Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick – Vibrant Mandarin

Hello Lovely Ladies (and any guys who might be tuning in!)!!

If you read my previous review on Maybelline Vivids – Shocking Coral, you are already aware of my excitement about this range! They come in bright, vibrant colors, have a smooth creamy texture (not slick) and are long lasting! And I love them! But I love this color more coz it is IN with my current leaning towards oranges with underline of red, pink or coral (since I find pure oranges like MAC Morange look too garish on my skintone).

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin

The lipstick bullet has a nice cut/indent to hug the lips while applying – just like Shiseido Perfect Rouges. If you see the pics, you will see the cut is less defined in Vibrant Mandarin than it was in Shocking Coral, because this one has been getting a lot of Love from me!

It’s a tad more coral than YSL – Le Orange, reviewed by me earlier, which leaned more orange. But, it could serve as a affordable dupe for it – once its available in India – obviously!

Launched in US in 10 vibrant colors. Only 5 were available in Thailand from which I was able to pick only 2! “Waaaaah” And still await their launch here. For your benefit, I swatched the 5 colors I found – refer pics and do let me know which would be your pick from it.

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin (2)
The Product Details (from the website):

Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish. Brighter color from our exclusive vivid pigments. Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.

Be Bright and Gorgeous
Exclusive Vivid colors are brighter
Honey nectar formula nourishes lips

Apply Lipcolor Starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

Price: $7.49 in US / 299 Baht = INR 627
In packaging, they are similar to the Regular Color Sensational lipsticks with one big difference. While regular ones come with different coloredcovers, co-ordinated with the color of the lipstick; the Vivids come with Red coloredcover. So, irrespective of the shade, the cover is still Red.

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin (4)

The base sticker is color co-ordinated with the color of the lipstick. However, the cover being same, it is difficult to identify the color in a stack, if you have more than one. And trust me, you will have more than 1!!

My experience with Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick – Vibrant Mandarin:

Color: The color “Vibrant Mandarin” is definitely VIBRANT! It’s a mix of orange, red and coral. Its bright, its vivid, Its loud – again, not for the faint hearted. I am loving this more than the coral one currently.It’s perfect for someone wanting to wear a bright orange but finding a tangerine orange (Like MAC Morange) very stark and unbecoming.

Texture: The texture is creamy, not gloopy and goes on evenly. It does not tug or pull when applying. However, it isn’t too slick either…so you will not have lines forming on your lips when pressed together. I found the texture consistent between the 2 lippies I tried in this range.

Pigmentation: As mentioned on the website, the colors are vividly pigmented. A single swipe deposits about 70% color. A second swipe gives you the bold, intense shade in the tube. It’s fairly easy to apply directly from the tube.

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin (6)

Lasting power:
The lipstick is long lasting – about 6 hours plus. Leaves a pinkish stain (most lipstick do that on me), which stays for another couple of hours. To get the residual color off you, you have to use a makeup remover.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick – Vibrant Mandarin:

1. Intense VIVIDcolor –. Extremely bold and beautiful
2. Excellent pigmentation – A single swipe is enough for good color coverage. However, second swipe builds intensity to the same color as the tube.
3. Easy to apply from the tube
4. The lipstick applies creamy – without any tug or pull.
5. Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
6. Does not hydrate but doesn’t dry out the lips either
7. Despite the boldcolor – There was no feathering or bleeding
8. Decent packaging
9. Fairly long lasting – 6+hrs wear time.

Cons of Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick – Vibrant Mandarin:


Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin (7)

IMBB Rating: Yes, again a 5/5 product.
The quality and pricing is fabulous, its long lasting, has absolutely beautiful vibrant colors – what more does the heart want! I hope they get launched soon. My wishlist has 4 more color – yeah, somebody needs to come and spank me – literally! Shamelessly addicted to lippies!

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick - Vibrant Mandarin (7)
So which ones are on your wishlist?

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  1. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *hunterwali* take this and give one back to another hopeless lipstick addict *headbang*

    1. Jomol, its seriously *drool* *drool* *drool*! U wanted to see me haul – If only u could see my wish list!!! *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank*

  2. KK, this is not fair………….u tempt me so much with ur gorgeous collection of lippies *spank* …I sooo want this colour…infact I want shocking coral also…me want… *drool*
    This color look fab on U….and am waiting for these to be launched in India soon…though my brother is in US currently and returning post Diwali but m sure getting these lippies through him would be another challenge…why cant men shop for our shades, for them a pink is a pink and hot, soft, rose, fuschia..they dont understand all that… *headbang* *headbang*

    1. I hear you Anuradha! For men, if you have a pink, a red one and an orange – you are done! rofl rofl

      And asking them to shop is like chopping your own legs! They think they are being loving and helpful when they pick something else instead…which is exactly what you didnt want!! *headbang* *headbang*

      But try asking ur bro to get these for you coz all colors would be available there and these can reach you quickly. Check for Vivid rose also – its a beautiful colour!

    1. rofl rofl Ha Ha Ha! I dont know when they will come to India but Im sure we all will be lining up at the Maybelline counter for these!! *drool* *drool*

  3. another gorgeous shade KK! it this one too looks so good on you!! *jai ho* your enthusiasm is so contagious *happy dance* you’ve already made me, a little or no makeup person crave for these gorgeous lippies *powder* *powder*

    1. *thankyou* Shridevi! Im so glad you liked it on me! *preen* *preen*

      Thats the idea – if my enthusiasm isnt contagious, whats the point!! rofl rofl Promise me, you will atleast go and try these when they launch! You never know, you might realize these are JUST the colours for you!

  4. I literally love the shades you choose KK…they are simply stunning.,,grr..,you n Neha tempt us somuch *waaa* *waaa* You look Gud in such bold shades.,.wish they get launched pretty soon here too *secret*

    1. *thankyou* Melissa for your kind words! It makes my day to know that my selections are liked by others too!

      You have no idea how badly Ive been waiting for their launch!

  5. Kk if there cud be a makeup photocopy machine….. *hunterwali* everyone wud loot u *ghost* loved the shade n review *hihi* *smug*

    1. rofl rofl rofl If there was such a copy machine, I would loot the lady on whose website I first saw the swatches! She had all the shades!! *drool* *drool* *drool*

      N *thankyou* for liking the review – made my day again! 🙂

    1. It is indeed a gorgeous shade! *drool* *drool* I liked this one more than shocking Coral! 😛

      Wishlists are never ending Shrutika! What to do?? *headbang* *headbang*

    1. *thankyou* for your sweet words Rati!

      Imagine my condition, I saw the swatches of these waaaaaay back in June *drool* *drool* and have been seriously lemming for them!! Been checking on the Maybelline counters ever since! *headbang* *headbang*

  6. I can’t tell you how much I have waited (and still waiting) for these to launch here. I can give away all my Bold Matte ones and buy the entire range of these. You are one lucky lady, KK 🙂

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