Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque Review

Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque Review

Hi Friends,

This review is about Loreal Absolut repair hair masque .It is a conditioning hair masque that repairs dry and damaged hair.

Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque
Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque

What it says:

Loreal Absolut Repair Masque is a fortifying and restorative masque for hair that has lost structure and strength. Loreal Professionel Paris wtih Neofibrine. Absolut Repair Masque: repairing masque for very damaged hair. Neofibrine™: a unique combination of Bio-Mimetic Ceramide, natural wax, shine perfecting agent and a UV filter for hair.

  • One 6.7-ounce jar of masque for damaged hair
  • Intensive fortifying treatment for dry and damaged hair
  • Rinses clean; immediately visible results
  • Adds structure, volume and strength
  • Never tested on animals


  • fortifies and restores
  • for hair that has lost structure and strength
  • with Neofibrine
  • targets damaged hair
  • added shine perfecting agents
  • UV filter

Directions for use:

  • After shampooing, lightly towel-dry your hair
  • Apply a small amount of masque and massage into your hair
  • Leave in for 2-3 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly


Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque comes in a small tub of 200ml.This is because the masque is so thick that it cannot be squeezed out of a tube I guess.

Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque
Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque


The texture is great. It is thick and creamy. Compared to all the other conditioners or masks that I have used, I found that this has got the best texture. It is a light yellow cream that glides on smoothly onto the hair once applied and softens easily when massaged.

My experience:

I have very dry and coarse hair so this has helped me a lot by making it less frizzy .
The instructions on the tub says it should be left for 2-3 minutes and then washed off but I leave it for around 15 mins and then rinse. Only then I can see a difference in the texture of my hair. It has not made my hair silky or soft but has helped control the frizz.

Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque
Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque

Price: I got it for Rs.550.Sometimes Loreal gives a free shampoo of this range with this.


  • Quantity is pretty decent for the price .Lasts me around 2 months
  • Easily available in most of the reputed salons.


  • Has not made my hair impressively soft and silky.

Will I repurchase it: Yes. Until I get a better one

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22 thoughts on “Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque Review

  1. ooooh! Preetha thank you for the review.. I myself have the worst unruly, dry, damaged, friizy hair (u can add ur own adjectives even;) ) and so I wasn’t sure about buying this…
    but your review has surely helped me 😀

  2. I have always wondered about these packs at Salons. I am liking my TBS hair butter these days. I want to give loreal a try after that.. I kinda steed clear from loreal hair care range after the bad total repair 5 experience. Looks like some of their products are good as well. Thank you, preetha. 🙂

  3. Rati,the texpart range of L’oreal is really excellent.I’v rebonded hair & this range has never let me down till date.The masques make my hair silky,softy & the fragrance..oh my my…I absolutely love this range.

  4. hi preetha nice post :-)) :-)) me too had the same issue for a long time and add to that the hard water in my place does not help.Then a miracle happened KAMA AYURVEDA BRINGADI INTENSIVE HAIR TREATMENT .its an oil and i noticed that once i apply it and no matter which shampoo i use with or without the conditioner …my hair feels smooth and it shines like there’s no 2morrow.try it ! I always keep hoping that i am gonna do a review too and it might get published on imbb but never get around to actually doing it …

  5. I’ve never used this but an eyeing this for quite sometime. My stylist tells me that my hair does not need it & so I’ve been using the Liss Ultime range….but never used a masque……now I am really tempted

  6. thanks gals..sorry I was too busy with work..the masque is worth the price…giv it a try..i buy it from some reputed salons like Naturals,green trends here in chennai…almost all the salons stock them.. 🙂

  7. hi all, iv been using this conditioner and shampoo since 4 years now… its my HG.. i dont like any other one now…

    iv used em alll !! u name em and iv used all thsoe companiy shampoos right from sunsilk , dove, pantene types to tigi bedhead, other loreal shampoos ,avon , herbal essence , schwarzkopf,and what not… i iv changed shampoo and conditioner bottles like theres no tomorrow ..! haha.. never liked any coz none seemed to able to tame the frizz in my hair… or were unable to imaprt any “visible” shine

    tilll i found absolute repair, it adds voloume. unbelievably brilliant shine, tames my frizz without any weight and smells pleasant too…
    its worth every penny and i literally worship absolut repair 😛 😛 😛

  8. I generally do not use shampoos and conditioners from the same range, currently using Himalaya protein shampoo for normal hair and Loreal absolute repair masque. I agree with Preetha about the masque doing nothing if not left for 15 mins or more. I also use some heat, either a hot towel or a basic blow drier on my hair once I apply this. I feel this lets me get more out of the product and it does leave my curly hair unfrizzed and soft.
    I seriously recommend that you try this with some heat. By the way i bought this masque after reading your review because I felt even if it gave me all the pluses you mentioned it would be worth the price.

    Those of you in Bombay , this masque is available at the beauty centre.

  9. Hi,
    i have recently bought loreal absoult repair shampoo n masque.
    Can one pls tell me how to use this masque as it says massage n leave it for 2 to 3 mins,
    can i apply it on scalp or not????

  10. I love this! leaves my hair feeling amazing and shiny. I have also noticed a rapid growth to my hair since using for about a month now. 😉

  11. I have just bought the masque after hearing rave reviews about it both online and from my hairdresser. can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Just hope it helps my frizzy har.

  12. can i use absolute repairshampoo with conditioner or not this is first time im going to try conditioner . wheather conditioner is good for hairs plz help me :announce:

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