Maybelline New York Shadow Stylist- Review

Maybelline New York Shadow Stylist- Review

I love nude shades. I have quite a collection of nude lipsticks and nude glosses. I was always in search of an eye shadow which will match my skin tone exactly. So that it should look natural. I tried many palettes but finally found a single shade that was perfect for me.

The Maybelline Shadow Stylist is loose powder eye shadow in a bottle with a sponge tip applicator. I have one in the shade Casual Brown. It is a light, nude colour. I have forgotten the exact price but it was somewhere between Rs. 230-250/-. Sorry about that!!

This is my Shadow Stylist-

Maybelline Shadow Stylist

Directions for use:

  • Shake package. Tap off excess powder.
  • Use the unique sponge tip applicator to apply one layer to your eyelids for a basic look.
  • Apply more pressure during application for more color and intensity.
  • To further intensify the look, add lighter shades to highlight and darker shades to contour your eyes.

Check out the shades of Maybelline New York Shadow Stylist here

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I love Maybelline Shadow Stylist because-

  • It is very cute and the packaging is chic. The packaging looks like a nail-polish bottle.
  • It’s non-messy, easy to carry around and convenient.
  • It’s very colour intense. One swipe is enough to cover the entire eye area.
Maybelline Shadow Stylist
One swipe
Maybelline Shadow Stylist
  • As you can see, it seamlessly blends into my skin tone. It evens out my lid colour and gently reflects light.

Check out the difference.

Maybelline Shadow Stylist 044

  • Though it is a loose powder, it is very fine. It does not settle into lines and will be good for mature skin.
  • It has subtle shimmer which reflects light and makes the eyelids look even. Again good for mature skin.
  • It is very smooth, glides easily and evenly.

Maybelline Shadow Stylist

  • The finish is basically matte with some shimmer. As you go on layering, the shimmer will intensify.
  • Being in a loose powder format, it slightly absorbs the oil on the lids. Good for oily skin.
  • I apply it on top of concealer/primer and it stays strong till upto 4-5 hrs.
  • The colour I have is a very basic brown. I love it as it can be combined with any other colour.
  • When applied alone, it makes my eyes look bright and bigger than they already are.
  • I rarely need to reapply. Although it is very convenient to reapply.
  • The Casual Brown colour matches my complexion so well, that it is difficult to tell if I am wearing anything at all on my eyes. And how I love that feeling!!!!
  • I am planning to stock these up in other basic colours like Sultry Black, Sleek brown (dark brown), Urban Grey and Pearl. The Opulent green one is also quite nice. What the hell…. I like all the shades!!!!
  • The black and grey will make amazing smokey look. Because of the loose powder format, they are very easy to blend. They’ll make nice blurred smokey eyes.
  • It is blendable and very buildable.
  • I love the sponge tip. It is very good for crease work and contouring.

The only thing I don’t like about this is the fall out. But again, a loose powder is bound to have some. But it is still less than my Lakme shadows. 😛

I mostly use this shadow when I am going for bold lips or when I want a natural, no-makeup look.
Here I am in the no-makeup look.

Maybelline Shadow Stylist


  • Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Casual Brown all over the eye
  • Lakme Intense Shine liquid Eyeliner in Black on the upper lash line
  • Lotus Kajal on the upper waterline
  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof mascara on upper and lower lashes

Maybelline Shadow Stylist

  • Maybelline Whitestay UV compact
  • Colorbar Peachy Rose blush


  • Maybelline Watershine lip gloss in Caramel Cream

I hope you like it.

My rating for Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Casual Brown: :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5
(O.5 deducted for the fallout!!! 😛 Guess I’ll be never happy with ANY product…)

Until next time….
Bye bye!!


41 thoughts on “Maybelline New York Shadow Stylist- Review

    1. Yeah… Somehow the maybelline SAs don’t promote it much…. :-/ :-/

      It’s quite an old product… 😐 😐

      But I love it!!! :inlove: :inlove:

  1. hey bday gal
    on ur reco i went to the counter
    these were out of stock since the counet was offering a 15 % off 🙁
    but will run after these till i get them

    1. He he Priya…

      Haven’t tried the other shades.. So can’t recommend them… But this one’s a very basic must-have.. At least for me…

      If you do pick up the rest of the shades Pleeeeeease let me know…

      And I’ll do the same too!!!!

  2. You know the other day I saw two girls picking up 2-3 shades each from the collection I was so curious and wondering if these were so good. Now I am convinced. So easy to use also. Just one colour all over and you are done.

    Great review. 🙂

    1. Really???? When I asked for a fresh piece of this after checking out the tester.. The SA pulled out a dusty old box from the bottom most shelf.. 😕 😕

      I had to chk for the mfg date…. Thank god it was alright!!! 😀 😀

      I even suggested the SA to promote it… It’s such a neglected product.. At least at my place!! :-/ :-/

    1. Thanks Poornima…

      It’s so hassle free and there is no chance of a mess up!!! That’s why I love it most when I am in a rush…

  3. Saw these the other day at the counter, but didnt want to ask the SA about them. I had asked her about almost all the things at the counter and had no plans of buying anything…which she rightly guessed 😛 …and I had a feeling one more thing and she will kick me away from there 😛 😛 😛

    1. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: OMG Rads!!!

      Next time go to the counter and get these for sure… Then start asking about everything else…

      That’s what I do.. 😉 😉 😉

      1. :evilgrin: I really didnt want to buy anything..was just asking and asking because I keep reading here about so many things, I wanted to see all that in person..thats all.. :evilgrin: For once, that SA was right in chasing me off :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  4. I have these in mostly all the shades except the white, and I didn’t know there was green, in fact, I was wondering why all the colours are there except green…… that I know I’m going to check it out. I have similar eye shadows in the exact same packaging from Avon, and I have the green…..Avon has them in creme colour, purple and green.

    1. Wow… Gr8 Sabrina!!!! :yes: :yes:

      Get the opulent Green one… I swatched it and it was awesome… But I wanted a brighter green… 😛 😛

  5. Lookin great M 🙂 I have seen this every time at the store, but thought it would be too OTT 🙂 might get it after your review 🙂

  6. Hi Mrun, hope you had a wonderful bday…
    abt ur review…wow, I have kinda given up on e/s but after seeing ur review Im tempted to try this one out esp since its not too expensive and the colour is quite natural too :), makeup newbie question-what do you mean by fallout

    1. Renuca,

      when you apply eye shadows sometimes they fall on your under eye area. You call that afall out. This generally happens with cheap eye shadows .When the quality of eyeshadows is good they stay where you place them. The biggest problem comes when you do black smokey eyes. The eye shadows fall on your under eye area and by the time you finish up doing your eyes, you also end up having black under eyes. It looks as if you have dark under eye circles.

      I have black smoky eye palettes form estee lauder and lancome and you wouldn’t believe that they have a little or no fall out. And that’s what speaks for their quality.

      A little tip would be to place generous amount of loose powder on your under eye area before applying eye shadows and after you are done, you can just flick with away with a big fluffy brush . This way your makeup stays intact.

  7. Very pretty eyeshadow, Mrunmayee…. :-))

    Wanted some suggestions for shimmery brown (bronze, copper, brass, gold, etc) eyeshadows in various brands…

    Am currently struggling to come up with ways to use my Maybelline Eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte….reason being the 2 matte shades that make me look like a ghost (I am dusky and have deep-set eyes with dark eye lids)…

    Would appreciate all recommendations.. 😀


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