Lipice Lip Balm Orange Review

Lipice Lip Balm Orange

This lip balm was part of goodies given to me by my brother when he came to meet me last dipawali. That lot also had “LipIce Sheer Color Strawberry Lip Balm” in it, and I totally loved that one. However Lipice Lip Balm Orange is a colourless lip balm and claims to have SPF 15 in it. Read on to know how much I liked this on.
lipice lip balm orange
Price: 120Rs/- for 4.3gm

What Lipice Lip Balm Orange claims:
• Enriched with Lanolin and Mineral oil, Lipice Lip Balm prevents your lips from dryness and chapping by providing them ample moisturization.
• SPF 15 protects the lips against UV rays.
• Menthol and Camphor give a cool and refreshing effect.


My Experience with Lipice Lip Balm Orange

This is a colourless, non-shiny lip balm. It is very moisturizing, and this moisturization effect lasts long. This lip balm has creamy consistency and not waxy. I use this lip balm mostly at home, or sometimes before applying lipstick. As this lip balm is not slippery, it works well as lipstick base.
lipice lip balm
The thing which is special about this lip balm is this that it gives a cooling sensation to lips when applied. This feeling stays for some 5 minutes and then faints, but it feels good ☺
Somehow this orange flavour does not smell like orange to me, it smells more of chamfer. But that is not an issue when you have this lip balm on your lips, you won’t get any smell. It has SPF 15, which is a plus point. And it comes in a lipstick like packaging, which saves me from digging my finger in a sticky tub for using lip balm, I hate putting my finger in lip balm tubs.

Pros of Lipice Lip Balm Orange

• Very moisturizing lip balm, moisturization stays for long.
• Non slippery lip balm, works perfect as lipstick base.
• Gives nice cooling effect once applied.
• No smell when lip balm is on lips.
• Contains SPF 15.
• Lipstick like packaging, easy to carry around and use.
• Good choice for people who wants colourless and shine less lip balm.
• Easily available.

Cons of Lip Ice Lip Balm Orange

• None

Final verdict on Lip Ice Lip Balm Orange:
This lip balm is perfect choice for a lipstick base. It is a good choice for people who don’t like strong smelling lip balm or tinted, shiny lip balm.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase Lip Ice Lip Balm Orange: Yes!

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21 thoughts on “Lipice Lip Balm Orange Review

  1. Wow Sweta I will fetch this only and only because you say it is good to be applied under the lipstick.. 🙂 🙂

  2. These are pretty awesome lip balms sweta. I have used a version of it. Cant seem to recall it the moment but i remember loving it a lot. 🙂

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