Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review

Hey Beautiful Ladies!! Wassup??? Hope all of you had a good start to the New Year! 🙂 Today I am writing my first foundation review on Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation which I bought some time back. Now I am the kind of person who loves to experiment with new products. Often the results are rewarding and at others they are a complete waste of money-and it gives me a whole day/week of bad mood 🙁

Ok, So moving onto the topic-I was and am quite happy with my Revlon New Complexion makeup (shade name : Sand Beige) which not only suits my facial complexion perfectly but also has never broken me out and never ever looks cakey-gives medium to full coverage and light weight like thin air!. So even after having such a nice thing-I decided to try out some new liquid foundation and after hearing so many good reviews on Lotus Makeup products I decided to opt for theLotus Natural Blend Foundation.

NATURALBLEND Lotus Herbals Comfort Liquid Foundation SPF-20: Price Rs 225

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review

The foundation comes in a cute 30ml glass bottle with dispenser pump. The foundation shades are not mentioned in the Lotus Herbals website. The site says –this foundation contains Botanical extracts of grape seed & soy lecithin and then on the bottle it reads that it is sun protective, non-smudging and long staying.

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation

The foundation has a creamy consistency rather than liquid. There are three shades available. Mine is “Sand”-it is the darkest shade but I don’t remember the name of the medium and palest shade :(. While buying I tested them on my jawline and sadly I found none of the three shades available match my skin color perfectly. However since the foundation’s texture was very creamy and it blended so easily-I decided to go for one. The SA advised me to go for the medium shade -but I feared I may look cakey and thus for a safe option went for the darkest shade. If only I knew what a blunder I was doing . 🙁

So coming home-I washed my face and decided to do my full face with it. And after putting it on-I was horrified to see that my face actually looked muddy!! It looked as if I have applied some multani mitti pack (yeah! The appearance was closest to that!) although the shade had blended almost invisibly at the counter. My skin looked 2 tones darker-I know it had been unwise to choose a darker shade-but I thought topping it up with a suitable compact will make me look natural. But I failed there too! I used Maybelline UV compact in Natural (which fits my skin tone exactly) and then my face looked like having dried matte mud on it ☹ You can see the marks of the foundation on my palm-it looks orange-ish . So I thought I have again hit a dud and stashed it away in a corner.

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation

So it was during one chilly lazy afternoon couple of days back-I felt like taking it out to inspect it once more –and to see if anything could be done about it. Then I was struck by an idea!! I mixed equal parts of my Revlon New Complexion foundation with the Lotus one and then I got the desired tone with the creamy texture!!! The result was a creamy foundation that gave me quite a natural look (and showed me a way of using up the Lotus stuff somehow)

Pros of Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation

  • Herbal, has a creamy texture and good fragrance
  • It comes in a bottle with dispenser and at an affordable price
  • Gives full coverage and a smooth finish once the foundation gets absorbed
  • Has got SPF 20.

Cons of Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation

  • Very limited shade option –Lotus being an Indian company should take care of the variety of skin tones in Indian women-and there are only 3 shades- (the palest one may suit only the apple cheeked beauties of Kashmir and Himachal) So left with only the medium and darkest one- and I think there are some 3-4 Indian skin tones that may come between them.
  • Although the texture is creamy-I found it takes long to get absorbed in the skin (the foundation says “For Normal to dry skin” ). It was wet for some time after applying and since I had put a powder within that time-my face looked absolutely plastered. I think this is not the foundation for a quick 5 minute make up. And this is Winter!!-I can’t think what may happen in summer with the foundation melting all over.
  • It is not feather-light: I definitely felt “something is on my face” while wearing it.

Will I purchase it again: I can risk 225 bucks more on the medium shade to see if it fits the bill-only because I love the finish and coverage-otherwise NO

Rating : :-* :-* + 0.5 (I will add 0.5 more if the medium shade suits me :D)

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29 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review

  1. i got the medium ne just few days ago and i m loving it … suits me perfect … somehow it dries up quick on me and i feel it to be light too .. :))

    nice review :yes:

    1. yaa actually the foundation says its for normal to dry skin..I have an oily skin and I guess thats one reason behind the foundation remaining “wet” for quite some time..I didnt find this factor in Revlon or Lakme 9 to 5 liquid foundation which gets absorbed almost instantly… :sidefrown: :sidefrown:

  2. Nice review 😀 I totally understand that feeling you get when u get a dud and u feel like crap for a day or a week ….. grrrrrrrr

    As for me – I be skipping this one 😛

    1. a bad product in wardrobe-however cheap it is itches me till i find something to do about it..and I think me too will be skipping it even if I get a perfect shade..coz although I like the finish-the wet feeling is just the thing I DONT WANT in my makeup :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

    1. yaa..and the wet feeling makes me feel I have put on mud mask..without the revlon + lotus formula..this foundation would have gone unused.. :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: but again that would mean a lot of time to invest in getting the 50:50 formula :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

  3. I have very oily skin and my general way of wearing foundation is to take a very small amount of it , mix it with sunscreen or normal skin lotion and some calamine. This probably sounds outdated, picked this up from my mom , so yes it is a really old beauty tip, but I find it works really well. Calamine has the pinkish tone to offset the yellow toned foundation most of us need.

    I use revlon mineral mousse foundation for special occasions , but i blend it with my faces concealer to lighten it up , unless i am going in for the tanned look. I find mixing foundation with lotion/ cream works well.

    1. Your technique aint outdated..but is the right one to get a cake free and glowing look…my mom mixes lotus sunscreen (which itself is a tinted moisturiser) with Revlon foundation and her makeup remains flawless all day!!!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. I have stopped buying these drugstore foundations mainly because I don’t get to try them. I do like the finish of lakme invisible foundation and I think it is a good substitute for the souffle but then again I am just too skeptical about the she limited shade options matching my skintone. Glad you could finally make use out of it…You didn’t mention if there is anything natural or herbal about it..Is there?

    1. ratidoo, i got a free sample (sachet pack) of the bourjois foundation with my boujois purchases few days back. neha just put up in her haul pics. let’s c how it works. 😐 i too like the lakme foundation for the hot and humid season in delhi :heh:

    2. yaa the Lotus website reads “foundation contains Botanical extracts of grape seed & soy lecithin” ..and no chemical ingredients are mentioned…and really I am learning it the hard way that I should stick to a brand in foundation at least..however the temptation never dies :thunder: :thunder: :thunder:

    1. thankiess 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bless me that every time I try something new..let me find it usable at least if not favorite … 🙁 🙁 🙁 :weep: :weep:

  5. hehe..surely..telling others (read: bashing up :D) about your “not so favorite” product is a good way to soothe the itch of having buying it in the first place..and ya..I myself having been benefited so much from reading reviews ..that I really feel its good to share my opinion on any stuff I like/dislike 🙂

  6. anuradha, did you take pics while wearing it … on me it gives a slight whitish cast kinda thing in photos ONLY , guess thats cos spf ?:) ?:) … oderwise it looks totally natural … what u say :-/

    1. Thats exactly the reason I dint buy the medium shade Naina! At the store I saw the medium shade looking bright on my face but after learning through several photo disasters-I know that the same foundation will look WHITE in photos..in flash fotos the effect will be horrible (and if they are on facebook..all your frnds will even get updates on the disaster :weep: :weep: :weep: )..so for playing safe I thought a dark to natural tone foundation would be perfect-and result-my face looked muddy..I went out one day with this n mom said “are you getting more sunburn these days???” :shout: :shout: :shout:

  7. i have the exact same shade with me..bought it online..it turned out to be much darker than my skintone so i use it for contouring :))

    1. gr8!!!!! so you have found an use for it !!!! actually this is the first time I have purchased a foundation darker than my skin tone (an error rarer than buying a brighter shade) so initially was at loss as to how to put it to use..using it as a contour tint sounds perfect..!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :yes: :yes:

    1. yupp…I would suggest you cruise onto a Revlon counter and buy either Colorstay or New Complexion makeup..you wont be disappointed 🙂 🙂 :victory: :victory:

    1. yaa…but this mixing is the last thing I would need in my everyday routine since I take only 3 minutes to put on my foundation kajal and lipgloss before going out..so I am afraid this foundation will hardly be used 🙁

  8. thats exactly what I do with my Lakme Souffle foundation :party: :party: ..use it on hands with some moisturiser..but since the tone of this lotus one is way too dark..(see my palm ..it looks so muddy!!! :reallypissed: ) so I dunno what will the effect turn out to be..in very fair people-this may look good as a tan :snicker: :snicker:

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