MAC Paint Pots For NC 45 Skin Tone: Ask IMBB

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Chhavi Asks:

Hello all the pretty girls,

I am a big paint pot fan (who isn’t?? :P) and use them for so many things, its weird!!! 😛 😛  Anyway, my life long love for gold made me buy Indianwood and I have been using it forever!!!!  Yesterday, I went to MAC to get some other stuff and ended up eyeing MAC Paint Pots again 😛

I bought Groundwork and I am really liking it, but now I am obsessed with expanding my paint pot collection.  I know my Indianwood will get a little jealous of all the other ones, but I will make it understand 😛 😛

As I was saying, I tried a lot of them and some of the colours didn’t look that great on my NC45 skin, so, I am once again coming to you all for help.

Can you people suggest which ones should I get? It always helps to know what I want before I go to the shop.

Thanks to all,


P.S.:  Just like you people had suggested, I got a white light thing and attached it to my mirror.  I did my make up today and it turned out to be quite okay 🙂 🙂 thanks a ton to all!!! meant a lot!!


9 thoughts on “MAC Paint Pots For NC 45 Skin Tone: Ask IMBB

  1. Welcome to the gang Chhavi! I myself am NC42 and use Groundwork every single day to work 🙂 try Rebenesque, Genuine Treasure, Indianwood, Constructivist

  2. If u still can get ur hands on genuine treasure its something that wil suit all skin types .also the ones parita recommended.

  3. Thanks both of you. But a lot of pretty shades are not available now na.
    Mac has too many limited products!!!!

  4. If u r in bbay go to the mac store in inorbit mall malad the makeup artists there r really sweet and very helpful

  5. I would say constructive is a good pick, you can use it by itself and just add some colour to the crease and outer corner! I’m a lover of IndianWood too.

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