L’Oreal OpenEyesPro Eyeshadow 08 Smokey Brown

L’Oreal OpenEyesPro Eyeshadow 08 Smokey Brown

Loreal OpenEyesPro Eyeshadow
You all know that these days I am going gaga over shadows; you name any shade and I kind of don’t leave home without an eyeshadow on my eyes. Not in handbag though as I don’t think I am keen on touching up my eyes outside. But yes since I have been buying so many of them I do utilize them and now the point is we need all sorts of colors in eyeshadow, essentially the brown and nude ones for the just there look or may be to define eyes but add no color to it.

The main reason I got this quad is to review it for ladies who don’t want color on their eyes, and have found blues and greens a little too much for them. So I thought I will pick up something that all you ladies who work and travel can wear without having to worry about color or too much eye makeup. I know most of us wear perhaps just a kajal and this is something you can add to it

Now here is the catch! I am not at all happy with this purchase. I’m sorry I intended to get something beige and I should have gotten the beige harmony one but you see the names aren’t mentioned and I did not do my home work and bought what looked best in the light of the counter. This did not sound very pigmented there as well but I was adamant that this was a nude brown and I shall make it work since you can never go wrong with these, but I was wrong. 🙁

The shadow I got is for 700 rupees and I have three others in loreal mainly openeyespro- please see my reviews on blue harmony and plum harmony and the rachida brackni star secrets one to know why I am crazy enough to pick up all of them and one more in azure blonde review which is a trio but nevertheless a good one from loreal. 🙂

I want to describe each shade in detail as I want to let you know how difficult I found them to work with. The top left shade is ofcourse a creamy glitter one, maybe to highlight the inner corner under on the browbone. If you want to layer it on under the shadow that is a good idea as well. The second shade which we get the maximum of is the most gorgeous shimmer brown I have seen and it feels very light, not thick and the shimmer is packed but when you smudge is gets smudged softly more like a highlighter. But the taupe shade Is to die for. For most of you, you can wear this taupe alone and use kajal and liner and done. No one would know you are wearing an eyeshadow
The third shade and the last one are so disappointing to tell; first of all these are so difficult to pick, and then these don’t feel pigmented enough rather strangely powdery In my quad atleast. The third shade is shimmer less matte beige which could have been so good as half eye lid color. The last one is a deep brown which is quite pigmented with some sheen but it is very very difficult to work with. When I placed it wrongly on my crease I had a very tough time blending it as it would just not blend. It would stain like dark circles and look terrible. So go easy on this one, place it on the outer v and crease and make sure you tap you brush off the excess color. The fall out and staining is terrible with this one and the blendability makes it worse. There is no fallout for the top two shades though.
The whole problem with this quad is that it can be stubborn to work with. The last twos shades are nothing great. The glitter one is not so day wear and the taupe one is pretty bu why would I spend 700 on a quad with a single color I like. The staying power is not impressive either since I do need base for these and they still feel light

Last word

I don’t recommend this quad at all. I will try and review the beige harmony one for you hoping that is better. This can be so difficult to work with and can end up looking like dark circles. The taupe is good and how it would look on our olive skin, you can see in the disastrous EOTD. Check out tons of other reviews on loreal shadows on imbb. 🙂
Lashes:inglot (reviewed)
Lens: honey (reviwed)
Liner: streetwear

Rating: 2.9 on 5

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42 thoughts on “L’Oreal OpenEyesPro Eyeshadow 08 Smokey Brown

      1. They brought Chai Latte back. 🙂 I bought it yesterday, I was suspicious that it was old first but the lady said they restarted it! 😀

  1. Neha,when i looks at the first pic,i had an idea to pick,but aftr reading the revu fully, i wud tn dream abt it.. 😛
    BTW hwz ur day ???

  2. oh this is such a dud, I would never buy this, but your EOTD is not disastrous. Dunno how u managed it look so good!

  3. ohhhh thats so disappointing for the price….i think emilynoel83 on youtube had reviewed this!! bt ur EOTD…. fabulous…. 🙂

    1. The swatches shows how non -pigmented the colors are.. but u r smart enough to use those to bring out an awesome eye makeup.. 🙂 🙂

      1. aww laxmi thnks but it was yeah see how non pigmented
        waaa the tester was better
        now i think she gave me an old one :|||||||||

    1. hehe arey no see na how no color no pigmentation nothing
      i have to pack it on
      and i wont want anyone to spend 700 on this
      thnks for liking tho 🙂

  4. yeah well they look horrible on your hand 😛 but the end effect on your eyes look filmstarry! 😀
    and definitely i wont buy this! loreal has way better ones to offer 🙂 and maybelline too

  5. neha it’s your eye makeup that stels the show everytime. Crappy eyeshadow or a fantastic one, you make it work babes. Loveeedddddd!!!

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