NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal

NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal

Hello beautiful ladies,

I am back with another glitter from NYX. Before buying my NYX Glitter Cream palette in Eden, I had no glitters and once I saw an eye makeup tutorial that had blue and white shadows with lots of white glitter. I instantly felt that I should try this but I didn’t have white glitters, I surfed the net and found this. These glitters come in many different colors but as I was searching for white I ordered the one called crystal.

NYX Glitter Powder Crystal

Product quantity:



Rs. 275


These glitters come in a small sweet mini bottle with a black cap. The color is easily visible through the bottle as it is transparent.

NYX Glitter Powder Crystal (3)


List of ingredients are mentioned on the bottle itself.

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Product Description:

A mini-me serving of NYX’s gleaming loose glitter powders. Sprinkle this fairy dust on your face, body and even hair for dazzling effects.

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• Loose shimmer powder that adds a vibrant sheen as it highlights.
• Gentle, non-irritating formula can be used on both the body and face.
• Convenient bullet-sized packaging is great for use at home or on-the-go.
• Perfect way to add sparkle to any look.

How to use:

Use fingers or makeup brush to apply glitter powder directly to the eyes, face, lips or body to finish any look.

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My take on NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal :

Crystal is a glitter powder which is mainly white but also contains particles of green and pink glitter. I ordered this with a special kind of eye makeup in my mind and this was exactly what I wanted. I used this glitter with NYX jumbo pencil underneath it. NYX jumbo pencil is a kind of a cream eye shadow and hence it helped the glitter powder to stick together. The staying power of the glitter is much more than I expected. I applied it on my lids at around 9 in the morning and came back home at 7 in the evening. After coming back I noticed that my eyes were still sparkly, although the glitter was much less as it was in the morning but it was still there. I am really impressed with the staying power. The glitter appears to be white in the bottle but it actually takes the color of the cream eye shadow above which it is applied (it does not appear white with a green base under it). The glitter particles are small and do not irritate eyes  but this has to be applied carefully to avoid fallout. Once it sticks to the cream base, the fallout reduces and becomes almost nil.

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Pros NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal:

• Amazing staying power.
• Available in beautiful colors.
• Affordable, especially if on sale.
• Glitters are not very big in size.
• Sticks very well to the cream eye shadows.
• Small and cute packaging..
• Do not irritate eyes.
• Good quality.
• Easy to carry while traveling, due to small size.

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Cons NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal:

• Needs to be applied very carefully to avoid any fallout.
• Requires a cream shadow beneath it or some kind of glue to make it stick on your lids (it is not exactly a con as it’s a glitter powder and of course does not contain any kind of glue).

NYX Glitter Powder Crystal swatch

NYX Glitter Powder Crystal swatch (2)

Would I buy NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal  product again?

Without any doubt, I will buy this again. I will buy this color once I finish it and will also try some more colors. I simply loved it.

Do I recommend this NYX Glitter Powder – Crystal?

I know that they are a little pricey, but sometimes you can be lucky enough to get them on discount, and whenever you see them on discount, just grab one of these. You will love them, just like me.

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  1. which website did u get it from.?i too had seen an amazing eye makeup tutorial using glitters…ever since ive been wanting these.

    1. i ordered it from urbantouch.com but unfortunately the site has been closed. but this can be ordered from healthkart.com or even flipkart.com

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