Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara Review

Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara

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It’s been more than two months I have been using Lotus Herbals mascara, so now I think it’s the right time to review it. So beautiful ladies, here is my take on it:

Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara

Price- Rs 245 for 4gms. I got it at Rs 230 after discount.



What the Company Says:





This is how the wand looks like. You can also see the watery consistency of the mascara.

Bare eyes


After using mascara

My Experience:
After purchasing my first mascara, Streetwear, I bought the lotus one as Streetwear one was a bit itchy for my eyes and I didn’t like its quality very much. I saw this mascara couple of months back in the lotus counter. When I purchased the eyeliner and kajal from Lotus, the SA suggested me to use this mascara for greater volume and lengthening effect. I quite liked the wand and decided to try it as it contains several herbal ingredients and thus won’t be itchy like the Streetwear one.

When I first used this, I felt instant cooling effect on my lashes and saw immediate lengthening of my lashes with one coat. :jalwa: It opens up my eyes and makes my overall appearance very fresh. It clumped when I used second coat immediately after the first one. So now I let the first one dry properly and then apply the second one. It somehow volumizes my lashes but not very significantly. It’s not at all waterproof!! I used it and splashed water on my eyes, to my horror, all of it got washed away giving me raccoon eyes. :yikes:

Pros of Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara:

-Contains herbal ingredients such as Lavender extracts, witch hazel extracts, and Symphytum Officinale Leaf extracts.
-It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.
-It has an instant cooling effect on eye lashes.
-It claims to have volumizing properties.
-One coat is enough for me to open up my eyes, relieving dull and tired looking appearance. :jalwa:
-One coat is enough for desired lengthening of lashes.
-It is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes.
-It gets easily removed with makeup remover, no hassles in that.
-Wand is very flexible and can be used to coat lower lashes effectively.
-Bit of clumpiness that occurs can be effectively resolved by eyebrow and lash groomer.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara:

-It is not at all waterproof. This is seriously not expected from a well known company like Lotus Herbals after mentioning waterproof on the package. :yikes: :no:
-It clumps your lashes, if you use second coat immediately after first.
-Its consistency is very watery. :yuck:
-After using it, it seems as if I have used false lashes.
-Just for 4 gms of the product, price is on the higher end.
-Not suitable during rainy days.
-It takes time for the first coat to dry.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase? :nababana: No, I have bought Avon Supershock Mascara and I also have Maybelline waterproof mascara. I am not that impressed to purchase it again.

Overall Recommendation:
You can buy it for lengthening effect but still I would suggest not buying this if you are looking for a waterproof product.

Have you used Lotus Herblas maxlash? Please rate in the box below.

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53 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara Review

  1. :thanks: so much for this review!!! A friend recommended me this one…and i was just about to go and buy it 😯 …but thanks to your post, now I am staying away from this one…. :idk:
    :thanks: again… 🙂

    1. Thanks Nids, ya it looks really good ! I was not able to take a good pic, otherwise it looks much better, just I cant wear it during rainy season !

    1. Ohh yaaaa, stay away as its not waterproof ! I thought it would be waterproof !But me disappointed in tht point but it opens up my eyes!

  2. bt you know tapas i like the look of your lashes after the application. :methinks: May be it works better as a winter mascara. 🙂

    1. Yesss right, during winter it will stay and would be good to use then! It really lengthens my lashes after applying just 1 coat ! The pic is not that good, in real it looks much better!

    1. Ya it looks good, I admit that, actually the wand is too good, after my mascara is finishes I will was the wand and keep it with me for using other mascara, magic is in wand I think! 😀

  3. Nice review Taps :))

    I was wondering how lotus mascara is, good that you reviewed it before i tried! :tongue:

    And beautiful eyes you have! :love:

  4. :thumbsup: fr d review 🙂
    i liked d luk of it on ur eyes
    wen i just saw d pics d wand n it’s luk on u, i thot it mst a v gud mascara
    bt glad i did read it fully else i wud have purchased it 😛

    1. Ohhh acha, actually its wand is very good!! But the formula of mascara is very bad, not at all waterproof!I liked its effect on my lashes though !

  5. hey tapaswini, nice review 🙂
    i liked its lengthening effect on ur lashes 🙂
    waise i dont like/buy waterprrof mascaras , so i may give this a shot :victory2:

    1. Ohh acha in that way its good, gets removed easily with makeup remover, if you dont like waterproof one, then you would like it, but its consistency is very watery ! 🙁

  6. nice one Taps :waytogo: me will try this for sure :pompom: I think all these botanical stuff from Lotus carry the cooling effect.. I have a glitter eyeliner.. that also gives a cooling effect when applied 🙂

  7. Taps your lashes look so long in the after picture. They really do look like falsies! :)) Interesting how it has a cooling effect. Would love to try a mascara like that. Nice review! :))

    1. Yes Yes Ida, after using it, it looks as if I have used false lashes, its both pro and con 😀 The effect is really good !

  8. Dhur-ei jinista ami bujhina-je
    1. keno non-waterproof mascara banano hoi :waiting: :waiting:
    2. Why inspite of claiming to be waterproof-one is not 🙁 :yuck: :yuck:
    I think I needa continue with avon and maybelline for some more time to come 😐 😐

    1. Yess you are absolutely true ! Actually they attempt to makr waterproof but when they fail, just mention that waterproof to fool people!I liked avon supershock, thnx for your review!

  9. you have very beautiful eyes. and great review, very well written and covers all the points. and such a cute review too :yes:

  10. Tapssssssss………….yes Streetwear mascara does give itchy eyes….I thought I was the only one who got itchy eyes with the mascara……Streetwear makes terrible eye products………..your eyelashes have come out really well with this one……….. 😉 😉 😉 😉

    1. Ya I threw the streetwear mascara, its disgusting ! I am using this lotus one, maybelline one and avon supershock, avon one is very good !Thanks for liking it! :thanks:

    1. Avon colorless mascara ! Apart from that I dont have idea about any other brand having colorless mascara, its rs 159

  11. Thanks a lot Taps! 🙂 Somehow I feel black mascara is too dramatic for work. Feels too done up.

  12. I liked the look of your lashes after application, and btw, you have very pretty eyes. Also, somehow I like wet mascaras….let me see if I’ll buy this, I just bought L’oreal Million Lashes mascara few days ago. Btw, I replied to your comment about the Avon face pearls on my Singapore article.

    1. Thanks Sabrina ! :puchhi: You all are too sweet! Yes I read your comment on avon pearls , thanks a lot for the info!

  13. Nice detailed review….. though it isn’t waterproof it does a neat job no? you have beautiful eyes and the mascara is making it even prettier….. 🙂

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