MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review

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I have recently got addicted to glitter eyeliners. I already own four of them, three of which are from MUA. These are also a part of my makeup blog sale haul. So, today I will be reviewing one of them for you. Read on to know if this one meets my expectations!

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review5

Product Description:
Glitter eyeliners which paint on precise lines with the top of the thin brush for a glitterazzi look. These glitter eye liners are available in intensely sparkling shades.

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It retails for £ 1 online. I got it for $1 in a makeup blog sale.

My Experience with MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner:

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review

This is the first time I am using a product by Makeup Academy (MUA). Coming to the packaging, the glitter eyeliner comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a black lid and an inbuilt brush. There is a silver band below the lid. The brand name and the product name are printed horizontally in silver on the tube. The shade number is printed at the back of the bottle. Overall, the packaging is simple, sturdy and travel-friendly. The transparent bottle helps you find out how much of the product has been used up.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review3

Coming to the fragrance, if you sniff the bottle closely, you will realize that the eyeliner has a strong chemical smell. In fact, the smell reminds me of whiteners or correction pens. However, this smell disappears once the eyeliner has been applied.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review4

Coming to the consistency, this eyeliner is a black liquid eyeliner with fine silver glitter particles. Luckily, the glitter particles are not over the top and this eyeliner can easily be used on a daily basis. But, in pictures, glitters show up more than black color. The thin brush makes it easy to apply thin and precise lines. The eyeliner takes only a few seconds to dry. There is a slight fall off of the glitters, but that can easily be mended with a q-tip.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review6

The staying power is average, and this eyeliner lasted on my eyelids for about 4 to 5 hours. After that, it begins to start fading, slightly. I don’t know why but on the days when I wore this eyeliner, I had a terrible urge to rub my eyes and the damage was done. Luckily, the eyeliner did not spread or smudge. However, it came off in some places. It can easily be removed with the help of water, but the glitter particles are a little stubborn and you would require a proper makeup remover to remove them. Hence, the eyeliner is water resistant.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review7

Like all liquid eyeliners, this one too is drying up soon. I have hardly used it for a week, but I feel that this bottle will not last long and it will dry up entirely pretty soon.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review1


MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review8

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review9

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review10

Now, let us look at the pros and cons of this product:

Pros of MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner:

• Subtle glitters make it suitable for daily use.
• Convenient and sturdy packaging.
• Water resistant.
• Smudge-proof.
• Dries quickly on eyelids.
• Cruelty free brand.
• Affordable.

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner Review2

Cons of MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner:

• Slight fall off of glitters.
• Not water-proof.
• Staying power should have been better.
• Like all liquid eyeliners, this one too dries up quickly in the bottle.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner?
Maybe. At the same time, I would like to try glitter eyeliners from different brands. If you’re a beginner and are looking out for an affordable black glitter eyeliner, go for this one. Else, give this one a skip. There are plenty of other options available in the market.

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  1. Yes. But I did try adding two to three drops of lens solution to it and it’s working well now, touch wood 🙂

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