MAC Dazzleglass Creme Luscious Spark Review

This is my first ever MAC lipgloss and it was not purchased by me but was gifted to me by my Bf. MAC Dazzleglass Luscious Spark Source

What is MAC Dazzleglass Creme: M∙A∙C cult favourite Dazzleglass with a creamier, smoother, but no less shiny or dazzling effect. For those who are drawn to the luxe of cream lips, but still want the dazzling allure of its inspiration, this is it. Ultra-luxurious, no sticky smack or drag, Aloe and Vitamin E enriched, keeps lips lightweight but strong-willed, for long-lustre, ultimate luminosity. Wear it alone for medium-sheer, dewy coverage…. For dazzle with absolute comfort, it’s better than brilliant. And the accompanying applicator brush is a dream. How much you get: 2.7g/0.09us oz now my packaging says this but the MAC site says it has 1.92g/ 0.06 us oz. product. I don’t know maybe since they charge us more for the products they give us a little bit more as well. Now I really didn’t understood this, I guess we will have to ask Rati about it..since she is our market and products updater.

Priced at: Rs 1040 (Indian Rupees)

Shades available: 9 shades (from MAC site)

  • Soft Dazzle- Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearl
  • Sublime Shine- Light coral brown with gold pearl
  • My Favourite Pink- Light blue pink with pearl
  • Perfectly Unordinary- Bright yellow pink with gold pearl
  • Luscious Spark- Light orange with gold pearl
  • Do It Up- Bright blue pink with pearl
  • Totally Fab- Bright yellow red with pearl
  • Amorous- Deep brown red with pearl
  • Crème Allure- Bright yellow plum

The one I have with me is Luscious Spark. The reason my Bf gave me for buying this Bright Orangish shade was, that he had seen me in every possible pink color on this earth and so he wanted to see me in something else (This has given me devilish ideas, as to how to extract new makeup from him, next what I’m doing is wearing just blue eyeliner for a month…hahaha). Also the MUA at the store told him this won’t go on the lips as a ghastly orange but a subtle coral orangish shade. Had I gone to buy this I would have opted for My favourite pink. So, I guess it was good that he went since I got a new shade to try. Luscious Spark goes on semi-opaque with some color without being solid. MAC Dazzleglass - Luscious Spark Luscious Spark goes on quiet sheer on my lips maybe due to my heavily pigmented lips. So I have to kind of layer it up foe the true colors to show. Though, my camera has not at all captured its true colors on my lips. While, the swatches on my hand are so true to their color. I need a new camera asap.

MAC Dazzleglass - Luscious Spark
MAC Dazzleglass Creme - Luscious Spark Swatch
MAC Dazzleglass  Creme - Luscious Spark
MAC Dazzleglass Creme - Luscious Spark (blended)

As you can make out by the name itself the formula of this lip-gloss is an inbetween of there famous Dazzleglasses and the not so famous Cremesheens. They went and made a formula that had the best of both worlds. Since I have swatched the Dazzleglasses at the MAC store the main difference I feel there is between Dazzleglasses and Dazzleglass Cremes is that Dazzleglass Cremes are more pigmented while having the same glass-like sheen with soft particles of reflect glitters. These are not very sticky, but they feel a little heavy on the lips. MAC also claims that it contains aloe and Vitamin E, which pamper the lips and prevent them from drying or peeling. It glides on smoothly on the lips and I totally LOVE the brush applicator it comes with. The application with the brush is a breeze, it is so precise and everything.. I really love the applicator. I wish every lip-gloss starts coming with these as opposed to the doe foot sponge applicators.

It can be exchanged under the Back 2 MAC policy. If you don’t know about this already Back 2 MAC is a MAC recycling policy under which they take 6 MAC empty primary packaging containers and give you a full sized lipstick in return (I’ve heard you can get an eyeshadow, lipstick or lipgloss in return, but the MAC site just mentions lipstick). This is their way for saying thank you for showing your commitment towards environment. I don’t know whether it’s just me or these Dazzleglass Cremes really go down very quickly, I mean I got this one by the end of December and its just 5 months now and I guess its just 1/4th left. I know 5 months is a lot but considering the fact that I just went out like maximum of 10-12 times out in these entire 5 months, I think I have used a considerable amount, at this rate this would be my first ever gloss to finish up so quickly. MAC Dazzleglass  Creme - Luscious Spark What I Like about MAC Dazzleglass  Creme – Luscious Spark:

  • The shade I got is a very pretty coral orangish shade that looks good on me. Though I have my eyes on My favorite pink now.
  • These are not very sticky.
  • They have the trademark Vanilla fragrance that all MAC lip products are infused with.
  • The empty container can be traded in the Back 2 MAC policy.
  • The brush applicator is really awesome.
  • They are very creamy and go on the lips very smoothly.
  • They contain aloe and Vitamin E, which makes the lips soft and prevent them for drying. These I guess are the same ingredients that make them moisturizing as well.

MAC Dazzleglass  Creme - Luscious Spark What I don’t like about MAC Dazzleglass  Creme :

  • The Dazzleglass crèmes feel heavy on the lips.
  • It is quiet heavy on the pocket
  • You get very little amount for the price you pay.
  • They stay just for an average 2-2.5 hours.
  • The shimmer glitter particles are a little gritty.

MAC Dazzleglass  Creme - Luscious Spark Rating: :star: :star: :star: + 0.5 for the applicator this is just for the shade Luscious Spark since I think it is very sheer but I’ve heard that the other colors in the range are quiet pigmented.

Repurchase: No, I expected a lot from these but I guess these are just above average kinda lipglosses with an awesome applicator and yummy vanilla scent. So, I will buy tinted lipglass or cremesheens the next time. I don’t know whether these are Limited Editions or not. But now they have just 5 of the shades on their site.

Have you used MAC Dazzleglass Creme?

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29 thoughts on “MAC Dazzleglass Creme Luscious Spark Review

    1. oye hoye
      irada kya hai bf ji ka?
      but its very nice and looks so subtle on you
      i love orangy colors for the lips…..

      1. actually neha hum dono ke irade hi bure!!!

        thnks for the compliment but actually the cam dint capture the right color on my lips.. it luks much better in real life..

    2. Fathima darling, you pulling my leg was really not expected..!!!

      And no baby i havent, if you want i will do some more of them :-* :-*

  1. oh! forgot to answer what you asked. There was a lot of hullabaloo about the reduced size of the MAC pigemnts. earlier the size used to be 7.5 gm and now it is 4.5 gm but the price hasn’t decreased. There was no explanation given to it. The only explanation that people derived from it was that since the size of the earlier jars was way tooo big and the customers were splitting it amongst friends and family so MAC was essentially losing its money this way. Now the pigment jar is just enough to be consumable by the single individual. Pigments are one of the finest products offered by MAC so from their point of view they are doing what they think is right but the customer kind of feels cheated that way. The same explanation does not go for the lip glasses but I think that one never completely uses the full tube of a lip gloss or is it just me? :silly: So I guess the size was reduced again. But I am firm believer more in money=more quantity and reducing the quantity and not the price is not justifiable to me. 🙂

      1. Fathima i just saw the vid quiet useful for people who use there glosses till the end.. And i had heard about Michelle Phan youtube videos but never saw one.. OMG she is so beautiful..!!!

    1. I mostly lose them before i can finish them.. actually not me my niece loses them..
      she has to use all my glosses and even when we go to the kiryana store she has to put on gloss but only when she is at my place, she never does all this makeup drama at her home.. she takes them with her and then loses them..
      the new words she has learnt is.. Mac and lancome juicy tube..yes she tells me “maasi aapki lancome juicy tube kahan hai mujhe woh lagan hai” and she loved it so much that i gifted it to her..

  2. Hmmmm… Your fiancee is better at choosing shades P… 😉 😉 I love this shade more than any pink!!! I am not a pink person anyway!! :silly:

    I agree abt the pricing…. :-/ I rarely use gloss.. And to pay so much for one… I’d rather go for Viva glam!!! :-* :-*

    But i def wouldn’t mind this as a gift… Gotta make my bf read this!!! :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. Thank you M.. i actually feel very lucky about this.. he does much better shopping for me than I would do on my own.. He can buy an entire wardrobe for me without my help.. he doesnt even needs to know my sizes he just looks at a thing and he can tell whether it would fit me or not.. And the best part is he loves to shop for me and i love to shop for him so its a very healthy balance..!!!

  4. Mmmmmmmm Priyanka…… :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: luscious lips…… you are revealing part by part of yourself……next is what? :X-P: :X-P:

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