Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara – Help Needed

maybelline colossal Volume MascaraAfter hearing so many rave reviews about the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara , I got it recently. This crap is just beating the hell out of me in terms of removal. Its sticks like glue to my lashes and no makeup remover is able to remove it completely. I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup and it removes all kinds of waterproof makeup (Urban Decay 24X7, MAC Powerpoint pencils, many other mascaras). The moment oil touches my makeup , it breaks it down and removes all my eye makeup.

I tried removing this with coconut oil , the body shop waterproof eyemakeup remover..I even tried using my greasy cetaphil to remove ( Desparate measures !)..NO GO. this damn thing just wont come off completely..I had to rub and rub my poor lashes and even then I can see black residue beneath my eyes..making my undereye area look horrible !

I am so glad that I paid only 5 $ for this nonsense. I am totally not dealing with the remaining of the tube until somebody can give me a solution.

(I just walked out of the bathroom , trying to remove this crap and my poor eyes look all wrinkly..hence this frustrated short post )



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  1. I use olive oil to remove my eye makeup. I let the oil stay on my lashes for a few minutes and the gently swipe my lashes with the cotton swab. Maximum eye makeup is removed like that. Then I splash water in eyes and swipe my eyes with a wet cotton swab again. This way every last bit of my makeup comes off.

  2. Ya I think leaving the oil on for a little time to soak into the product would what I used to do too. Ha finally something I do correctly like the makeup gurus on this site :jump: :jump:

          1. Ya actually I tried taking pics..but its cloudy here, and my neighbors think I am bonkers anyway..didnt want to contribute by standing outdoors with the camera stuck to my eye πŸ˜› Tx though..will definitely mail you the atrociousness..its so pretty the palette and I thought its limited edition so I was like I can’t wait till I learn and then go looking for this!

            1. :laugh: :laugh: Who cares about neighbors. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. If i get time today, I’ll take a look at the palette and let you know. πŸ™‚

  3. Try a shot with castor oil..keep it on for some time and rub off with cotton pad..this is the thickest usable cleanser..if it doesnt work..nothing will..(and please do let us know..I was on the verge of buying it before I read your post πŸ˜€ )

        1. Sorry dear but ur so synonymous with Castor Oil now in our minds that whenever it is mentioned cant help but think abt you first before anything else!!! :-* Whether here or anywhere else

            1. I thot Idrops and you meeting today..told her don’t do anything fun..just sit and talk something boring boring and get back to Mumbai..and don’t eat anything yumm either πŸ˜›

                1. Yup she was telling…busy today..and I was like Yipppeee…those two wont have fun today at least…yippeeee :evilgrin: Rati…sent u my byooootiful pic…will send u palette tmrw..and then I shall :worship:

  4. Oh my! I’m so glad I haven’t bought this yet. I was just about to. Anyway, Jane maybe you can try using a different oil. Olive for example is thicker than coconut, maybe that’ll work better. And leave the oil on for a couple of minutes, like Rati said. I use almond and I like it so far. And please let us know how it turns out. If I ever want to try this, I want to know.

  5. Hey jane.. I use the Biotique almond oil cleanser for this and it works really well for me…

    But as you may not get it, Olive oil seems the best option for you…

  6. Hi Jane,

    I understand your problem, i had similar trouble with Maybelline collosal volume mascara, i later used Lancome Bi- Facil eye makeup remover, and it removed all the mascara without any fuss , and moreover it did not sting my eyes at all. Give it a try.

  7. Hey people – Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    1) Bi-phase makeup removers – I dont want to use them for the sole reason that they are super strong. If they remove waterproof makeup so easily , they miust contain chemicals and strong one at that. I feel eye area is sensitive as such and i dont feel like adding anymore harsh chemicals there πŸ™

    2) Castor oil – I will die trying to remove the oiliness from my face. That thing is so thick that I’ll have to wash my face with a harsh soap to ensure all the oil residue comes off πŸ™

    3) Olive oil – It is the only thing for me to try. I am defly gonna try that today or tomm and I will post an update for this.

    Now , I am thinking do I really have to go to such great legths to remove mascara. As it is our lifes are so hectic and I dont have to be bothered with such nonsense , you know ? I am totally not repurchasing this. There are far better masacaras and a lot of those that come off easily……

      1. Radhika – I even read article about how strong these eyemakeup removers are..try looking it up may get a better idea.. πŸ™

    1. If you find oils thick, spray a little rose water on a cotton swab and then add a few drops of oil on it. Then try to remove your makeup..

  8. try olive oil. it works for everything!
    i use a lotion from vaseline that’s lying around. works brilliantly.
    waterproof mascaras are a bit of a pain to remove but i feel that they’re totally worth it. even if i rub my eyes during the day or wash my face or sweat or cry, i don’t have to worry about getting raccoon eyes.

    1. Rima – I have used other waterproof masacaras , but this is the only one thats giving me these problems. I guess this ones not for me. There are loads of other masacaras that I still have to try before I am left with no choice πŸ™‚

  9. This is not a good product, it’s just very promoted and advertised. Many youtube beauty gurus I watch hate this mascara. I haven’t buy it because I don’t like this type of wands, they tend to clump so much!

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