Why Do You Need to Wet the Beauty Blender?

There are so many ways to apply makeup on to the face, one can either use makeup brushes, fingertips, or the most popular way, blend away with Beauty Blender. Many think that Beauty Blender is typically used by professionals to achieve flawless finish and to get a smooth and refined finish. According to beauty experts, you need to dampen the blender prior applying your foundation/BB cream! And today we’re going to learn why do you need to wet the beauty blender prior to makeup application.

Do You Need to Wet the Beauty Blender

When the sponge is wet, it absorbs only a small amount of product, this is one of the reasons why we need to wet the Beauty Blender. The water makes the sponge swell and it ensures that not all makeup is absorbed, which ultimately results in consuming less amount of makeup, therefore less makeup is wasted= less money is wasted. Along with saving your makeup and money, when the sponge is wet, it prevents less product from sinking in, which helps to keep bacteria and other germs away, expanding the lifespan of your beloved blender in the process. Also, Beauty Blender works best when damp because it helps you achieve dewy and moist finish and also streak-free texture. Still not convinced check it yourself, BeautyBlender recommends makeup junkies to perform a small operation and cut open their sponges, which, if wet, will show product on the outside but there will be little to no makeup on the inside. The inside will be still pink and with no makeup residue, which means no bacteria, less chances of you breaking out.

How To Use Beauty Blender Correctly?
1. Stand next to the sink and damp the Beauty Blender using cold/warm water. Now squeeze the excess water. If you don’t have access to the sink you can pour some water on the blender using a water bottle.
2. Dab the sponge onto your compacT powder or pour some product onto the beauty blender. Make small dots all over the face and apply. Stipple the blender all over the face until the makeup is evenly distributed and blended.
3. Once your done, it’s advised to use a anti bacterial fragrance free cleanser (dishwasher) to clean your blender after every single use. As beauty blender is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and multiply it is advised to clean using a soap and water.
4. To clean the blender simply soak the blender in a warm soapy water and rub off the product. Keep it under the water and keep squeezing the water until the water runs clear. And your done.

Hope this article helps you to achieve flawless and hygienic makeup using your beauty blender!


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