YSL Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss Review

YSL Golden Gloss

I am a freaking lip-gloss fan and very recently I found out that I have too many of them. So I took a resolution that I shouldn’t get any more lip-gloss until I am left out with just 2 of them. I don’t use lipsticks as I prefer the shiny look the gloss leaves on my lips. My marriage was the only occasion I used lipstick that too because my beautician insisted. I like The Body Shop lip-glosses and I always go for light pink shades or nude ones. I feel dark shades doesn’t suit me at all and especially the brown ones are a complete no-no. Luckily [Lucky me!!!] my friend gifted me this light shaded YSL lip-gloss and I am here to review this.

YSL  Golden Gloss

YSL Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss is available in 25 shades and almost all shades look really attractive. There are not many brown shades so you may know why I love almost all of them. Among these 25 shades 5 are limited editions. These limited editions are said to contain 0.2% of 24 carats gold!!!!! The one I got is shade 20 – Golden Macadamia which is a part of their Spring Look collection. On contrary to the name it doesn’t have any tint of gold color in it other than the glitter. They have separate shades for those who love golden finish like Golden amber and Simple gold, which doesn’t have any gold particles as that of the limited edition ones. The 6ml tube/bottle is priced at Rs.1570!!!! YSL Golden Gloss states

Dress your lips in a veil of shimmering gold with Golden Gloss. The gloss forms a mirror-effect on the lips which sparkles with mother-of-pearl. A complex of nourishing oils (Nigelle and Cameline Oils) protects the lips while providing total comfort.

The magic and shimmer of gold* captured on the lips is now available in five new sweet and tempting limited edition shades: #22, #23, #26, #28 and #29. Shades #19 and #20 are part of the new Spring Look.

* contains 0,2‰ of 24 carats gold.

YSL Golden Gloss Tube

As soon as I got it I could not hold myself from trying it. I first tried a swatch on my hand to see whether it is sticky. It was not very sticky but at the same time I wouldn’t say it is completely non-sticky, it did give a slight gummy feel. I wouldn’t say this is disturbing or irritating as it is very minimal, might be it is made so to hold the glitter on to the skin for a while. I don’t find any mouth watering yummy smell even after I have applied it on my lips. I can say it is odorless. YSL Golden Gloss

It has an easy to glide brush that helps to evenly apply the gloss on the lips. Though it has a beige color once I apply it leaves my lips nude with a wet shimmer look. It doesn’t last long, say after an hour or two I can hardly see any glossy finish and all that is left out is few scarcely distributed glitters here and there on my lips. After 3 hours the lips are completely back to normal as if it is washed out. This is highly disappointing for the price and brand because even the swatch vanished completely in 3 hrs and even before I consumed food or snacks my lips were already longing for a gloss. This can be worn on top of lipsticks as well to give that glossy look along with their shimmers.

What I Liked?

  • I like the variety of colors they have though I doubt whether we can find so many shades in Indian stores. As I said pink lovers will find the shades more attractive as we have a wide range to choose from.
  • I like the shimmer and gloss together. I usually like anything with a shimmer [eye shadow, blush, eyeliner just anything] and this is not an exception.
  • Since the shimmer is light it also suits for daywear.
  • Brush just glides easily and hence the application is easy and non messy.
  • The packing is neat in a tube and sure not to spill.
  • Easy to carry around with us.
  • Non-sticky and thus I don’t feel like I am wearing a gloss. I am so comfortable with this on my lips.
  • It doesn’t leave my lips dry after a while.
  • Since it is a bit thick a small amount is sufficient.

YSL Golden Gloss Swatch What I don’t like?

  • Like any other lip-gloss this does not smell good. I mean surprisingly this doesn’t have any smell at all!!!
  • Does not last long. It lasts hardly for an hour and after an hour it fades away completely. I am completely disappointed.
  • The price is very high for what it does. 🙁

Will I buy  YSL Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss again?

No. For this price I would like to try other brands.

PS: Today’s Pick is Carlos Falchi Liquid Python Slim Clutch

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49 thoughts on “YSL Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss Review

  1. OMG… Lasting power is the only factor which prevents me from using glosses…

    Thanks God it was a gift.. Imagine yourself spending a bomb on a YSL gloss that disappoints you!!!! Shudder…..

    1. I have other glosses that stays long.. at least for half a day. The Body Shop lip glosses are really good, I think I will stick on to it.

  2. For a high-end gloss..I love the ones from Chanel. I wanted to try one from YSL when I saw it on another blog but now am not too sure..

    1. So Radhika I’ll have Chanel noted down to my shopping list 😉 I’ll say YSL is a good gloss but the only major draw back being their staying power… 🙁

  3. The color is very mild and nice but sad that it doesn’t stay for a long time..
    Just like you, I’m a gloss person.. You saved me from buying this 😀

  4. oh i was expecting the ysl glosses to be quite good! for that kind of money, one would want something that stays on for a couple of hours at least! since rati was so impressed with the estee lauder glosses, i will be choosing one from their range next, whenever that happens!
    also, is it just me or do others prefer twist up glosses as well? i feel very sad when the wand/brush stops picking up product when the tube clearly has a lot of gloss inside! i don’t like wasting! one of the reasons why i like lakme aquashine and chambor lip vinyl.

    1. Ya Rima.. Most of us are waiting for EL’s Very hollywood collection of gloss 🙂 And even I prefer tubes tht can be used directly on the lips than the ones with the brush. But ths brush is quiet lengthy and I dont think it will leave some gloss unused. 🙂

      1. It is already there in stores and a lot of it was laready sold out the last time I went. check it out may be they still have it. 🙂

  5. hi, sad it didn’t work wel for u :-(( but happy u saved a lot of indian currencies from all the gloss loving persons….. :yes:
    like hd im 2 a lipstick person bt i hv 1 gloos form oriflame, i use to apply it on top lippi… :-)) it works wel this way…

    1. I have 1 lipgloss from maybelline in soft mauve (which is good) and 2 transparent ones…1 plain and 1 with shimmer and quite content with that….I dont like the sticky feeling of lipglosses 🙁 so whenever I want that shine I use the plain or shimmery transparent one over my lipsticks and my purpose is served 😀

  6. Thats too much a price for a lip gloss that does not stay…..and the local pawners don’t even consider lip gloss with 0.2% as a safe bet…so NO NO for me…geeeee 😀 😀

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