Lip Smacker Strawberry Banana Review

Lip Smacker Strawberry Banana

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Me and my love for lip balms!! I can actually write a book – “Confessions of a lip balm hoarder”!!I need them all – tinted,clear, super moisturizing ones, night time lip balms, cute looking lip balms, glossy balms, flavoured lip balms, ‘all natural ingredients’ lip balm, new releases… And the list is endless. I really don’t need a reason / excuse to buy lip balms!!

Let’s get to the review now! The product I would be reviewing today is “Lip Smacker – Strawberry


Product Description:

The best flavor forever lip gloss softens and smoothes lips with great tasting flavor, superior moisture and lip smackin’ shine. Collect them all!


CAD 2.50



My experience with Lip Smacker in Strawberry Banana:

This is my 2nd favorite bed side lip balm (the 1st being C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve)!! It is probably my most used lip balm. You might be able to guess this from the pictures I have taken!!Lip Smacker comes from the Bonne Bell Company. They literally have hundreds of flavors and 7 different ranges –‘Original lip smacker’, ‘Coca cola’, ‘Disney’, ‘Dr. Pepper’, ‘Paul Frank’, ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Girl Scouts’. The packaging is pretty ho-hum. It is a pink colored regular twist up tube. Very sturdy and travel friendly!



I generally enjoy mild fragrances in lip balms. Any strong scent makes me feel nauseous after some time. One such example is Nivea lip balm in Pomegranate / Dragonfruit. Don’t know why!! I get irritated with the smell! This product does not have an extremely mild fragrance, but I still like it. It isn’t overpowering. Ever tasted ‘Boomer’ chewing gum?? Smells exactly like that, with just an addition of mild banana flavour! I really enjoy the smell!! It mellows a bit after some time. Considering taste(couldn’t help it! The smell was yummy! And the name says “lip smackers”), this isn’t exactly lip smacking! I don’t think it has any taste as such. It is not even sweet. I am completely okay with that (in fact I prefer that, since I don’t want to feel that I am constantly chewing some strawberry banana gum).

The quantity in one tube is really good! I have been using it for quite some time now and there is still a lot left in the tube. It is amazing for this price!

The texture of the lip balm is really smooth. Though it is light pink in color in the tube,it goes completely clear on the lips. It has a subtle nice sheen to it. It is not greasy or heavy, but not exactly light as well. After application, I can actually feel the lip balm on my lips. But this is in fact good and I do not find this uncomfortable. During really harsh weather, this lip balm is a perfect partner. The slight heaviness of the balm makes it stay on longer. It is really moisturizing, and even heals / repairs dry and chapped lips. I apply it at night, and the next morning my lips feel really really soft. I can feel the lip balm even after 7 hours!

Pros of Lip Smacker – Strawberry Banana:

• Smooth application
• Extremely hydrating
• Long lasting
• Good quantity in one tube
• Affordable
• Smells yummy
• Non-greasy
• Travel friendly
• Cruelty free (not tested on animals)

Cons of Lip Smacker – Strawberry Banana:

• Not for those with a sensitive nose
• No SPF
• Availability in India is an issue. It is available online. But it is really pricey.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I repurchase lip smackers?

Yes.I recommend this product it is great especially during winter, and is an excellent night time lip balm. Since it is a clear balm, it can be easily worn under a lipstick as well.

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  1. I’m a lip balm hoarder too *hifive* *hifive* I sooo agree with the statement “I don’t need a reason to buy lip balm” *hifive* *hihi* and this looks promising Prajakti *woot* and your lip swatch *jai ho* *jai ho*

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