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Hello beautiful ladies..

I am Pratibha.. I am just 20 and due to some reason I have a lot of grey hair. Now I am thinking of colouring them. But I am worried about chemicals. Can you suggest whether to use mehendi or hair colour. And which brand will be safe to use. …

Thank you for your replies…


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  1. Hi Pratibha 🙂
    Henna is anyday better over colouring, but the thing is most packaged hennas come with dyes in them , thz days. U can try habibs henna though if u want a good/strong colour, I reviewed it some time back on IMBB. My derma suggested that d best way to cover greys is to apply henna but u shud use freshly grounded henna leaves instead of packaged ones. If it possible for u to get fresh henna leaves u can try that too.
    In hair colours u can try loreal casting crème dats ammonia free or excellence crème, even dats good
    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I agree its always best to delay hair coloring as much as possible and stick to natural remedies like henna 🙂

  3. Hey prathibha! Even u have a lot of grey hair since my 12th std and i dint do anything abt it at all until like 3 yrs back when i started applying henna. I used to use ayur henna in burgundy and it used to work fine with me as in no hairfall n all. Later due to time restrictions and since this henna thing needs a lot of preperation and application time, i switched to dyeing which of course had ots side effects of never ending bitter hairfall season :'( i would suggest henna twice a month and keep dyeing only for emergency cases (i used garnier btw). And try applying henna on a regular basis so that the color stays rather than applying when 50% greys become visible 😛 i dunno how far ots true but my mom says the more we pluck off greys, double amount grows back 😀
    and nupur, i too have heard of habibs..any idea where to buy them online?

  4. Hi.. I also suffered from premature greying and can understand how disturbing it can be. Nevertheless, I wud advice you to stay away from chemical dyes since you are still too young. Try nupur mehendi. Also, after the first few applications when all the Greys are covered, put mehendi in an iron vessel for a day or two till it becomes blackish in color. Now apply this. This shall not have a very strong color but it shall give a more natural blackish tinge. So alternate between this and normal application. You can also see a doctor who may be able to determine if there is any other reason than hereditary ones and prescribe some suitable treatment which shall prevent further greying. Hope this helps.

    1. Yeah the iron vessel thingy is right. Havent researched for the reason behind it but make the paste and put it in iron vessel overnight or if u dont have an iron vessel, its enough to put sth iron (i keep an iron knife :D) and next day before applying squeeze lemon juice before application.

  5. Hi Pratibha,
    Mehandi has never suited me. It always used to make my hair very dry until my sister suggested VLCC mehandi.
    I mix it with 2-3 egg whites(must) and curd(optional). It makes my hair super super soft and reduces hairfall after the first use itself.
    Please do try it…I highly recommend that!

  6. I have loads of greys too 🙁 I started applying Henna but was never satisfied with the look it gave me and went for L’Oreal Excellence Creme. I had to be more careful with my hair…I started doing deep conditioning treatments and also doing some home remedies like applying curd and egg once a month. I am happy with how my hair looks (uniform and black since that is the color I went for) but I can see that my hair is still drier than before *cry*
    So I guess Henna was better?
    Now for touchups (since its been over 2 months and the roots are showing), I just started using a Black color stick by Shehnaz Hussain. It looks like a fat fevi-stick and can be used to temporarily hide greys. It comes after every wash. I do not think I have helped you much with this long answer though *silence*

  7. Hi pratibha… U can check out shahnaz hussain colorveda and lush hair color in bar form (forgot the name). They both contain indigo as main ingredient which is derived from a natural stone so it is a natural dye. It gives better color than henna. Hope this helps

  8. I have a very constrating view. I know henna is good but nothing gives the classy look quite like hair color. So many different shades to play with. But make sure you use the ammonia free one. The additional tip I would give you is to oil your hair once a week. I have been colouring my hair for the past 10 to 15 years and no problem at all. I in fact do highlights etc too. 🙂

  9. Hi,
    I have used Loreal hair colour for touch up for almost 5 years got itchy scalp , irritation and hair fall recently I switched to heena but it was giving orange colour *nababana* which is not so good , then I found der is indigo powder.Its kind of messy but it gives jet black colour or brown.
    Procedure :-
    Apply heena after washing immediately or within 24 hrs apply indigo powder, do not soak indigo powder like heena , mix water and little salt to indigo powder leave it for 45 min. Or more wash it off with only water.u will get super jet black hair color naturally OR u can add with heena to get dark brown color. *happydance*

  10. We cant do anything for grey hair…..except hiding them *hunterwali*
    but yess… can definetaly slow down the process by using homemade things/ayurveda .
    i dont find any harm using colours we used so many other products to our skin which are full of chemicals? taking post care does not do any harm .
    I recommend do visit Richfeel once.. they gives tablets to slow down the process of grey hair . they charged only 500/rs for first consultation. ..and i dont feel any harm to visit once to expert . they do clear our all confusions n worries.
    hope this is helpful to you . 😛

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