L’Oreal Absolut Repair Neofibrine Hair Cream Review

Neofibrine L’Oreal Absolut Repair Cream

Hello girls ! today I will be reviewing L’Oreal Professional – absolute repair Neofibrine cream. I picked this up from enrich salon few months back when I had been there for a haircut. I had taken appointment to get my hair cut by their senior stylist and I was pretty happy with the job he did. Firstly he asked about me and my background as to what do I do and what hair care routine I follow. Then he examined my scalp to determine my scalp type. To my surprise I was told I have a dry scalp .. GREAT! I have dry skin all over my body except on my face.

After the haircut, he showed me some L’oreal products which would suit my hair and scalp type – amongst the products he suggested me this repair cream. He assured me using this cream regularly will certainly make a difference to my hair.
So let’s get to our review –
PRODUCT: Neofibrine L’Oréal Absolut Repair Cream.
PRICE: 475 rupees

This is an active leave-in cream designed to deeply repair chemically damaged hair.

This leave-in dual action cream nourishes and immediately softens the hair fiber; controls and protects very damaged ends. The hair becomes manageable, visibly soft and shiny.

NEOFIBRINE is a unique combination of Bio- mimetic Ceramide, shine and perfecting agent and a UV filter for hair.

Apply to shampooed and towel dried hair or fully dried hair. Massage cream into hair. Leave in. Style as you do normally.

My Take on  L’Oreal Absolut Repair Neofibrine Hair Cream
I have never used repair creams or serums or leave in conditioner etc etc for my hair ever ! So using such hair product was the first time for me. This repair cream comes in a cream colored bottle which has a pump dispenser on the top. The pump dispenses cream which is off white in color . The cream is smooth and light and easily spreads on wet hair.

Neofibrine L'Oréal Absolut Repair Cream

My stylist told me to apply not more than 3 pumps of the cream. This is for my shoulder length hair.. you may need more or less of the cream depending on your hair length. I apply this cream everytime after shampooing my hair. At first I took 3 pumps of cream but then later I found out that 3 pumps of cream is too much for my hair .. my hair became greasy after 1 day of application. After many trails and errors, I have found out that just one pump of cream is enough for my hair.

The product certainly lives upto its claim of making the hair soft, manageable and shiny after application.

Neofibrine L'Oréal Absolut Repair Cream

The cream also makes the hair so easy to comb after shampooing. By hydrating and softening hair fibre, serie expert repair cream prevents split ends to come back.

I was very curious about the particular component of the cream that is NEOFIBRINE – after browsing the net I found out that L’Oreal has trademarked their — Neofibrine Technology with AHA-Lipid Guard that is responsible for reconstructing and deeply conditioning damaged hair.

It does so with the help of —

Alpha Hydroxy acids – these are hair vitamins which encourages new growth and inhibit hair loss.
Bio-mimetic ceramide – Biomimetic materials are materials developed using inspiration from nature. Now this biomimetic ceramide behaves like natural ceramides and it occupy the spaces left empty by the disappearance of the original ceramides in damaged hair. These ceramides firmly hold together scales making up the cuticle of hair.
Shine perfecting agents.
UV filter for hair
Magnesium – deficiency in the minerals magnesium, zinc, or calcium impacts the hairs ability to gain the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy, thus causing hair loss.

Thus with the help of NEOFIBRINE TECHNOLOGY – the product works from the core to the surface to provide deep conditioning repair, complete renewal & intense shine for clients with chemically damaged hair.

I am very happy using this product. It has definitely improved my hair texture making it appear shiny and soft. It has not done wonders regarding hair fall but I am happy that it makes my hair manageable. You have to figure out the right amount of product needed for your hair because using too much of this product will weigh your hair down and make it greasy after sometime. Nevertheless, this product definitely deserves a try.

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  1. Great review Rids. :yes:
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    do u know if they still sell this? i think serum has taken its place…

  4. Loreal professional products are soo nice.. But geting them is soo difficult!!

    Awessome review Rids!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

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