Maybelline Define A Lash Waterproof Mascara Review

Maybellien Define A  Lash MascaraWhat Maybelline Define A Lash Waterproof Mascara claims?

This zero clump mascara creates stunning length with clean definition.

  • Patented shaped-to-the-lash brush
  • Ophthalmologist tested, Contact lens safe
  • Waterproof; also available in washable formula

How to apply [from the site]?

Sweep brush upwards from root to tip to separate individual lashes and to achieve definition and length. Do not let dry between coats.

Now from my experience, you would have to apply 3 or 4 coats! Not good Maybelline, not good at all.

How much it cost: Rs 280/- (Indian Rupees)

Why did I buy this mascara?

  • The hype-I tell you it was all over the YouTube makeup scene “define-a-lash this, define-a-lash that!” What I should have known was with waterproof comes a difference too. I didn’t know that all this Hype was about the washable kind.[*sigh*].
  • The lime green packaging- I am a major sucker for good packaging. When I saw this I was like”aww”.

Maybelline Define A  Lash Mascara

Besides all the lime greenly cuteness, there is not a thing worth mentioning. When I saw that this mascara was at the Maybelline counter, I was so happy and my eldest brother bought it for me [a brother who buys you makeup??Yeah! I am lucky!].So I bought it super happily bought it home and opened it and applied it like I would apply any normal mascara.

That is when I realized that this isn’t like any normal mascara. As I said, it takes 3 to 4 coats for it to” Define’’ our lashes and it is defined all right. Just like toothbrush bristles-Uh huh! I was surprised too. And it clumped up my lashes like there is no tomorrow, so I had to use another mascara wand AND a pin to separate out my lashes. Then came the time for me to insert the wand back into the tube. The wand is made of this flexible stuff that always gets stuck in the mouth of the tube.
Maybellien Define A  Lash Mascara
They couldn’t even get the packaging right. I was all sad because Maybelline is a brand I really love. All in all, one of the worst stuff I bought. I am just happy it only cost less. But I am still sad for my bad choice in mascara. [Dumb! Fathima, dumb!]

Maybelline Define A  Lash Mascara - Wand
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara - Wand




Maybelline Define A  Lash Mascara- After
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara- After

I know this picture is scary looking but this picture really shows just how clumpy my bottom lashes are.

Have you tried Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara?


27 thoughts on “Maybelline Define A Lash Waterproof Mascara Review

  1. Hello Fatima,

    Thank you for this review. I was at maybelline counter yesterday and the sales girl was so trying to sell me this mascara. Thank god i did not buy it. You have very beautiful long eye lashes. :-*

    which mascara do you use?

    1. I know what you mean bout the SA …..last time i went to buy a foundation at a revlon counter and she was trying to send me a foundation which is 2 shades lighter than my skintone..and i am person who doesn’t like to talk to rude to ppl however bad they behave she was soooo pushy …I had to ‘gently’ and pointedly be rude at her…..and she was treating me like a kid….telling me that it would suit me ..and i didn’t know coz i wasnt experienced enough!!!HA! the jokes on her..from the way she answers when i asked her bout coverage i know a whole lot more than her!!!
      I use streetwear wonderlash mascara.

  2. Hey Fatima, i am a Maybelline lover too… But for mascara, i rely on Colorbar. I have heard a lot about Maxfactor mascaras.. Am gonna buy it soon.. I’ll tell you how it goes…

    I have heard a lot of good things abt Colossal Volume express from Maybelline too…

    1. Hmm colorbar is not available here at any counter..but i was thinking bout placing an order on the site though…what do u recommend i buy???
      I am dying to try out the colossol volum’ mascara myself…..another one i wanna buy is the ‘Double Extension Beauty Tubes.”
      I was at a wedding and i forgot to bring my mascara and i rented it from my cousin’s wife and it was really comes with a primer and then the mascara..made my lash real plump and voluminous with a fair amount of curl and length. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: .it has got the whole package..but when i went to the store i came to know that it costs a whooping 750 bucks 😮 😮 …but i can afford it now…. 😎

        1. BTW, great review. 🙂 Also, the Colossal mascara hasn’t irritated my eyes at all. I have highly sensitive eyes that can go red and cause a headache even with hypoallergenic products.

            1. I have noticed both length and volume. But not the 9X kind of volume that it claims. I could probably do a review on this one. :beauty:

    2. I’ll recommend Colorbar Duo mascara… Has lash lengthening on one side and volumising mascara on the other… Works fine for me… Costs only 300/- So easy on the pocket too…

  3. He Fathima, I am also using the Colossal Volume Mascara and ’tis doing a good job. How is Streetwear by the way? I have used their transparent Mascara and it is of no use at all?

      1. Hey Fatima nice review.. even i like maybelline alot..!!

        Lavanya i dint like the streetwear one it clumps very badly.. you cant even give a second coat with this one..gud thing it was a gift..!!!

  4. streetwear is an absolutely yuck mascara… conjunctivae always turn red whenever I applied it…wonder what they are mixing into it.

    1. eeek!!i :doh: :doh: didnt know that it caused allergies!!!!!i didnt have any issues with it though……

  5. I also had the define- a-lash, but the normal one, it doesnt clump for me, ive heard its teh water-proof formula thats the clumpy one…right now im also using colossal and loving it 🙂
    .-= Ruby´s last blog ..Aadhavan =-.

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