Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women Review

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Wishing You All, A very healthy, happy and prosperous 2016! Today, I am reviewing Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women by Lalique. An elegant fragrance; a mixture of wood and floral essence, creates an aura of lalique lifestyle. To know more, please continue to read.

Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women

Price – £67 for 50ml

Product Description:
Living lalique is an emotional, elegant fragrance whose iris heart is softened by woods and balsams. The quintessence of the Lalique lifestyle.

Top Note: Black pepper, Bergamot, Nutmeg
Heart Note: Iris butter, Tonka bean, Vanilla
Dry Down Note: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cashmeran

Living Lalique comes in a pumpkin shaped bottle with a golden-coloured ring near the neck, embossed with the perfume name “Living Lalique”.The cap is made of good quality plastic and has golden-coloured soaring swans on it. This enchanting piece of art comes in a white-coloured cardboard box, which has a golden-coloured ribbon design and golden-coloured soaring swans.

My Experience with Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women:

I am not a fan of Lalique perfumes; Living Lalique was my second try after very long time. A few years ago, I had used “Le Parfum Eau de Parfum”, feminine parfum by Lalique.Living lalique is a floral woody musk fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance, which was launched by Lalique in 2015.

It is a modern lalique perfume for the modern women of today, signified by the soaring swans on the product packaging. I enjoy wearing perfumes on my pulse point, but this one stays longer on my outfits.


The opening notes of bergamot is bright and fruity, which becomes peppery, but only for a few seconds, and the nutmeg tingle likewise disappears very quickly. The mystical iris is evident from start, and continues once the spicy notes evaporate.Buttery orris mixed with sweet and nutty vanilla, and powdery tonka beans, emits a powdery essence.The base notes of vetiver, gives this essence,warm earthy grounding aroma, along with woody sandalwood and musky cashmeran, emits a stronger woody-amber essence. A floral woody-musky scent with a velvety finish. Lasting power is good not great. Stays close to the skin, for an hour or even more, but on the outfits stays much longer.

Considering the notes and the amber-woody essence, in my opinion this perfume can be labelled unisex. I find it a bit strong and dry, it has something which hits me initially, but as it settles down gives a relaxed, soothing feeling. I have used this perfume so much; you can see the bottle is half way through. I have mixed feelings about Living Lalique Eau de Parfum.

After having used this perfume, sometimes I feel on the top of the world; and sometimes leaves me feeling moody. Initially it emits a mildly fruity and mildly sweet essence, followed by a spicy scent, which instantly disappears, followed by a powdery and nutty essence and ends with a lingering woody-amber essence.True to their description, Living Lalique is an elegant, emotional essence for the modern and sophisticated urban woman of today, who travels a lot and is capable of soaring heights. Likewise Living Lalique Eau De Parfum is sophisticated, emotional, elegant and capable of soaring heights, symbolised by the soaring swans on the product packaging.


Pros of Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women:

• A floral woody-musky scent with a velvety finish.
• Lasting power on clothes is too good, sometimes stays till next morning.
• Enchanting pumpkin shaped bottle, with soaring swans on the cap.

Cons of Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women:

• In my opinion, keeping in mind the notes and the essence, it is a bit too dry
• Does not last long on the skin.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend Living Lalique Eau de Parfum for Women?
Yes, I recommend Living Lalique eau de parfum to all, who would like to give it a try.

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