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I have extremely oily skin which is prone to acne.

Here’s my office makeup routine: I wash my face with FabIndia tea tree face wash in the morning. I use FabIndia rose water as my toner. I then mix lacto calamine and lotus sunscreen and use this as my moisturiser. I finally apply lakme rose powder.

This gives my face a matte look upto 1 pm. So post lunch I blot my face with a facial tissue and reapply the lakme rose powder. No issues so far.

But when I start home at 6 pm, I notice my face’s very cakey and looks super dark.

Am quite confused as to how to sort this out. Should i wash my face post lunch? But i’ve read so many articles where they lecture that we shouldn’t do it more than twice and it might increase production of

Else shall I try wet wipes?

Oily skinned beauties pls help me out. Would be more helpful if you girls could also share your office makeup and touch up methods.


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20 thoughts on “Makeup for Oily to Acne Prone Skin : Ask IMBB

  1. Hi,u can wash ur face just with water without any cleanser,this u can do endless times…washing ur face just with water wont harm ur face n also u will feel fresh…yes u can use wet tissues if u want.u said ur face becomes super dark that means oil secretion is very high so u got 2 wash ur face or use wet tissues….i use lotus herbals pure radiance matte-glow daily foundation spf-20 this helps(but not for whole day).Fab india tea tree toner is better than rose toner atleast for me,i have less oil secretion coz of it.
    i use lakme perfect radiance multi-mineral skin lightening compact which is almost same as ur rose powder.hope this helps …good luck :yes:

    1. also i use lotus ALPHAMOIST as moisturiser…i luv lotus products…use oil control face packs (clay packs like lotus tea tree clarifying face pack ) 2- 3 times a week…drink lots of water.

    2. Thanks Srishi!
      Will try wet wipes and see if it helps.
      I did want to try the FabIndia tea tree toner. But it contains alcohol so i was lil sceptical.

  2. Hi……I use Avon’s cleanser (which is the best I have used till date) and Nivea rose water. The only foundation which I am using as of now is the Oriflame dual core one which works fine for me. Use fuller’s earth at least twice a week and it helps in a great way to control oil on the face.

    Rest Srishi has given great tips :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. Hi…I would like to share my routine…Fabindia tea tree face wash is great…I use the same…After washing my face i used the Fabindia tea tree toner, moisturise my face using Neutrogena moisturiser….apply Lotus matte sunscreen with SPF 50…then apply NYX primer…this helps my makeup stay put…then i apply lakme invisible foundation and loreal compact….i hope this helps….

  4. Thanks for sharing your routine Richa. Really helpful.
    How long does your makeup stay put after using the primer? And which Nyx primer are you using?

    1. Hi DeeKay…the makup stays for 6-8 hrs in my case…this might also happen as i have very less travelling time and I spend work hours in AC…i use NYX Studio Perfect Primer…they have 3 kinds of primer according to ur skin needs…the price is little on the higher side though…so if u are looking for a budget one there’s always the Maybelline one. 🙂

  5. I also have extremely skin.Following products have really helped me in controlling oil secretion:

    Use Saffron and Neem Face wash from Forest Essential
    Tone your skin rose water you may use Fab India’s or Forest Essential’s toner
    Follow it with aloe vera moisturiser(Forest Essential) mixed with Riz Ultra Matifiant ,L’Occitane .if you want to use one product would highly recommend Riz

    Follow these steps religiously and you have oil free skin for 8 to 9 Hrs.

    Also as recommended by my dermatologist dont apply too much of makeup.For daily use if you want to apply makeup..use mineral makeup

    Hope the above helps

  6. hi! I’m oily and acne prone too! And i have been using the body shop’s extra virgin mineral cream compact foundation and i’m lovin it! even though it rings d death knell in an oily skinned person’s ears, trust me it’s the opposite! i don’t even use setting powder afer wearing this coz it’s cream-to-powder finish! But you can always use a compact/loose powder over it! And minerals are grea for problem skin so you can check out mineral loose powders!

    1. hey sukanya thanks for the suggestion. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i have been seriously considering my options for daily wear foundation…something that doesnt break me out or cause extra oiliness…i’ll definitely look into the tbs range! :jiggy1:

  7. Hi…will share few bits from my side too..try using a good compact..not sure if lakme rose powder is great at mattifying skin but there are several good powders or compact which will mattify your skin and keep yur face less such compat is Revlon’s touch and glow compact..its absolutely fab though a little more expensive than lakme rose pwoder but totally worth it! Also try using homemade face pack..and a good cleanser for oily skin..Sebamed Clear Face or Avene Cleanance Gel both are fab products for acne to oily skin and helps to keep your face oil free for hours! I personally have used both of them and can vouch for it…you can also try using Neutrogena’s cleanser for oily skin. For home made face pack follow this – mix 1 tsp fullers earth + 1tsp chandan powder + 1tsp neem powder + 1 tsp orange peel powder + a pinch of turmeric, mix all these into a nice paste using rose water and apply on your face atleast 2 to 3 times a week..hope this helps :))

  8. Hi, I have oily skin too. This is my daily routine…
    I wash my face with Mentholatum Acnes creamy wash (which works really well on my face, till now I have used several face washes and only ponds oil control has worked till now, once i tried this and am totally in love with this :heart: …other face washes leave slippery feeling behind which makes my fair skin look darker :hunterwali: ) then I use Biotique cucumber water which is effective in tightening pores, which reduces sweating. After that I apply Avon Clearskin Oilfree Balancing Lotion and set it with loose powder. :makeup:

    I also used to face the same problem as urs, but after experimenting, now my face remains oilfree atleast for 7-8 hrs :yahoo: , then if needed, I wash my face with water, then lil loose powder before leaving office. This time I dnt need to apply moisturiser again.
    reapplying compact/loose powder (without washing ur face) gives fresh look only for somtime, after that it looks more dark. :haanji: If you arein a hurry, u can use wet wipes also follwing with loose powder. :mirror:
    And above mentioned home remedies by other beauties are really effective.
    Hope it helps to u as well. :waytogo:

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