OGX Hydrate + Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Straight, naturally soft smooth hair with dry tips
Scalp: Oily

Product Purchased By IMBB

Hello ladies,

Last month I was totally obsessed with New Garnier Ultra Blends Range and I completely forgot about this OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo. I have been using this shampoo quite a long time now and it’s the perfect time to pen down my views on this beautiful shampoo. Scroll down for more details.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo

Price: Rs. 725/- for 385ml
Product Description:
OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo details

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo ingredients

My Experience with OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo:

The entire OGX hair care product comes in a similar shaped jumbo bottle. Like that this Kukui Oil Shampoo also comes in a pretty glossy black plastic bottle with a small golden cap. Bottle is really bulky one and it is not so easy to carry. Wish it came in small size too but I like the overall look and the dispenser provides the right amount of product. According to its quantity and quality price is totally worth.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo description

The shampoo has a heavenly smell of nut, it’s is bit different but amazing one. I really like this sweet smell and it also stays on my hair nicely and keeps them fresh for long. I am obsessed with this fragrance.
Texture is nice silky smooth and medium in consistency that glides easily on hair. It is light cream in color. It blends on my scalp and hair effortlessly and I need coin size amount for my long hair. It lathers up perfectly and the shampoo is easy to rinse off from hair. Formula is totally non oily and makes my hair so fresh and perfectly cleans all the dirt from hair.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo bottle

It removes the excess oiliness and keeps them bouncy. It adds a nice volume to my hair that never weighs down. I always need volume to my limp hair and it does this job perfectly. It also cleans my oiled hair nicely with two washes. I really like the effect of this shampoo. It is easy to comb my hair after washing. The shampoo is specially designed for hydration and it provides that desirable hydration to my hair. It makes hair soft, smooth and silky. I really the way how it makes my hair smooth and shiny. It is good for dry hair too. Moisturizing stays long on hair and it never makes my scalp dry.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo spout

As it is a defrizz shampoo so I expect a lot from this but it is a decent one to control frizz for so long. Definitely it controls frizz nicely and keeps hair manageable for long but unfortunately it also needs a conditioner to lock the frizz-less effect for whole day long, especially if you have dry ends like me, because at the end of the day my hair becomes frizzy again without a conditioner. But with a conditioner it really works nicely on my normal hair. I am not exactly sure how it works on super frizzy hair but on my hair it works pretty well. It makes my hair healthy also.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo packaging

Overall I am really happy with the results and my hair has become healthier now. I never noticed any hair fall after using this. I really like the softness and smoothness provided by this shampoo. I never used any product made of kukuki nut, but after trying this I am just amazed with this shampoo. This is a shampoo for all hair types and it is totally worth buying.

Pros of OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo:

• Pretty packaging.
• Heavenly smell.
• Smooth silky texture glides easily on hair.
• Lathers perfectly & easy to rinse.
• Cleans all the dirt and oil from hair.
• Cleans oiled hair nicely.
• Keeps scalp clean without makes it oily.
• Makes hair softer, smoother, and silkier.
• Adds nice shine and volume to hair.
• Never weighs down my limp hair.
• Provides good hydration and hair becomes healthy.
• Controls frizz nicely and keeps hair manageable.
• Totally a worth product.

OGX Hydrate Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo swatch

Cons of OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo:

• Comes in only one size.
• Needs a conditioner for super frizzy hair.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo?
Yes, I love this shampoo. You should try this shampoo, because it really works.

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