Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner Review

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Today I am going to review this hair product which I planned to buy since I was a kid! Yes I had my eyes set on this product since I was in school but didn’t get a chance to buy because at that time buying anything online was not that ‘in’!! And also I was afraid to ask my mom to buy this conditioner for me because it’s pretty expensive! I know that’s silly but anyway! 😛 That’s why I decided, once I grow up, earn my own money I would get hold of it! I did it! Hurraay! *dances*. Pretty excited I am! Why you ask? Keep reading to know the reason! 😉

Rs.1120/- ( I have noticed the price for this one vary from site to site I don’t know why!)

Quantity: 12 Fl.Oz / 355ml

Shelf Life: 3 years.

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My Experience with Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner:

Let me first talk about its packaging. As you can already see this comes in a big cylindrical container which is white in color with a blue cap that is of press-open type. The bottle is sturdy and leak-proof. The color of the conditioner is sky blue. The consistency is a bit runny yet silky, not so dense like dove or L’Oreal Paris conditioners.

The smell is the first thing about this conditioner that got me head over heels! 😀 It is amazing! That mild sweet fruity awesome smell! Mmmmm!! 😀 It’s scent kind of reminds me of clinic all clear conditioner! The second thing that got me is the absence of SLS and SLES! Exactly what I have been searching for in a conditioner since so long!! When I was kid and came across this conditioner, I didn’t know much about SLS and SLES and all those harmful ingredients so I didn’t pay attention to that . I wanted to use this conditioner and shampoo solely because I heard horses use them! Yes you heard that right! It’s a shampoo used by horse! 😀 Since I love animals, I badly wanted to try this product. Well, yes I know I am crazy! 😛 Anyway, this shampoo was originally made for horses, but seeing their mane shine, horses’ owners tried this on their own hair and got positive results. Seeing this, the company started making shampoos for human beings as well but with a little alteration in the ingredients.

Another thing I like about this conditioner is that the fact that you can apply this on your scalp unlike other conditioners! Yes, I do apply this on my scalp every single time and I am surprised to see my hair fall has reduced to such a great extent. This conditioner doesn’t claim to boost hair growth, but it did in my case. I had a haircut before I started using this conditioner. I had fringes upto my eyebrows. After about 10-15 days or so (I didn’t actually count the days, but I am sure it was over a week) I realized my fringes were falling over my eyes (which irritated me a bit :P) ! :O And the thing is that, my hair never grows that fast! I often remain upset because all my friends’ hair grow so fast but mine. It has made my hair silky, not too shiny though. It tamed my frizzy hair only a little bit (I don’t mind that because it doesn’t claim to do that.) It has also helped me to get rid of dandruffs which again this product doesn’t claim to do! It’s easy to clean out this product. Overall, this is an amazing product and let me tell you, this is my HG conditioner! 😀

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Pros of Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner:

• No SLS or SLES.
• Smells heavenly.
• Leak-proof and sturdy bottle ( a bit too big to carry though)
• Almost stopped my hair fall.
• Got rid of my dandruff.
• My hair grows pretty fast now.
• Makes hair really smooth and manageable.
• Tames frizzy hair a bit.
• Huge quantity.
• Doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy at all.
• Suitable for all types of hair.
• Easy availability.
• Affordable (Yes I know it’s a bit pricey but it’s totally worth it!)

Cons of Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner :

Extremely sorry I couldn’t find any cons! 😀

IMBB Rating:
5/5 ( Of course! 😀 )

Yes please I highly recommend this conditioner to all the beauties who are suffering from dry and rough hair. Those who have normal or oily hair they won’t regret trying this either I guess! This conditioner is just amazing! It’s totally worth trying. I don’t mind spending money on something that does all good to my hair instead of coating my strand with all harmful chemicals.
Stay Beautiful!

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  1. The colour is awesome! I want this too – I think I`ll get this 😛 I wanted a conditioner which can be applied from the roots to the tip.

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