MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today, I will be reviewing an eye palette from MUA (make up academy). I asked my sister to bring it for me as I loved the combination of colors in the palette.  I am talking about “Glamour Days,” which has 12 different shades of eyeshadows from nudes to bright shades. Let’s move on to the review.

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette




MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

My Experience with MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette:

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette comes in a pretty black palette with transparent lid on top. The transparent lid allows you to see the shades without opening the palette which is good especially if you have similar palettes. It comes along with a sponge applicator which is long so it can be grabbed easily. You can use this applicator for touch-ups although I haven’t used it yet. The packaging is fragile because it didn’t survive a fall.  Can you see the broken blue eyeshadow? It happened when the palette fell off my hands.  The packaging is basic and there’s nothing extraordinary about it. Since the packaging is flimsy, you have to be careful while carrying it along.

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

Coming to the shades, the colors themselves speak out well. The palette has a mixture of n*des and brights which justifies the title “Glamour Days” perfectly. There are a total of 12 colors in the palette; out of which only three are matte and rest have shimmers.

Top Row:

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

1. Pearly white gold color – This shade is perfect for highlighting and can also be used on corners of eyes.
2. Egg shell blue:  This is one of my favorite shades.  This blue shade has light gold shimmers which look classy.
3. Pomegranate:  This shade reminds me of Maybelline pomegranate punk color tattoo. The shade is pearly and good for functions.
4. Pinky flesh matte:  This pinkish white shade is completely matte.
5. Coffee Brown:  This neutral brown shade is matte, perfect for day time.
6. Denim Blue:  This is also one of my favorite shade. Shimmery blue eyeshadow is perfect to create sexy blue smokey eye look.

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

Bottom Row:

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

1. Purple:  The first shade in the bottom row is royal purple. It has slight shimmers which are not very noticeable.
2. Rose Pink:  This is a very girly color, rosy pink. It’s shimmery shade and looks very cute when applied. It blends out really well and acts as a highlighter too.
3. Metallic Antique Gold:  This is the most versatile shade in the palette. It’s a pretty glittery gold shade. I usually combine it with my black eyeshadow and it looks very classy. You can also apply it all over lid.
4. Brownish Black: This brown-black shade is completely matte. It’s great for doing smokey eye.
5. Metallic Bronze:  This shimmery gold bronze color will add class to your whole eye makeup look. I love the shade, it’s very pretty.
6. Creamy Shimmery Gold:  This gold shade can be used as a highlighter.

MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette

All the shades blend easily and they are quite pigmented. You don’t need much effort to show the color on your lid. The texture is smooth that blends easily with a good eye brush. The glittery shades have slight fallout so make sure you do the eye makeup first and then the rest of your face. I love the way how the colors look on the eyes after blending. All the shades are very pretty and it’s a versatile palette. You can also use this palette wet and can use the eyeshadow as eyeliner too. Without a primer, the eyeshadows stay for maximum 3 hours on my oily lids, but when used with a base or primer beneath, they stay for good 5-6 hours and then fade evenly. I love using this eye shadow palette and it’s great for beginners.

Pros of MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette:

  • I love all the 12 shades.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Pigmented.
  • Good combination of colors.
  • Blends easily.
  • Stays for around 3 hours without primer.
  • You can also use them wet for good color pay off.
  • Affordable.

Cons of MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Delicate packaging.
  • Fallout.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette?

Yes, this is a versatile palette and has all kind of shades in it. The color pay off, staying power and texture, everything is very good considering the price. I would definitely recommend it to beginners and to all makeup lovers.

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  1. nice shades, their glamour nights palette is on my wishlist but it is never in stock, sells out fast! the way you have described shades needs an applause…

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