Best Hair Colours/Dyes Available in India

Hair colours/dyes can be used either to cover greys or to give yourself a whole new look.  Changing the colour of hair has tempted me for so long, but I haven’t really had the courage to do so 🙁  One day, I might take the plunge.  Here is a detailed post by Zeeba on the do’s and don’ts of hair colouring, what to do and what not to do.  There is a youtube video link in this post that shows how you can easily colour your hair at home.  You can read a few more posts on hair colouring techniques here, here and here.  Now, listing out the best hair colours to change the colour of your hair or to cover grey hair that have been reviewed on IMBB and that are available in India.

1. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color – Black:

Price: Rs. 525

This product claims to provide 100% grey coverage and protects the hair rich, even long lasting color. Like all hair colours, this too comes with a developer, a protective creme colorant, protective serum, and comb applicator which makes it even easier to apply the color in the inner strands of hair. This hair colour covers grey easily, makes hair soft, gives a healthy shine, and is infused with prokeratin. It also has a no-dripping formula.

2. Loreal Casting Creme Darkest Brown 200:

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair Colour

Price: Rs. 529

The colour is in darkest brown, neither jet black nor brown. Good for covering greys on sidelocks. The hair colour lasts for 20 days. This hair colour makes hair shiny. The USP of this hair colour is that it is formulated without ammonia. Its a semi-permanent hair colour and fades away slowly.

3. L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Hair Colour:

This hair colour is available in professional hair salons. It claims to have zero odour and no ammonia. This colour delivery mechanism uses mineral oil to act as the catalyst for depositing colour on the strands. This means it is gentler on the strands and scalp is also protected. Your strands do not get weakened during the colouring process and there is no smell. INOA currently is available as a professional colour treatment that you can get done at any hair salon that uses L’Oreal colours. INOA is available in about 40 shades ranging from browns, chocolate, burgundy, caramel, mahogany, honey, blond, ash blond. Get 100 percent grey coverage. Each tube of colour costs Rs 1500, and the total cost of the colour service will depend upon the length of your hair and number of tubes used. Simple root touch up can cost you Rs 800, which a whole head global colour can be anywhere between Rs 2,500 to Rs 5000. It takes one hour to get the colour on, because unlike in regular colouring, the colourist needs to emulsify the mixture into the strand, much like a hair mask. This is to activate the ODS (oil delivery system) in the colour which will ensure the colour gets on the strands evenly. The resultant colour is deep and rich.

4. Wella Kolestint Hair Colour:

Wella+Kolestint+Hair+Color (1)

Price: Rs. 519

You get colour that is rich, radiant and stays fresh until you colour again. Gives a glossy effect. Hair colour stays up to 2 weeks. Hair feels soft after using the conditioner.

5. Nature’s Essence Natural Hair Colors Burgundy:


Price: Rs. 20 per sachet.

Claims to contain natural extracts and ingredients. Available in three shades – Burgundy, Black, and Dark Brown. The color stays for more than one month with usual washing and conditioning. One sachet is enough for medium length hair. Color payoff is good. Makes hair soft and manageable. Does not contain ammonia. Conceals grey effectively. Does not irritate the scalp.

6. Nupur Mehendi:

Burgundy hair colour

Price: Rs. 45 per pack.

Get to know how to use mehendi to colour hair and conceal grey hair. Get gorgeous hair by following the tips mentioned in the post here. This mehendi is good for you if you want to cover a few grey hair which you want to camouflage, if you are allergic to chemicals and want an alternative to hair colour. This is also a nourishing hair pack.

7. Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch Up:


Price: Rs. 225

An exclusive herbal preparation for touching-up the hair. Helps to conceal grey hair, adds lustre and provides safety from the damage caused by chemical dyes. Easy to use, special herbal formula to help conceal gray hair instantly.
The effect lasts till the next shampoo. Available in two shades – Black and Brown. One stroke is enough to cover grey. Its good for last minute touch-ups, its not a hair dye, effect lasts only till the next wash. Since its herbal, there are no side effects.

8. Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair:

Heena-Powder-3 (1)

Price: Rs. 199 for 90 gm.

Mixed with water, these exotic ingredients dissolve into a luxurious paste to nourish and enlighten hair with rich brown color and shine. Contains neema, mango kernel, bark of arjun tree, and some other herbs. Adds a bit of color to the hair, though not a rich color. Conditions hair a bit.

9. Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color:


Price: Rs. 149 for 100 gm.

This formula has been specially devised to colour the hair blackish brown naturally. Henna has been blended with precious Ayurvedic ingredients that are known for colouring the hair blackish brown and enhancing its youthful beauty. It contains herbal extracts of henna, amla, brahmi, shikakai, bhringraj and majeeshtha, along with natural colourants like catechu and indigo. It conditions the hair, adding thickness, body and shine. It also conceals grey hair effectively, promoting healthy hair growth. Restores health and beauty to the hair. You will have to keep it on for 3 hours and the colour only lasts up to 10 days. For those who have had allergic reaction to chemical dyes and hair colours, this is a good option.

10. Shahnaz Hussain’s Henna Precious Herb Mix:


Price: Rs. 150 for 200 gm.

Controls hair fall and improves hair quality. Its a natural hair colour, 100% natural, devoid of any side effects, imparts lustrous shine and smooth texture to the hair. It has anti-fungal property, thus keeps away dandruff.

11. Lush Henna Caca Brun:


Price: Rs. 910 for 325 gm.

Caca Brun is made with black and red hennas, plus ground coffee for a deep brown shade. It makes your hair smell like a fresh espresso for a few days. Clove bud oil adds to its spicy scent and we use powdered nettle and seaweed for extra shine and softness. Caca Brun gives your hair a magnificent shine. We recommend it for people with a mousy, undecided hair colour. It’s time to make your mind up and come out really shiny brown!

It conditions, nourishes, and imparts a dark chocolate-mahogany tinge to the hair. It is free of chemicals and thus a good option for those people who are allergic to hair dyes and colours. It does not irritate the scalp and does not cause hair fall.

12. Habibs Henna:

Habib's Heena for hair

Price: Rs. 130 for 200 gm.

This is a herbal hair colour, a good option for those who are scared to use hair dyes to conceal their grey hair. It manages to give strong/intense coverage to greys as compared to other brands of henna powder. Makes hair shiny and bouncy. Great as a hair pack too. It has a distinct herbal fragrance. One jar is enough for mid length hair for 4-5 applications so that justifies the price point.

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  1. very very cool post *clap* *happydance* i have used henna for lustrous hair then loreal excellence for colour and Clariol perfect 10 in uk *pigtail* *pigtail* I loved the way it acted so fact and gave the most beautiful healthy shine and very true vibrant colours …and I realized that in here we never get the good products….I hope clariol comes to india with these amazing colours till then we have to settle with loreal *waiting* no other options really *pan*

  2. Jomo I think you have made a suppperrr aweesomest list. I mean most of the time people are so confused about picking up the right hair color. They’d thank you for years to come 😀 😀

  3. Iona has upgraded their product to make it more user friendly
    It is now available in a tube at 375 and you no longer need the gel and oil for mixing, the special Iona peroxide is used and the waiting time is 30 to 40 minutes

  4. I have always wished that henna should work for me but have just hated the orangy look it gives when it covers the grey in front. I am very very curious to try the Biotique henna. Is this available only online or in a health n glow type store as well?

    Thanks for listing these options Jomol.

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