Skin Care : Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream Review

Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream Review

Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream
Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

I have never been much of a makeup person, but I do take care of my skin on a regular basis. Since, I have a mix of dry and oily skin type, I have always been on constant search for a product that could suit my skin type, gives appropriate results without me spending too much time or efforts in using it, and obviously does not harm my skin in anyway. I never fell for the fairness creams, for reasons unknown to me. My skin is really sensitive to UV rays, and gets tanned in a jiffy. So, it keeps on changing its colors and I seriously never bothered to try any fairness cream on me. A sunscreen would do good enough!

However, I have been living in Bangalore since quite a time now. The weather here rarely shows any sun, and moreover I leave home early for office during weekdays, and come back late in evening. Hence, as a matter of fact, sunscreen wasn’t of much use to me for my day-to-day routine. Moreover, the sunscreens I’ve tried so far (Lakme, Ayur, Garnier) would always make my skin greasy and oily, after application. I was definitely on a look out to get some good face cream, which doesn’t give any artificial white tint (the way usual fairness creams do!), suits my skin type, moisturizes it well and doesn’t make my skin oily.

In my hunt for the perfect day time cream for my face, I landed on this Revlon – Touch and Glow face cream. They have Revlon – Touch and Glow lotion too, but I somehow wanted to try just one product at a time, so bought this baby.

What the Revlon says about “Touch and Glow Cream”?:

Advanced Fairness Cream with Advanced Vitamin Agent and Dual Sunscreen for a fairer complexion. Contains honey as a key ingredient which works as a natural moisturizer, nourishes the skin and keeps it smooth and supple.

Key Ingredients: OMG, Honey, MAP, Titanium Dioxide

Price: Rs.125/– for 50g tube (as of bought in November 2009)

My experience with the cream has been absolutely amazing since past 4 years, and I don’t see any reason why it should change now!! 🙂

What is good about this product –

  • I find the tube packaging extremely handy and useful.
  • The cream gives a perfect matte finish to my oily skin, and stays the same way for almost 6-7 hours, when I am in AC.
  • It moisturizes my skin in balance and makes it look naturally soft and presentable without adding too much of artificial touch to it.
  • It has this amazing yummy fragrance, which is extremely soothing and gentle.
  • I can not comment about my skin fairness, as it keeps on changing depending on the sun exposure, my care and my mood. Still, it feels extremely light on the skin.

Why I should not buy this cream?

No reason. This is my HG cream and I guess I’d need to buy it for my life time in order to have a good, healthy and presentable skin.

Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream
Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

Ratings: :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

(PS: I am sorry for the grainy pics, I took them at night!! :-()


71 thoughts on “Skin Care : Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream Review

  1. heyy…this review is for specially for Jomol rite 🙂

    Glad u found your HG day cream….I use ponds age miracle cream and it works very well for me…I dont like a completely matte effect..

    1. hey HD!! :-)) :-)) … My skin’s oil balance keeps on varying, and this cream works wonderfully in covering all the problem areas, especially the T-Zone!… I rarely use any foundation, but I love to use this cream for my daily use. This is followed by a touch of compact, eyeliner and kajal!! 😀 😀 ..and I am ready to go!..

      I am yet to use ponds age miracle. My mom has been using it since quite a time and she really likes it. I have been using olay night cream, and I still don’t know what good is it doing. :-/ :-/ ..May be I’ll come to know after 10-20 years of usage, after checking whether I look the same as I do now, or not!! :rotfl:

      1. you know even I dont knw if the ponds cream is dng any good as far as the anti-aging thing is concerned…but that apart i like the cream as a base for everyday…it has this very tiny illuminating particles too which give a nice glow + it has SPF…so for everyday use I just apply the cream, compact, kajal & lipstick and blush if at all and I am ready to go !!

  2. Wow, you seem to have my kinda of skin, I am never sure whether its dry or oily, but I know what you mean about the greasy part :), will surely give this one a try , thx for the review Cali

    1. You are most welcome Renuca! I have been using this cream since 4 years and have been really happy with it.. The best thing is, it doesn’t make me sweat like other face creams do. Moreover, I can use it in any weather. Strangely it works perfectly for me in dry, humid, hot, cold and wet weather. A kind of must have for me now!! he he he! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Yes Renuca… have been MIA since a long time now….

        other missing creatures from IMBB:

        Priyanka, Smitha, Wanderlust, 😥 😥 😥 😥

  3. Hey Cali………I have found this Touch and Glow to be the perfect day cream as you have found it to be…. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: This review will help people with same skin issues such as ours…….good review :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    waiting for your loreal foundation review that you told me about 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Hey Jomol!! Thanks for liking the review. Just now I made a google search to find any other review for the cream. I got this page as the first entry!! 😯 😯 ..the other reviews were just personal experiences with the cream!! 😛 😛 ..

      Anyways, the loreal foundation I was talking about was “Loreal MoistureStay Liquid Foundation”. I actually took it off from my mom, when I saw it suiting me so much!! 😛 😛 …so I don’t know what is the actual price :-/ . And I doubt if it is getting manufactured anymore!! (Bad news for me!), as I could not find it anywhere online. The product is indeed good and is rich in Vitamin A, C and E, is completely oil free and works amazingly for my skin type.

      It comes in this bright orange tube, that looks like some sunscreen tube. I wonder, why I can not find it anywhere online, even when I found this Revlon moisturestay foundation at many websites!! ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

        1. err..noo..I wanted to know the current price of the product!! lol…I bought it some months back, and wanted to get the current price. :-/ :-/ :-/ 😛

  4. You found it 4 years ago…… 😯 😯 😯 .,….I found it jjust one months ago……all these years I was testing and testing other day creams………

    1. @Jomol
      I wish I could have written a review that time!! 😀 …

      @Rati!! Why didn’t you start this website much before??? 😛 ..but, I am glad you did…It is better late than never!! :-* :-*

  5. One more thing is that I find it very difficult to get it in normal shops selling beauty things or even in malls…….. :-(( so availability is an issue……have to order it beforehand…

    1. Hey Jomol, Know what? I bought this cream first time from a chemist shop!! 😛 😛 ..and I could not find it in nearest “Health and Glow”. So I guess, you can hunt medical shops nearby, and see if it is available there. Till date, I’ve been buying this cream from chemist shops only!! :-))

    1. @Jaish

      Try it at your nearest chemist shops. I was also shocked to find so many good skin care products at local chemist shops, which you can’t find in this malls too!! 😯 …Any chemist shop like Religare or even the most common one might have this!!

  6. Hi cali,

    Now i surely need to try this 1, coz my skin’s combination too n face sweats terribly if i apply any other cream or even foundation, lakme daily soufle. So i cant apply any cream or lotion on my face.
    Hope this wd b perfect for me too. Thnx a lot.

    1. Hi Nimi,

      I guess you have similar problem like me. My face sweats like hell on application of any cream or foundation. This cream really works well for me, and I am sure it will help you too.

      Another thing, before applying any cream or foundation, just take a cube of ice and gently rub it all over your face. This will prevent your face from sweating, and you can easily carry off your foundation or cream for a longer duration!! 🙂 🙂

    1. I really dont like fair and lovely. It comes with this heavy bleach and you can even see that artificial sticky whitening on your face after applying it!! 😐 😐 .. Just give your local chemist shop a try..I feel, you can get this touch and glow there for sure!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Gia!

      I don’t have much idea about typical skin type creams! ?:-) ?:-) ..But do let us know once you’ve used cetaphil moisturizing cream 🙂

    1. yupp..I’ve not tried it yet..But, looking at the results their touch and glow cream gives, I am sure the lotion would be a good buy too!! O:-) O:-)

      1. are u pulling my leg :devil:
        my hubby was laughing at the pic :smug: :smug:
        this is my bhartiya nari with bindi sindoor red sari avatar :chic: 😎

  7. Thnx a lot, will try d ice cube tip. will let u kno aftr trying ur tip.

    After applying any foundation or cream it just takes 2 mins for beads of sweat appearing on my face.
    if i sit in a/c office or car then its fine, still by the time i reach d car from home, sweat starts appearing on my face. was really troubled due to this, coz cd never apply any cream or foundation on my face.
    Now i think i’v got my problem solved.

  8. Hi Cali,

    A very usueful review, and I am 100% with you when you say this works well on combination skins. I have one too, I remember using this one more than 4 years ago too. I was given my 1st tube as a sample(for free from revlon) @ H&G counter in bangalore when I had bought some other stuff from them…At that point the packaging was a little diff. It used to be a completely white tume with black writtings on it… :-))
    Now, reading your review I can’t seem to remember why did I stop using it ?:-) :-/ :-/
    I had totally loved the product then…may be will go back to it again… :mean:
    Thanks for refreshing my memory.. :yes:

  9. nice review..i have been planning to buy a fairness cream myself..actually i bought Olay natural white day cream this morning,but i dont know it would suit my oily skin or not..we face a really hot & humid & polluted environment in kolkata,so fairness cream is a must coz it really keeps skin smooth and blemish-free( i dont care about the fairness factor).. can u tell me what is the current price of this product??

    1. Hi bulbul,

      I bought my latest cream some four months back, and that time the cost was same Rs.125/- for 50g. I hope the price has not gone high now!! ?:-) ?:-) …Regarding SPF, the contents do not indicate any. So, I guess we have to rely on sunscreens or other cream/foundation for that.

      The reason why I use this cream, is because I rarely get to see sun here in Bangalore, and most of my weekdays are spent in enclosed offices with ACs. Whenever you don’t feel the need of sunscreen and foundation, this cream can work as an excellent substitute. 🙂 🙂

      1. thank u 🙂 i would definitely buy this one. i didn’t even know such a product existed. thanks IMBB. i am learning a lot from you people. 🙂 keep going. :yes:
        yes,it can be used after shower and/or before going to bed..fairness cream lightens dark spots very effectively.

    1. hi Sonia!

      Yes, it perfectly suits oily skin. I have a mixed skin, and it works for me quite well. It doesn’t make your skin destitute of moisture and doesn’t even make it super dry. Works in perfect balance!! 🙂

  10. i loved ur review soooooooooooo much i bought it now .. can u believe i just bought it … now let me give it a try and will update u … thanks for the effort and a true effort i must say

  11. Hi cali,
    i too bought the cream n face wash, the SA was trying to sell the lotion too, but i did’nt buy it.
    hope this works for me too, as it worked for u.

  12. hey calicoaster,
    My skin is same … its tone changes with time :-(( .. although m neither dark nor very fair … but my complexion really give me nightmares sometimes 😥
    Sometimes glowing n wheatish n sometimes m dark as though i just returned from a desert day standing in sun for whole :dazed:
    i dont understand what to use to even out my tone n keep it constant …. i don use any makeup. M 21 yrs old n frm past 5-6 yrs i have been using fair n lovely .. sort of ok ok
    now i m using vicco turmuric but cant see any difference … ?:-) Wud this work for me ????? pllzzz i need to know before i buy this one … don want to try various products on my skin.
    Which 1 shhould i go for ? this one or biotique coconut cream ?? :struggle:

  13. Hey NIti, I think you should dump Fair and Lovely, get rid of the tan, and then use this Touch and Glow one because this one’s good….I too have skin tone like yours which gets easily tanned if I go outside……I think if you start drinking lots and lots of water, it solves a lot of skin issues. :-))

  14. Hey,
    My skin is pretty dry. I want to give this product a try………
    Do you have any idea on how it works with dry skin?
    ?:) ?:)

  15. i have a oily skin and i very fondly bought ponds white beauty cream and it broke me out severely….and i hate it for dat… :yuck: and now i am planning to use revlon …….hope it works!!!!

  16. Just today i was looking at a close up pic of me and was appalled to see the uneven skin tone and spots on my skin. Just for a lark i tried touching up the photo in picasa.You wouldn’t believe how young i looked without the spots and even skin tone. Wow! That was when i decided i definitely needed a cream to even out my skin. And thank to this review, I think I’ve found the perfect product for me. Tomorrow I’ll buy it and start using it.
    Will let you gals know how it turns out.

  17. Hi Cali,

    Nice review and thnx a lot for all ur sugestions.
    my skin is like combination like urs and i used it for two days and it was just fabulous!!!

    but i just wanna knw which soap i have to use for a great combination with this for our skin type to be more smooth and non greasy.I normallu use Mysore sandal / LUX peach cream some time

    Pls Pls suggest me as my face is still hv some greasy look!!!!

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