MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss Pink Sugar Review, Swatches

MUA Out There Plumping Lip gloss Pink Sugar

Hello friends!

Hope everyone out there is healthy and fine. I had no intention to review duds actually, but then I thought that duds have a right to be reviewed too. So here I am writing the review which I never intended to write. I have no justification why I picked this up; may be because I wanted so many shades from MUA Intense Kisses range but managed to grab only two; so picked this one in lieu of the pink shade I was drooling over. Or maybe because I have never ever managed to finish a lipstick or a lip gloss completely’ which is a real bad thing. I get bored too soon and switch; I like changes in life. Anyways, moving on the personal story, let’s discuss the product.

Product Description (from website):

Make a statement this season with these pout perfect plumping lip glosses. Follow the catwalk craze by keeping your make up neutral and pop those lips with these pout pleasing products from MUA Professional. Whether you’re after a bold Shocking Pink, bang on trend Sienna tangerine tone or cotton Candy Pink hue; these seven sensational shades cover the looks for less this season. Each sensuous shade contains maxi lip© plumping agents for a natural looking pout with a non sticky formula

Paraffinum Liquidum, Polybutene, Hydrogenated Styrene/ Isoprene Copolymer, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cera Microcristallina, Propylparaben, Parfum, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499,CI 77891, CI 45410, CI 15850, Geraniol, Citronellol, Amyl Cinnamal.

Price: $3.5 plus shipping – (Developed in UK)

My take on MUA Out There Plumping Lip gloss-Pink Sugar:

Packaging: The lip gloss comes in a tall tube, really tall around 5-6”which is weird. Or maybe I am being bias because I dislike the product so I am being judgmental about its packaging too. The doe foot applicator is good and makes the application easy and neat but it is the same way uselessly long. The cap closes tight and it is travel friendly.
Texture and finish:

The lip gloss is thick in consistency. Though light weight and non-sticky on lips, the texture is not at all creamy. The consistency and the texture collectively make it drying on lips and during application; you need upto three swipes to cover the lips. It is finely opaque and covers pigmented lips. it doesn’t prove to be hydrating or moisturizing at all. It has no shimmer or glitter but settles with a silver sheen and glossy effect. If you expect to add a plumping effect or pout to lips, you are going to be seriously disappointed.
Colour and pigmentation: The shade ‘pink sugar’ is no doubt a lovely true pink with moderate pigmentation. With no shimmer, it is subtle glossy with silver sheen. If it only would have been creamy, the lip gloss would have got good remarks from me.
Staying Power: Let me explain the worst part first. The moment you apply it, a tingling sensation starts like you have got so many chillies on your lips. This feeling is truly unbearable and didn’t even vanish after 10-15 minutes and I had to remove it. It was so uncomfortable and unbearable. So I can’t say about staying time. It is slightly transfer-rable to cups and glasses. I tried in 2-3 times but the tingling and weird sensation compelled me to remove it. Now this is going to the dust-bin!


Pros of MUA Out There Plumping Lip gloss-Pink Sugar:

• Pretty true pink shade.
• Lots of quantity for fewer bucks.
• No shimmer, rather finish is silvery sheen.
• Contains no fragrance.
• Easy and neat application.
• Travel friendly.


Cons of MUA Out There Plumping Lip gloss-Pink Sugar:

• The worst ever sensation it gives to my lips. No product has done so ever.
• Very drying formula.
• No clue about staying time..

IMBB Rating:

1/5 – this one mark is for the pink shade only!

Recommendation and repurchase of MUA Out There Plumping Lip gloss-Pink Sugar:
No girls! I am not going to repurchase this and I have one more shade to review from the range. Keep the fingers crossed to know if that one worked. For this, I give a big no as recommendation.

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32 thoughts on “MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss Pink Sugar Review, Swatches

  1. I know the sensation you’re talking about, something of a sting, isn’t it? I have the same shade that i never used a second time. *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

  2. Nice shade and review dear so that we do not waste our money *spank* . Anyway even I had a such bad experience with Vasline rosy lips and elle 18 lip gloss. They used to make me feel as if I had applied chillies on my lips. I have actually thrown these products after single application. *headbang*

    1. awww i thought this is the only product with such strange and bad sensation….there are other duds like this too…hmm…me gonna throw it too… *headbang*

    2. i exactly know which feeling you are talking about i have both elle 18 gloss and vaseline rosy lips both feel very minty and cooling but plumping gloss are meant to plump your lips na so they will burn..i have plumping gloss by mua fashionista and burning feeling is not at all similar to the tingling feeling of elle 18 gloss and rosy lips:)..i would suggest not throwing elle 18 gloss,you can top off any lipstick with it..its great for moisturising..doing well for me

  3. The colour looks great on you! 🙂 But the burning sensation must be too much to bear. *spank* Such a shame that the product is a dud! *nababana* *nababana*

  4. But it looks soooooo pretty on ur lips sumera!! *shock* sachhi me…i know i wont b able to pull it off bcoz it will turn frosty on me..but looks very pretty on ur lips *haan ji* *haan ji*

  5. i have the fashionista plumping lip gloss it also burns a bit but not unbearable for me,i guess this one also have the same maxi plumping ingredient as my fashionista gloss,,you can use this on top of any lipstick that way you wont feel the burning,or leave it open for some time so that the maxi ingredient become inactive

  6. it looks gorgeous on u sumera.. *woot* *whistle* though its sensation n itching is just nt acceptable.. *nonono* *hunterwali*

    1. *thankyou* Neetu, exactly but everyone says here that plumping glosses do do…i neevr had any idea abt this phenomenon…

  7. What a pity, it’s such a pretty shade! *thankyou* for sharing your experience. Going to stay away from it. *scared*

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