Leopard Print French Manicure Nail Art Tutorial (updated)

Hi Guys,

I came up with another easy nail art tutorial. All this time I was thinking to do a nail art, which is wearable and easy to do. I also kept in mind not to use anything that is not easily available, so that all can try it out.
All you need is your favorite nail polish, a black nail polish or any dark color
nail polish and a ‘toothpick’

Alternatives of Toothpicks 😛

  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Old Pen
  • Broom Stick :p
  • Any thing with a pointed tip…

So, I have listed the alternatives and if someone picks few toothpicks from restaurant  am not to be blamed…hehehe

The tutorial is pretty easy and looks fab on nails, I did it just on the nail tips. (animal print french manicure), you can do it on your entire nail…

This is it for now.

If you guys have any query or request i’ll try my best to work on it.

Suggestion are most welcome !!



38 thoughts on “Leopard Print French Manicure Nail Art Tutorial (updated)

  1. OMG… Everytime i start getting something right from your tutorials, you come up with more complex ones…

    Deeptima,, you are gifted honey!!!

  2. Wow… Amazing :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I just love it… I don’t have golden color nailpaint… Prob I’ll use it some other combination.. I cant stop watching the video

    1. sharp and blunt tip dosn’t matter… just take good amount of nail polish and make broken circles and ‘c’ …. try again …. send pics to Rati if u wanna share….

  3. There comes another nail tut from the talented Deeptima!!!! Gosh your sooo damn talented yaa!!!! Only if I cud be 1% as good as u…I cant evn apply my nail paint neatly :-((

  4. oh god HD, that’s a really big compliment from you !!! Thank u sooo much… even m not perfect… there are so many things i need to learn… 😛

    Thanks again !! :inlove: :inlove:

  5. OMG You’re super gifted! This is absolutely lovely :). I’m so gonna try this, but not as french tip (hate wearing nail polish on my fingers – it chip too easily). Gonna do on my toes.

    1. Thnx Ame !!!
      it will look great on toes… i just cant carry off bold colors and prints on my toe… i play safe, usually stick to neutral and simple colors… 😉

  6. haawww!! I didn’t say that I loved the tutorial . ?:-) I bought a shimmery top coat from Colorbar today. thankies to you and Mrunmayee. :-* :-*

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