Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream Review

Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream

Hola lovelies!  *jalwa*

I hope all of you are doing great. I don’t know what has happened to the climate in Mumbai. It’s like summer here, and the very next moment, it starts drizzling. Rain is really playing peek-a-boo with us. *hihi* Anyway, today I have a product that we all use in winters, of course the cold cream! I like to use moisturizers on a daily basis not because I have dry skin (I have normal skin) but because my hands look really healthy and great when I use them, hehehe
So let’s find out whether this cream is worth buying in the winters or not, shall we?

Key Ingredients: Milk Cream, Rosemary Basil Oil, gylcerin.

Product description: Change is inevitable and so is innovation at nature’s essence. Blessed with rosemary oil and milk cream this special cold cream offers silky touch and added pearly white complexion. Milk lightens the melanin content and its cream gives unmatched nourishment to guard your skin from harsh drying winter.

Usage: Apply daily on face and body for pearly white, soft and supple skin.

My take on the Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream

I’ve been using this product directly after coming from the shower. It’s creamy, spreads very evenly but it isn’t oily. Its stays put and moisturizes my skin really well. The cream has a mild fragrance of hibiscus according to me, but nothing to worry as it fades away after sometime. The fragrance is pleasant and not at all overwhelming. It absorbs into the skin fast and gives a very healthy look to the skin, which I love about some creams. It doesn’t look oily and my palms don’t feel greasy after application. *happy dance*


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It makes my skin very smooth and supple and soft. It’s mild, did not irritate my skin. It comes in a tub packaging with a lid to guarantee that the product doesn’t spill out. You have to dip in your fingers each time to apply the cream, so that’s a minus for most of us. The lid fits fine and so does the cap. I’d have really preferred a pump or a tube pack instead of the tub. The consistency is neither too thick nor to runny, its just about perfect. It blends away easily.
It’s light on the skin so that’s a plus for me. It doesn’t weigh down on you like most of the winter creams. *haan ji*


It claims to make your skin pearly white, which isn’t true at all. But that’s not what I use this cream for. It lives by all its claims except the above mentioned.


Summing up the pros and cons

Pros of Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream

1. Light weight
2. Moisturizes well
3. Key Ingredients being Rosemary oil, basil oil and germanium oil.
4. Gives a healthy look to the skin
5. Makes skin soft and supple
6. Pleasant fragrance.


Cons of Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream

1. Tub packaging
2. Doesn’t make skin any lighter.

IMBB rating:


Would I recommend Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream to you?

I’d recommend this only to those with dry to normal to combination skin. I have doubts about oily skinned beauties using this product.  *scared*

Would I repurchase Nature’s Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream ?

I might or might not, since I have 3-4 more creams to finish off. 😛

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  1. Hmmmm… Good review dear… But i really dont think thrre are any lightning or fairness creams in the market… Brightening yes… Lightening no…..

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