Description:

Discover Lakme’s Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle.  A lightweight water-based foundation that gently evens out your complexion.  With the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, and vitamin E, it provides UV protection in addition to soothing and moisturising your skin, giving you a natural flawless glow.

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Rs. 99 for 30 ml.

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There is no mention of ingredients surprisingly!

face foundation

My Take on Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle:

This stuff is real good! This souffle from Lakme comes in three shades, Pearl, Marble, and Shell.  Pearl and Marble are for lighter skin tones and Shell is for wheatish and dusky skin tones.  The souffle comes in a cute, little, and heavy glass pot with a screw on cap.  There is a plastic lid that prevents spillage.


The souffle is of the consistency of molten lava in a molten lava cake 😛 (I am terribly hungry, I should just have said souffle :P).  The souffle smells mildly of cucumber and does not linger on.  One can use a foundation brush or fingers to take out the foundation, I use my fingers and dot on and then blend it with fingers.  This needs to be set with a compact or loose powder, otherwise it tends to come off easily if you sweat or use a tissue.


I chose the shade Shell and it blends into my skin perfectly without getting cakey or ashy on my skin tone.  It provides light coverage and is best for every day wear.  College-going girls and working women would love it because it gives that smooth flawless finish yet does not make the face look heavily “made up.”  Another feature about this souffle foundation is that it is water based and hence noncomedogenic.  I never had a breakout with this foundation (I usually break out into zits if wear a particular foundation for over 3 hours, I know weird!).


Lakme claims that there is sunscreen in this, but there is no SPF value mentioned, so I guess you cannot rely on this foundation for sun protection and would definitely have to use a sunscreen underneath.

Oily skin can skip using moisturizer beneath the foundation. I usually do not need a moisturizer because it does not make those dry patches.


Now, it does not stay long on the face.  When worn alone, it might come down in 2 or 3 hours. With compact or loose powder, it might stay longer.  I don’t know if it would stay that much in a hot and humid climate. I can easily see the foundation on dry tissues.  I just use it for short trips outside home where I know I won’t be out for more than 3 hours.

But, I completely love this souffle and I have been using it since a few years now.  Every time that the foundation gets over, I do not feel like throwing away the cute pot, but then, I have too 🙁


This foundation also brightens up the face a bit.  I don’t believe that it is due to cucumber or potato, but something else that is working!

I would suggest this souffle to women who become conscious while wearing heavy foundations and yet want to have that “foundation effect.”  This is it, find your match from the three shades and get one because it is only for Rs. 99 🙂

Pros of Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle:

  • Water-based foundation.
  • Lightweight foundation.
  • Evens out complexion.
  • Gives light coverage and even finish.
  • Can be used on a daily basis.
  • Does not cake or make the face ashy.
  • A single pot costs only Rs. 99.
  • Brightens up the skin tone a bit.

Cons of Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle:

  • Claims to have SPF, but the value is not mentioned, so you have to definitely wear a sunscreen underneath this.
  • No ingredients list mentioned.

Will I Repurchase Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle?

I have been repurchasing it since the last few years.

Do I Recommend Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle?

Yes, to women who do not like wearing heavy foundation on a daily basis yet need to get that evened-out complexion. Try this, it worked for me!

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (I couldn’t find the ingredients list).

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70 thoughts on “Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle Review

  1. I used this only once.. and somehow felt that something went wrong with the foundation after few months.. the colour of the foundation changed.. may be it had to do something with the expiry date..

  2. Nice detailed review Jomol..I used this when I was a beginner in makeup..but i still i like..After reading this,i feeel like buying one jus for the sake of having it and as u said also for the cuteee little pot 🙂 🙂

  3. i used to use this in college…before i moved on to foundations…for the does a pretty good job!! And also its very photo-freindly….all the pics that have been taken wearing this have come out all nice 🙂 However I faced 2 major cons with this (1) If i used this consecutively for 2-3 days …. I got Break outs :/ (i once used it as an eyeshadow primer and got a pimple on my eyelids!!!)
    2) Like someone said before, It goes bad after a few months….it kinda ‘curdless’..u know doodh-phatna? like that :/ But then again, for the price anything but water would do!!!

    1. i knw about the curdling bit, used to happen to me too, i realise it keeps better if stored in the fridge. i also think u shud try maybelline’s mousse foundation, mixed with some moisturiser for better coverage , but lighter feel.

        1. i knw the curdling effect is actually a cosmetic wonder since the souffle curdles without smelling any different than it used to. most other cosmetics you can smell them and say if they have gone bad, not so for souffle. u need to look very closely at it everyday. that was the only reason i stopped buying it. i am the kind of person , who just takes product on hand and blends, and runs for the bus/ train. so closely observing the souffle everyday drove me nuts. i simply stopped using it. i found the maybelline foundation better, longer lasting. and for dewy feel i just put some moisturiser in it.

        2. i knw the curdling effect is actually a cosmetic wonder since the souffle curdles without smelling any different than it used to. most other cosmetics you can smell them and say if they have gone bad, not so for souffle. u need to look very closely at it everyday. that was the only reason i stopped buying it. i am the kind of person , who just takes product on hand and blends, and runs for the bus/ train. so closely observing the souffle everyday drove me nuts. i simply stopped using it. i found the maybelline foundation better, longer lasting. and for dewy feel i just put some moisturiser in it.

    1. Oh….Raji…waise don’t wear it for a long time….beyond a certain point, any foundation has a tendency to break me out :((

  4. i really sweat a lot.. and it’s so hot and humid now !! i would have really bought it.. it costs ONLY 99 :O
    but u said it comes off :'( i want one which stays for long :/

    1. Amrita, it doesn’t stay on the face and if its humid, won’t stay a bit 🙁 Try Bourjouis detox or MAC foundations, they have better staying power 🙂

  5. Whoa! I have never come across this one and now I feel pretty stupid. 😛 Thankee for this review, Jomol. I don’t wear foundation (just make do with concealer and loose powder) but have been thinking of venturing into that territory. Will try my beginner’s hand at this then, even if the staying power is on the lower side. For that kind of price, it seems super. 😀

  6. lol i tried this almost a decade ago, for the first time for my 10th farewell..ever since i’ve been buying a pot for day when I just need that bright, dewy face! Even though I’m using a proper foundation from Bourjois when need be, I still have this little pot with me! Except for the fact it gets wiped off an orange color on a tissue, when blotting, it’s absolutely awesome! I only wish a better packaging for convenience! SPF in makeup products makes no sense, hence does not bother me! *thumbs up*

  7. I’m surprised this hasn’t been reviewed yet! And I seriously dunno what to say,,the first time I tried it loved it,it was soo natural and lightweight….But when I tried it more recently,,it had turned orangey and irritated my skin! But that may be because my skin is sensitive 🙁
    The packaging is soooo adorable 😛 !

    1. lol no, ure right! even i experienced a little bit of irritation when i last used it..i din mention it abv cz i thot maybe my skin was behavin ruddy, but now that i think of it,, the tiniest bit! hai na?

      1. Riti/Sukanya….it didn’t irritate my skin, but did you see the curdling effect as others have also experienced…..I think its better we watch out for that 🙁

          1. Yup!!!! Curdling Effect too…! I think they should re-market this product just make it a little skin friendly…Its perfect for daily wear!!

  8. I’ve used it occasionally too. My only complaint is that it comes off with sweat, or rubs off on my phone when I speak with this souffle on. shall try it again with loose powder….

    1. Varsha….that’s a big grouse…..even with compact or loose powder, just a bit more it stays….that’s it 🙁

  9. Nice review Jomol 🙂 its very light foundation which can be used daily but it covers light blemishes ….to hide dark blemishes one has to use conclear underneath

  10. Hi Jomol, nice review and nice pics. This was one of the very first things I had tried from Lakme and I liked it at the time, even though it made my skin super oily. My friend has used this for ages. BTW, I had sent you an email couple of days ago, hope you recvd it? (Not a review, but some cute pics.) 🙂

  11. OMGG!! this used to be my hg at some point of time. I guess i can still use it. one of the best from lakme indeed. :))

    good morning everyone 🙂

    1. Good morning Rati……This is a staple for me and only the foundation type that I keep buying…..otherwise, I have never finished any of my other foundations till date 🙁

  12. i was under impression it must be very heavy on face tht’s why never tried this but after after such a awesome review….thoughts changed will sure try this.thanks

    1. Kavita….do try it if you want a lightweight foundation, but do check it out on the store and see if it irritates your skin because some of us have complained about it causing irritation… be sure 🙂

  13. Wow I too had used it long back! you reminded me of that time, I dint face any irritation with it! WIll buy one now :), thanks for remindin, I had forgotten but this.

  14. I used it while in my final year of college,ignorant,used it when i was already having oily skin,active acne , and pores . Imagine wearing it in hot humid climate of chennai,and during my project days,I was like standing in the sun for like 2 hrs -3 hrs per day. I kept using it cause it gave me that brightness,light cover,and also the cute pot. I usually came home with a lot of grime and dirt,still i didnt suspect anything wrong . I should have used it like 2 yrs ,i dont blame this,but my ignorance of wearing it without a sunscreen,I have dark spots on the sides of both my cheeks,derma said its due to not wearing sunscreen ,and also because of loading your skin with such creams,when you already have enough oil blocking your pores,From then on ,no cream foundation ,only a light pressed powder.. I still use the cute pots to store kumkum 🙂 Less is more for Chennai summers…better to use this in winters ,dont forget the sunscreen 🙂

  15. Nice review Jomol 🙂 . When I used it , it did irritate my skin and i had break outs . Maybe cos my skin is dry it dint suit me .

    Doodh phatna happened with mine also 😛

  16. i used this years back….nostalgiaaaa….feel like buying it.. i loved it… only problem is tht it transfers….

  17. i brought this after reading some review..i liked the lightweight texture of it..i ordered the shade for fair skin.the SA gave MARBLE which ws too orangry fo my fair+yellow under tone…i then never used it and gave it to my friend… 🙁 now after reading ur review i once again wnna try it… though it wont do anything during my college hours cz tht is frm 9 to 4 pm….wish stayng powder ws bit high…bt wht u expt frm a prdct of 99 bucks… lolzz….letss see….i want somethng long stayng for my skin yet budget friendly… hunt is on…nice review jomo didi…

  18. I too bought this souffle some time back, but always gave my skin a oily look. Like you said, the pot is cute. I still have it. Don’t throw them away.. you can use them as candle holders. I am a big supporter of recycling 🙂

  19. I don’t know why good sense eludes me and I keep buying it again and again despite all its cons and have repurchased it for the 2 or 3 time i don’ t remember.

    1) Doesn’t look like you are wearing any make up at all. But mildly brightens up your face.
    2) Excellent for dark skin. Most foundations tend show a ghastly whitish look on dark complexioned skin , more prominent in photographs. This is great and doesn’t do that.
    3) Since it hardly has any coverage, it doesn’t really change your skin tone making you really lighter or unnaturally blemishfree and spotless and lighter colored but just evens out the skin tone.
    4) More suited for daily “daytime” wear.
    5) Its good for outdoors. Most make up is suited only for indoor, airconditioned or cooler environments and looks over done in the Sun. This doesn’t show much.

    1) Even inside AC, I feel wearing this makes me sweat more on my face (which I hardly do without foundation.)
    2) It wears off easily, especially on the phones etc (as people have mentioned)
    3) It doesn’t cover any spots or have heavy coverage. Better to go for a heavier foundation for parties or evenings or any function.
    4) Though its good for outdoors/daily wear – its not very comfortable to wear it in hot climate but perhaps better than other foundations that can melt and streak all over your face in the sun.

  20. Jomol:
    I would like to heartfully thank u! I have extremely oily skin and everytime i tried to put makeup i would end up with yes white patches making me look like *ghost* in the pics. spoiled some of my best days too *waaa* . Asi googled for something i could find i came upon this article. I went searching for it with no luck, sigh! But recently i found it with the right shade “Shell” in a new store. *woot* I went looking like a million bucks for my interview and got the job!
    I add litterally a drop of ‘ Lotus suncreen SPF 40’ with the souffle, patt on a bit of podwerand i am done *preen* ! Made my life soo much easier! I have also noticed my dark circles under the eyes have gown down dramatically.
    I dont have to choose btw an oil tin or a ghost look anymore! *thankyou* *thankyou* *happydance*

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