Does Makeup Make You Age Faster?

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Don’t we all love applying makeup and dolling up? If done correctly, makeup can make you feel uber confident and beautiful. But a lot of people suggest using minimal makeup. It’s hard to go completely au naturale in today’s age, but you need to be careful while picking makeup products because bad products can damage your skin, trigger premature ageing, cause uneven skin tone, dullness, fine lines and acne. In this post, we will answer the million dollar question “does makeup make you age faster.?”

Does Makeup Make You Age Faster

1. You can’t use makeup for sun protection: Yes makeup can cause premature ageing if you skip sunscreen altogether and use makeup with SPF products solely for sun protection. Often foundations and compacts come with SPF feature, but the most common mistake people do is by not applying any sunscreen along with such products. A SPF of 15, which is commonly seen in makeup products, is not enough to protect the skin against sun damage. Also, SPF refers to protection from UVB rays, you still require protection from UVA rays. UVA rays has the potential to fast forward skin ageing and cause skin cancer. The best way to ensure healthy and youthful skin is by applying a sunscreen which provides UVB and UVA protection and also at least SPF of 30 considering India’s temperature during summers. You can cleanse-moisturise and then apply a generous coat of sunscreen, and then start doing makeup.

2. Not removing the makeup before bed: It’s the biggest mistake beauty experts can think of. Most of us are completely exhausted at the end of the day and do not have enough energy to properly remove makeup off the face. But skipping this process can seriously damage your skin. Makeup can stop your skin from breathing and trigger a host of skin woes, from clogged pores to acne, blemishes, dull skin and even fine lines.

3. Using oil-based makeup: Using oil-based makeup can result in clogged pores and acne with serious breakouts. It can also cause fine lines around eyes, which is a sign of ageing, as the first signs of ageing begin around the eyes.

4. Using talc-based makeup: Using makeup products which are talc based can cause dryness of skin, this again can lead to wrinkles around the eyes as its the most delicate skin of the face. While buying makeup, opt for products free from bismuth oxy chloride, as it is a leading cause of dryness, irritation and peeling of skin. Also note that makeup contains various kind of chemicals which some skin types would not agree with. Buy only good-quality makeup and from reputed brands to protect your skin against harmful chemicals.

rati beauty diet plans

Tips for Younger-Looking Skin:

1. Use less makeup, avoid foundation for everyday, switch to BB/CC creams which is not as heavy as foundation and allows the skin to breath.

2. Go makeup free at least a day or two a week

3. Detox your skin using clay masks or natural homemade masks.
4. Add natural healthy fats to your diet, healthy fats naturally moisturises the skin from within giving you a healthy glow. You can add nuts, avocado, banana, yogurt, ghee, milk, etc.
5. Avoid sugar and other fatty foods, do any form of physical activity like yoga, gym. All these factors can improve your facial appearance and avoid premature ageing.

And yes makeup can age you faster if you do not follow the above-mentioned tips. Hope this article helps you achieve youthful skin for longer!


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