Coral Lipstick : Maybelline Crushed Cranberry vs Avon Cool Coral

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I am comparing two coral lipsticks I have today because I thought an in comparison review would be better than an individual one.

One of them is called Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick  in 103 crushed cranberry and the other is Avon simply pretty lipstick in cool coral.

Both are very intense coral colours. Great for summers.

Maybelline’s website:

And for some reason I could not find the moisture extreme range overhere.I wonder why?
This is the Avon lipstick on the website:

The website description about the Avon colour bliss lipstick:

  • Satin finish with a burst of radiant colour
  • Provides full coverage
  • Provides smooth rich colour with jojoba oil and vitamin e

And HERE is a review of Maybelline lippies earlier done by sonal:
coral lipstick

coral lipsticks

coral lipsticks

coral lipsticks

Both of them individually and how it looks on my lips in the swatch the above is Maybelline and lower one is Avon

avon cool coral lipstick

avon cool coral lipstick


avon cool coral lipstick lips


maybelline lipstick coral

maybelline crushed cranberry

maybelline crushed cranberry lips

First of I will explain about the Avon lipstick in cool coral and thereafter maybeline in crushed cranberry.
Corals as we all must be aware make up for very summery just glossy beautiful electric sort of shades. Whether it is bollywood or Hollywood corals have never been out. As summers return they make a dhamakedar entry.

Also such a colour I think it comes under all the skins chart. Very fair people would rock the brighter versions or coral and wheatish to darker tones like me would settle for something less ‘out there’ kinds. There’s something so fantastically easy and yet high-impact about dressing up your look with hyper-bright coral lips. It dresses up plain looks instantly. Get the right formula- something high quality, long-lasting but not too drying on the lips- and it’s a surprisingly low-maintenance look.
To define coral the orange basic of coral can be mixed with either shimmer or be lighter version of it’s on in the form of peaches.

But we are lucky brown skinned people can carry most of the lipstick colours. It just needs to have more warmth to it rather than ashiness.

  • After using Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick, Id’ say I was not very pleased. At the first application, I already find this lipstick quite uncomfortable to wear. Of course, I cleaned my lips completely before applying and did not apply any lip balm to check how this lipstick will stand alone on my lips. Well, it stood dry. It looked okay at first application but because of dryness it did not last in good shape and cracked eventually leaving my lips dehydrated and scaly.
  • It is definitely not advisable to use it alone. It needs a gloss to look better and to add some moisture. But how then could it stay longer on my lips with a gloss. Of course gloss easily fades and when it fades the lipstick will definitely fade with it. This defeats its purpose of being a long-lasting lipstick.
  • Certainly this lipstick when used alone will not stay smooth and beautiful all day long.
  • It cost me Rs 90 on some Avon offer.
  • But I just picked it up because it was a very pretty toned down coral for my skin type.
  • Am very disappointed with its texture.
  • Maybe for normal lips.but for my pigmented dry lips it makes them stretch so bad. They settle down in my fine lines and fade badly.
  • It looks like you have applied some cheap sort of lip stain on your lips. I agree for the price it is cheap and the standard lipstick quantity but I DO NOT like the texture. The colour bleeds and I loathe the fact that I do not use a lip liner along with it. The lipsticks are much pigmented though. They fade but leave a stain like colour behind stating that you had something on earlier which I hate. Either it should stay at least 80 percent of what I put or fade away leaving just moisture.I hate the middle part of partially stained lipsticks which arise from bad quality lipsticks or bad textured lips like mine.
  • I just do not. It is not one of the easy to glide, all day wear comfortable lipsticks.I have read some good some bad reviews about these lippies but not for my dry lips I like to wear COMFORTABLE lipsticks.
  • A rating of 2 for the quantity and wide range of colours rest all taken away for the bad in it.

About Maybelline Lipstick Crushed Cranberry

  • They are exactly like high end lipsticks. This lipstick has won awards from beauty magazines and that is because it is dewy, moist, longwearing, and flattering. When it fades, it does so naturally with no unsightly ring around my lips. I like this lipstick and will use it often.
  • The colours are widely available and I think it’s a favourite on imbb.
  • I brought this about 1 year ago from a drugstore in the US and had no idea about the availability and price in India. But the great research on imbb.sonal has already reviewed 2 shades here on IMBB. Thanks sonal . According to her ,this retails for about 220 rs each. Not bad for such lovely moisturising lippies.
  • A year ago I saw a lot of you tubers recommended the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks because they said it was really moisturizing and didn’t feel dry at all on their lips. However, the colour payoff was still pretty good, and there was even a hint of glossiness when they wore the lipstick. It was about 5 dollars when I picked it up and in 2 shades.
  • But the real test for any lipstick happens on my lips when along with the moisture it has to give me evenness because of coloured lips. It passed the test.
  • Very beautiful berry shade.
  • One was this beautifully coral colour to look at. It has very slight shine as you can see on my lips. It has SPF in it. Very moisturising.
  • It is a very clean comfortable wear you do not feel like you are wearing a lipstick. For most it does the gloss job for me. Glossy and moisturising. And I love the sturdy red packaging.
  • So cute. I would have loved if it had a see through cap from one side to distinguish between colours if you have too many of these lipsticks (I have just 2) but still the design of having part transparency in colour cases is desirable.
  • The bad is it might just be not the ‘it’ coral colour because it is mixed with pink. Slight undertone of pink am not really good at defining colours but you can make out from the swatch of this and on my lips.
  • Else I like these lipsticks a lot.
  • I give it a 4.

Now that summers are setting all you my ladies know what to try this summer.

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  3. Maybelline moisture extreme are lipsticks are quite good..esp at 220 Rs its a great deal..the texture, moisturiztion, staying power and they have such a wide variety of shades! I’m looking for some coral shades now. I’ve never tried Avon and don’t think I will now :whistle:

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