L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream Review

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream Review

Hello beauties!!!

How have you all been doing? I am busy in studies and sometimes office on contract basis, and I must say, I have missed writing for IMBB so much. Although I do come back here and check out all your lovely posts and pictures, because that is something I just cannot keep away from, such is the pull of this lovely blog family.  So, the review that I am writing today is particularly a difficult task for me and I will tell you why. It is easy enough for me to use a product and then write about it because I know the pros and cons from my personal experience. However, the product that I am reviewing today, which by the way is an anti ageing cream, has been used by my mum dear, and now I know how tough it is to write down the experiences of somebody else in your own words, even if it is your own mother.  Coming to the product, it is L’oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream. Let us move ahead and find out how it fared on my mother.

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream


L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream comes in heavy glass jar with an outer cardboard packaging with the product description and ingredients. The packaging, though with the royalty of the L’oreal brand, is not convenient or even travel friendly, due to the heaviness and the fact that it is made up of glass. It comes at a price of Rs. 1275/- for 50 ml. I got it at a discount online for Rs. 875/-. Pricey it is, but let me tell you, this is the first high-end brand anti-ageing product which my mom is actually happy with.

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

There is a band on one side of the outer packaging which is highlighting 30 to 40 age group, and I really have no idea what they are trying to imply, as my mother has just entered her 50s and it was written nowhere in the description that the cream is meant for a particular age group. Anyway, look for yourself in the pictures, with the ingredients (including parabens) and description.

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

My Experience with L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream:

The first thing that you notice after opening the jar, is the smell. It’s just heavenly. I am not that much into the smell and all part of products, till they smell like rotten eggs or plastic 😛 , but I must say, that long after I had swatched this on my hand, I kept sniffing, it was so soothing and cooling. Like, if you close your eyes, you feel like you are on some aqua beach type place, with a heavy touch of royalty, almost like the Fa perfume that I used to love in my college days (in fact, after re-sniffing , I think I am going to repurchase my good ol’ Fa :D).

The texture of the cream is really heavy. An oil tank like me will nearly shudder on seeing it. My mother’s skin is a mature version of mine. She has soft skin which is a tiny bit oily, as the oil secretion has reduced over time. This is actually an advantage as most of the ageing problems are associated with dry skin. However, this also means that there are very few anti-ageing formulas that actually would suit my mother’s skin, although she doesn’t refrain from experimenting 😛 Like mother, like daughter 😀

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

In spite of the heavy texture, my mother never had her usual “this cream makes my skin oily” complaints with this cream. It does take about two minutes post application to get completely absorbed, but it keeps your skin soft and dewy for the whole day. No oily sheen, thank God, as my mother had already been disappointed once by Olay Regenerist, which was a huge disappointment, considering the price I paid for it.

The tub, as you can see from the pictures, is nearly over, and it lasted my mother for three months, after a regular application of once a day. So, for those who would use it as instructed, i.e. twice a day , it should last around two months , give or take a few days.

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

The effects have been good on my mother. Her skin feels soft and supple , and even toned with reduction in fine lines (minimal and not a huge difference). Actually, my feelings for anti-ageing products are similar to those for fairness products, they never do what they claim, and even if they do, the effects are 20 to 30% and over prolonged usage , and definitely not within a week , as claimed 😛

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

Summing up:

Pros of L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream:

  • One jar lasts for about 2 months on regular usage.
  • Heavy texture which makes skin soft but not oily.
  • Will suit most of the skin types.
  • Prolonged usage makes skin firm and even toned.
  • Easily available on line and off line.
  • Value for money.

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream

Cons of L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream:

  • No SPF, which is a con considering the price, and that it is a day cream.
  • Pricey, but this is not a very big con as it is better than most of its contemporaries.
  • Bulky and breakable packaging, not exactly travel friendly.  In case you do want to take it along, you will have to be really careful, lest it breaks and spills on your pretty items.

IMBB Rating and Recommendation:

L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Day Cream may not be the best and might be too pricey, but it is better than most of its contemporaries, and this comes from my mother, who has a long list of disappointing products, which either made her skin oily or were too disappointing despite their heavy claims and equally heavy prices. My rating , or rather my mother’s rating for this cream is 4/5 . It is a good cream for mature skin, although I do feel that it would be better suitable on women between 35 to 40 , who need milder anti-ageing formulation. Yes, it is recommended.

Hope my review was useful. Till the next time, Ciao beauties 😀

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  1. Great review dear. My EL day cream is getting finished and I am looking for a relatively cheaper option to replace it. Was thinking about allay 7 in one day cream but would consider this one also now.

  2. Hehehe I also wrote a review for O*ay anti-aging cream and had to jot out my mum’s experience *hifive* *jalwa* It sure is hard *jalwa* lovely review Kadambari 😀

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