25 Most Complicated Weight Loss Questions Answered in Just One Sentence

“The Best Time to start was Yesterday and the Next Best Time is Today!” If you have been delaying the idea of losing weight in order to regain control over your health and to fit into old clothes, the correct time to start is right now. From pills to sauna belts to detox teas that promise to melt and evaporate excess fat, it’s kind of difficult to differentiate the factors that would work from gimmicky things. And if the idea of going on a extremely restrictive diet and remaining hungry throughout the day in order to lose weight sounds intimidating, we are here to alleviate all your doubts and make the journey towards your goal weight easy. So, we thought about doing a quick QandA that would help you put you doubts to rest and motivate you to get practice healthy dieting and clean eating. In this post, we have answered the 25 most complicated weight loss questions in not more than one sentence. There are no detailed paragraphs with scientific data explaining each point, rather a concise response to give you more clarity, so that you can get your weight loss journey off to a good start.

Most Complicated Weight Loss Questions Answered

1. I am working out two hours in a day yet I am not losing weight? Why?

Answer: You are not maintaining a calorie deficit; one should consume fewer calories than the body burns. Here are “18 Awesome Tips to Create Calorie Deficit.”

2. Are Baked Chips Healthy and Better Option than Fried Potato Chips?

Answer: Not at all! Baked chips usually have higher levels of a compound called “acrylamide” that can potentially cause nerve damage and other health risks.

3. Will Dieting Help Me Lose all Extra Weight?

Answer: Yes, check out Rati Beauty weight loss weekly diets on the Rati Beauty app.

4. How Many Calories Should I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight?

Answer: Check Rati Beauty app for all details regarding calorie deficit and healthy eating.

5. How To Control Junk Food Cravings?

Answer: Please read these posts – 18 Effective Tips to Beat Cravings for Indian Junk Food, 12 Tips to Reduce Cravings for Junk Food, and 20 Clever Ways to Train your Brain to Resist Junk Food.

6. I am eating only a few calories, why I am not losing weight?

Answer: You are probably crash dieting and it doesn’t help much with weight loss. Lack of adequate sleep, sluggish metabolism, dehydration, sedentary lifestyle – there are a lot of factors that can hamper weight loss – Read about “18 Dieting Blunders That Are Keeping You from Losing Weight” here.

7. I am dieting, should I exercise also?

Answer: Absolutely! Weight loss is all about 80% dieting and 20% exercise – this combination works the best.

8. What’s the Single Factor that Prevents Weight Loss even with dieting and exercise?

Answer: Sleep deprivation, one must sleep for at least 7 hours for weight loss to happen.

9. If I had to give one thing up to lose weight, what should it be?

Answer: White sugar.

10. I have heard metabolism burns calories, I have slow metabolism, what are the Ways to Boost Metabolism?

11. It’s true that metabolism is the engine that torches calories. Read about “21 Tricks to Boost your Metabolism” here.

11. Should I Weigh Myself Daily?

Answer: Yes, but at the same time everyday. Weighing oneself regularly will help keep tabs on any weight gain or loss and motivate you to work more towards your goal.

12. Do pills and fat burners work?

Answer: Not at all.

13. Can I do only cardio and lose weight?

Answer: No, mixing different forms of exercises will do the trick.

14. Can I lose Weight Overnight?

Answer: No, because weight loss is a process and it takes time for the body to burn excess fat and that can happen over a period of several days and weeks.

15. Will Detox Teas Help me Lose Weight?

Answer: No, they may just boost the metabolism at the most, but there are no research or studies that link detox teas with weight loss.

16. I feel always hungry, how can I go on a diet?

Answer: Dieting is not about food deprivation or starvation, the correct kind of diet will nourish the body and provide enough calories, so that you do not have to starve to be in a calorie deficit.

17. I have hit weight loss plateau, now what?

Answer: Read about “10 Ways to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau” here.

18. How will Weight Loss change my Life?

Answer: Improved confidence, better health, better immunity, amazing stamina, positive body image, less mood swings, and get an amazing makeover. Here are “29 Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight Healthy Way.”

19. I am thinking of crash dieting, will it work?

Answer: By starving yourself, you can push your body into a position where instead of burning fat, it will start cutting down muscles to get the fuel and energy to run the body.

20. I feel guilty after indulging in a cheat meal? What should I do?

Answer: Instead of feeling guilty, you should look forward to a cheat meal once or twice a week because it can kickstart a sluggish metabolism and trick your mind into believing food is available aplenty, and it’s okay to burn more calories.

21. I have hardly any time, how can I cook diet food?

Answer: By meal prepping, check out Rati Beauty diets for tips and tricks.

22. I want to lose weight desperately, should I join a gym?

Answer: Not necessarily. Following a good diet (weekly diets on Rati Beauty) and workout programs that can be done at home.

23. I workout for one hour everyday, is it enough?

Answer: No, if you are sitting at the desk for the rest of the day. Do practice NEAT activities all through the day (explained here).

24. I have thyroid issue, can I still lose weight?
Answer: A good diet can correct a lot of disorders and the clean and healthy eating, everyone can drop the extra pounds.

25. I am planning to go on a diet for three months, and discontinue thereafter? Will I regain weight?

Answer: Most possibly, yes. Healthy and clean eating should be a part of lifestyle rather than means to reach a particular goal.

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