Milani Gel Powder Eye Shadow In Bella Rouge And Bella Teal Review

Looking at the beauty market any one can see there are so many beauty companies, which have popped up within few years. To make its own company visible and prominent in the growing competition, Milani is making some awesome releases, which has raised the bar in the drugstore makeup category. They released Bella Gel To Powder Eye Shadow in many colors, which gave a tough competition to other eye shadow manufacturing companies like L’Oreal and Maybelline. Here I am reviewing the shades Bella Rouge and Bella Teal, so read on dear beauty lover!

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It comes in a gold color circular outer packaging. The gold packaging gives it a slight high-end look. The lid has a transparent window which stays intact and do not land on the product while travelling. The case is pretty sturdy. There is no mirror or applicator provided. The lid closes securely. It has ‘Milani’ printed on the transparent portion. The amount of product provided by weight is 1.4g. At the back of the packaging all the weight, shade name, manufacturing related details are mentioned.

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packaging2 (Custom)

Price: $3.99 (approximately INR 240)

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No use writing. My Editor is going to drop it anyways 🙂
Check the article, which states the availability of affordable brands from India.


Both the eye shadows have almost same texture; still I would like to describe them separately:

Bella Teal: The product bears a particular texture. It says the formula is gel to powder. Why it is called a gel eyeshadow I do not understand. May be it is very smooth and glides easily on skin that’s why it is specified as gel formula. It applies evenly and there are no glitter specks visible. Although it is a powder finish, it does not dry the skin. It has no spillage at all.

finger swatch (Custom)

finger swatch (Custom)

Bella Rouge: This color has the same texture as Bella teal. It appeared a tad bit on the drier side compared to Bella teal, which may not be that observable to non-makeup user. Remaining, even this shade is smooth for application, build able, blend-able and no patchiness at all. Has finely milled shimmer and no fallout on being applied to eyelid.

wrist swatch (Custom)

wrist swatch (Custom)


Both the shades are pretty pigmented. It deposited ample amount of product on the finger in one swatch. I would like to compare separately:

Bella Teal: It is very beautiful metallic finish teal shade. Looks very good during any daytime function. Only problem is when applied on the skin it looks very pigmented but it sheers out a lot on blending. It does set and stain so have to be quite fast at blending. The only solution is to use a mixing medium or Fix plus. That would give this shade a boost.

Bella Rouge: It is a perfect wedding color. Can be used on cheeks as well. This also has same metallic finish. This shade sheered out still looked more pigmented than Teal. Staining power is present in this shade too, so blending has to be fast.

Staying power:

Both these color stayed put for 8 to 9 hours. I neither use a primer nor a setting spray or mixing medium. You can call these long staying crease free eye shadows.

blended (Custom)

blended (Custom)

Pros of Milani Gel Powder Eye Shadow In Bella Rouge And Bella Teal:

1. Decent staying power.
2. Superb color pay off.
3. Affordable.
4. Durable packaging.
5. Smooth, butter like texture.
6. No spillage or fall out.
7. Nice metallic finish.
8. No presence of glitters and shimmers.
9. Travel friendly, sturdy and attractive packaging.

Cons Milani Gel Powder Eye Shadow In Bella Rouge And Bella Teal:

1. Although it does sheer out on blending but I do not count it as a flaw.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Would I Recommend Milani Gel to Powder eye shadow in Bella Rouge and Bella Teal?
Yes, please go ahead and buy these shades. They look so pretty, don’t they? Plus they are one of the best eye shadows available at drugstore prices.

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9 thoughts on “Milani Gel Powder Eye Shadow In Bella Rouge And Bella Teal Review

  1. Hey, this is such a good product Ms Priyanka Sen. I will be looking forward for Milani Bella Rouge more according to my fair skin tone.
    I would like to know that does it get away with sweat?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Dyna Monterreso,
      Once the color was set, it was difficult to get them rubbed off even with soap and water. So even on sweaty days it won’t budge.

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